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The best sex position: find simple poses in which women are particularly intensely stimulated

Sex should be a give and take. And since women in particular don’t necessarily have it easy when it comes to climaxing, sex positions that particularly stimulate women are also just the right fun things to do. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship and want to get out of a rut, or you’re just always looking for new ideas, try our poses for a little variety. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about acrobatic positions here, for which you should be extraordinarily flexible. Actually, they are probably well-known sex poses that we all probably already know, but unjustifiably underestimate. Find the best sex position for you!

Best sex position for women for intense stimulation

Following that, however, we’ll also go into what poses and practices are actually not as popular with men as some might think.


The best sex position for women – Which one will be your favorite?

Doggy style as one of the big favorites

Doggy style as the best sex position for both partners

Okay… Of all positions, this one is probably rarely underestimated, as it is without question one of the most popular. But have you nevertheless left it for a while, then change that next time.

This pose can vary, but basically the woman kneels in front of the man, on all fours, while the man penetrates from behind. The woman’s legs can be spread to different degrees – depending on what pleases.

Why this is sometimes the best sex position? In this pose, the man can stimulate the infamous G-spot particularly well. At the same time, a clitoral climax is also possible, because the woman herself, but also the man can stimulate the clitoris during this time. And if that’s not enough, you can intensify the stimulation – to do this, the woman simply has to bend her upper body further down.

Tightly embraced spooning

The spoon position stimulates the woman's G-spot

A bit of cuddling in the morning before getting up quickly leads to this sex position, while for whatever reason it is neglected at other times of the day. Variations to the classic are also possible here and are definitely worth trying.

The position got its name because it reminds of two spoons lying inside each other. The partners both lie on one side, back to belly. Thus, the man then penetrates the woman from behind. The legs can be more or less bent or even stretched out. Another option would be to put the upper leg (of the woman) over the hip of the man.

Missionary position, but not what you think.

Missionary position in lateral position as an alternative to the classic one

Admittedly, although this position allows for quite deep penetration as well as additional caresses like kissing, making it very intimate, it’s not exactly one of the most popular positions. But before you scroll on right away, let us say that we would like to suggest a slightly modified version of the missionary position, which makes it the perfect candidate for the best sex position.

Namely, in this case, the woman does not lie on her back, but both partners turn a little on their sides. However, the woman’s legs, as usual, wrap around the man’s hips and other caresses are also possible as usual.

So the difference is more in the stimulation of the vagina, because now other points can be hit, since the penis penetrates from a different direction than usual. Of course, this position is possible on both sides and you can also vary the inclination every now and then as well as the angle of the legs for the woman.

The missionary position as a starting pose for the cat sex position

Another alternative to the classic: the partners get into the well known position. After the woman has wrapped her legs tightly around the man, she slides further up so that the pelvic bones of both are at the same level.

The CAT position again changes orientation, with the penis stimulating the vagina from top to bottom, although both can also gyrate their hips to vary the stimulation.

Find the best sex position – The candle

Candle as the best sex position lying down for ladies

The “candle” sex position is somewhat reminiscent of the missionary position and could well pass for a variation of it.

Again, the woman lies on her back and the man kneels in front of her. Instead of wrapping her legs around the man’s waist, however, the woman stretches them upward. The man either kneels in front of her with his torso upright, so he can support her and hold her legs in position for penetration. Or he lies down on top of her.

Apart from the fact that the legs can be bent further depending on the flexibility of the woman, they can also be closed or slightly open. In addition, the man himself can determine (with the woman’s consent, of course) how deep he penetrates her. So this pose can be varied well, and the woman can participate passively as well as actively.

Variation “V” on a table

The V as the best sex position on the table

If the bed is too boring for you, just look for another surface in the apartment. For example, the table or the kitchen countertop are very popular. Here, the woman sits on the table/countertop, as close to the edge as possible, stretches her legs straight up and rests them on the shoulders of the man standing in front of her. With her hands, she holds onto the man’s neck or shoulders. She could also lean backwards and support herself with her arms on the plate, but then no stability is guaranteed with the man’s movements and the woman would probably always slide backwards.

Deep penetration is guaranteed and can be varied by the woman opening her legs wider, for example, or closing them, or wrapping them around the man’s waist as in the missionary position.

The Riding Position – Classic and Reverse

Best sex position - classic riding position with view to man stimulates clitoris

If the woman wants to take control herself, the riding position is ideal. So she can not only determine the rhythm, but also how deep the man penetrates. The man lies on his back. The woman can then either squat or sit – or alternate between the two to ride the man. The gaze is turned towards him. Circling movements of the hips as well as tensing and releasing the pelvic floor muscles and bending the woman’s legs are other variations that should definitely be added.

The advantage here is that not only the G-spot is stimulated, but also the clitoris, as the penis rubs against it. It’s no secret that vaginal orgasm is hard to achieve for many women, so this is perhaps the best sex position to reach clitoral orgasm without independent stimulation.

The reverse rider variation

Reverse riding position with stimulation of the G-spot due to the orientation of the penis

If the riding pose is the best sex position for you, or at least one of them, then don’t forget about the reverse riding position! In principle, it differs only in the direction of sitting. Instead of facing the man, here his back is turned towards the woman.

The same movements, rhythms and penetration are possible, but the orientation stimulates mainly the G-spot.

What is the best sex position – the elephant

The elephant is the best sex position for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation

The so-called elephant belongs to those sex positions where penetration is from behind. Similar to doggy, but this time lying down. Both partners are in prone position, the man on top of the woman and the legs stretched out straight.

The pose allows the man to penetrate deeply, stimulating especially the G-spot. An intense pose, therefore, in which both get their money’s worth even without much movement on the part of the woman. However, the stimulation can be increased if the woman additionally circles her pelvis and moves along.

The flowering orchid

Lotus or flowering orchid is a pose in sitting position

This pose is perhaps more familiar to you as “Lotus” and could well be called a seated variant of the missionary position. It is very intimate, but also offers a variety of positioning options.

By and large, the man simply sits cross-legged and the woman on top of him, wrapping her legs around his waist. Now the following poses are possible:

  • The woman embraces her husband, and the gentleman, in turn, holds her in the area of the back, both to give her security.
  • The woman can also lean back and support herself with her arms on the bed. In this way, the orientation of the penis is changed and other pleasure points of the woman can be stimulated.
  • The pose also looks very good on the edge of the bed, so that the man sits normally instead of cross-legged (but then the woman should probably not lean back).
  • The man’s legs can also be stretched out or more or less bent.

Finding the best sex position – practices and poses that men like less

What practices and poses men do not like in bed

Cunnilingus, yes, but please not too restrictive!

Oral sex is without question one of the most popular practices in bed, however, even here everything has its limits. Sitting on the man’s face is a good example. Of course, there is nothing against it, but make sure that your man also still gets enough air. The better alternative would be not to sit, but to squat or kneel over the face. Or do it quite classically in the 69 or supine position (woman).

Too exotic and complicated poses

Of course, it’s great that you want to try new things and make your sex life more interesting. But you shouldn’t overdo it. The best sex position is still the one that can be performed with ease and is fun (while stimulating well, of course). But if acrobatic arts are demanded from both, the fun is quickly gone – more frustration than pleasure!

The stand is not exactly the best sex position for men

We understand that this is sometimes the best position for you as a woman, but put yourself in your partner’s position: you are probably a bit smaller than he is, which means that he has to bend his knees more or less in order to penetrate you. This becomes very uncomfortable and even painful after a short time. Shoes with heels would possibly be a solution to the problem here.

Apparently erotic sex in the bathtub

Sex in the bathtub is not pleasant for man or woman

What seems to be very interesting and extraordinary for many (after all, we have seen it many times in movies), is actually the exact opposite – at least for the male part. The standard bathtub is not really that big and a man does not have much space in it already. How should it be when the woman comes along and he also has to move around. Not to forget the tsunamis that arise and quickly flood the bathroom.

By the way, many ladies are also not very enthusiastic about this idea. The water makes everything pretty slippery, which also reduces the intensity of the stimulation.