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Bleached Brows as a fashion trend 2022: Are bleached eyebrows in and how do we achieve the look?

Beautifully shaped eyebrows give our face expression and contour – we all know that by now. Whether thick, thin, straight or arched – we can use them to stretch the face, set contours or emphasize our facial features. While full, bushy and dark eyebrows were THE beauty standard for a long time, the looks for the coming season seem to be taking a whole new direction. More and more celebrities and fashionistas have taken the plunge and bleached their eyebrows. Yes, you read it right! Bleached brows as a 2022 fashion trend have taken social media and the fashion world by storm, creating a whole new aesthetic. Ready to try something new? Then read on to find out everything you need to know about the beauty trend. And as a bonus, we’ll tell you how to get Bleached Brows using only makeup.

Bleached Brows as a fashion trend 2022

Bleached brows fashion trend spring 2022 bleached eyebrows which makeup

Experimenting with a new and bold hair color is one thing, but when it comes to our brows, we’re always a little more cautious. Just when we thought we finally found the perfect shape for our brows, Bleached Brows are brewing as a 2022 fashion trend. From Hailey Bieber to Kim Kardashian to “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams, bleached brows are ubiquitous and continue to gain traction.

Bleached eyebrows trend Bleached Brows fashion trend 2022

On TikTok, the hashtag #bleachedeyebrows has now received more than 15 million views. On Pinterest, searches for bleached brows as a fashion trend in 2022 have also increased by a whopping 160 percent year-over-year. Bleached eyebrows take some getting used to, but are still a great way to accentuate our facial features even more. It also makes bold makeup, such as dramatic smokey eyes or neon eyeliner , look even more expressive and cool.

Bleached eyebrows fashion trend Katy Perry hairstyles blonde hair

For the past 2 years, we’ve been focusing on our eye makeup – after all, you couldn’t see anything else from the mouth guards. And now, the measure relaxers seem to have sparked a desire to do something drastic. Much like the impulse to dye our hair bright colors or cut it off completely during lockdown, Bleached Brows feel like a moment of freedom.

Katy Perry bleached eyebrows pictures Bleached Eyebrows fashion trend 2022

We admit it – bleached brows are guaranteed not to be everyone’s cup of tea, and the trend does take some courage and self-confidence. The controversial beauty trend creates an ethereal, slightly otherworldly look, which is why it’s been favored more for high-fashion moments in the past (think Katy Perry at the Met Gala in 2016).

Bleached eyebrows among the stars

Gigi Hadid bleached eyebrows Bleached Brows fashion trend 2022

Thanks to numerous fashionistas and celebrities, bleached brows have also reached the mainstream as a fashion trend in 2022. Top models Hailey Bieber and sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid were some of the first to take the plunge, wearing bleached brows for the Versace fashion show. After all, if Donatella Versace says bleached brows are “in,” then so be it. It didn’t take long for other fashion icons to follow her lead. For example, Katy Perry wore the look on American Idol and Kim Kardashian also appeared with Bleached Brows for a photo shoot.

Gigi Hadid bleached eyebrows Bleached Brows fashion trend 2022 (1)

You know the old saying “the eyebrows are the frame of our face”? Well, if you’re like top model Gigi Hadid and blessed with the bone structure of a Greek sculpture, you can look incredible with or without brows. Gigi Hadid is the clear proof of how cool and interesting Bleached Brows as a 2022 fashion trend actually is.

Bleached Brows fashion trend 2022: How to achieve the look.

Beauty trends spring 2022 bleached eyebrows with makeup do

You think Bleached Brows as a fashion trend 2022 is really cool and you would like to try the look? First things first: don’t try it yourself at home and make sure to consult a professional. The skin around the eyes is much more sensitive and bleaching can cause severe burns and injuries in some cases. And after all, we don’t want that, do we? To rule out allergic reactions, you should first do a test. Very important – depending on hair type and color, the result can vary greatly. Especially dark eyebrows, which contain red pigments, could look slightly orange at the beginning. To get the trendy look, several treatments would be necessary in this case.

Fake bleached eyebrows with makeup

Lady Gaga Hairstyles Bleached Brows Fashion Trend 2022

Does the thought of bleaching your eyebrows give you a mild panic attack? Or you just want to change your look a little for an event? No problem! Even in this case, you can try Bleached Brows as a 2022 fashion trend!

Eyebrow trends 2022 what are Bleached Brows

It’s actually super easy to fake bleached brows with makeup and still achieve the same dramatic effect. Here’s how to pull off the bold look:

  • Make up the face as usual by applying foundation and concealer.
  • Then paint over the eyebrows completely with a lighter concealer. If you have brows that are too dark or thick, you can touch up with a foundation stick.
  • Remove excess texture with a cotton pad and gently blend the concealer with a beauty blender.
  • Finally, carefully shape the eyebrows with a fine brow brush.
  • And voilà – bleached eyebrows can be made up with makeup so easily and quickly!

Bleaching eyebrows with natural means

Eye makeup trends 2022 what are Bleached Brows fashion trend spring

The fact that we can lighten our mane with a few simple tricks and home remedies has long been no secret. So why shouldn’t this work with our eyebrows? Especially lemon as a home remedy can work wonders. Simply spread the lemon juice on your eyebrows with a cotton swab and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Repeat the process until you get the desired result. Bleached brows can also be achieved quickly with honey. To do this, briefly heat 2-3 tablespoons of honey in a water bath, mix with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and dab onto the brows with a cotton swab.

Bleached Brows fashion trend 2022 bleached eyebrows trend spring