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Trendy bracelets for Apple Watch 2022: Match your smartwatch stylishly with your outfit at any occasion

Knowing what are the best bracelets for Apple Watch is not easy when there are so many options nowadays. We are talking about thousands of different watch bands. These range from the manufacturer’s own selection to a seemingly endless supply from third-party suppliers. Not all of them are of great quality, however, which further complicates the choice. The tech company makes quite a few, but there are other options. So if you’re looking for something unique to add style to your smartwatch in addition to functionality, here are some hot trends.

How to choose modern bracelets for Apple Watch

stylish smartwatch with leather watch band

Since the advent of the smartwatch and the launch of the first Apple Watch in 2015, wearable technology has become a staple for many people. Whether you want to connect it to your phone, manage your schedules or monitor your health with it, these accessories are a must-have for Apple users. However, despite their important role in everyday life, most smartwatches have been accused of being unattractive.

current model and bands for apple watch series 7 2022 olympic games seoul.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was recently launched, with designers taking advantage of this to create stylish straps for Apple Watch. So if you want to customize your own version to match your look, you have a modern and stylish selection to choose from. The designs are also still attractive, durable, affordable, high quality and allow you to keep your watch in the best condition.

stylish combination by pink bracelets for apple watch and cap.

However, when making your selection, you need to make sure that you buy the right size with the Apple Watch 4 and above, while older watches are either 38mm or 42mm in diameter. The Apple Watch 7 uses a size of 41 mm (small) and 45 mm (large). After you figure that out, think about how you want to use your Apple Watch and what look you’re going for.

combine sporty outfit in bright color with smartwatch

For example, there are variants for everyday wear, along with bands for swimming or working out. Usually, there is not much to do to personalize the look of a watch. Therefore, the band offers many more options in this direction. It’s no surprise, then, that it’s becoming more common for people to wear watch bands that complement their style.

Important factors in the selection of brands, materials and price.

colorful textile watch bands

First, it’s good to do some research, because then you can avoid wasting your time. Instead of sifting through endless options and potentially overwhelming yourself with choices, use this guide to streamline the process. Doing research is also important so you don’t waste your money. When it comes to making a designer purchase, spending more is essential. Instead of risking return fees or other unnecessary losses, spend only as much as you want.

modern look for spring with white t shirt and jeans in combination with smartwatch

Furthermore, brands usually have personalities, just like people. For example, if you think of Christian Louboutin, you may associate it with red, sexy, elegant, and sharp. On the other hand, when you think of Lagerfeld, you may associate it with bold, intense and high fashion designs. Therefore, it is good to have an idea of what kind of vibe the brand embodies. Thus, you can determine if you are more likely to find something for yourself among the products.

elegant men's outfit with gray suit for modern businessmen

Another thing to think about is whether the brand’s values align with your own. If you lead an animal-free lifestyle, you may want your Apple Watch bracelets to match the concept as well. The same is true if you favor a vegan lifestyle or promote ethical work. When choosing a material for your watch band, there are two important aspects to consider: Aesthetics and comfort.

new technologies enable connection of cell phone with smartwatch

In terms of aesthetics, certain materials make for different looks: a chunky leather band might be more rugged, while a neon plastic band might look more youthful and whimsical. All in all, when considering price, it’s important to have an idea of what your budget is and what types of materials are included.

designer bracelets for apple watch stainless steel

designer watch band made of noble materials

For people who like to mix metals carefree, for example, there is the caviar of Lagos in practical stainless steel. Designed exclusively for your Apple Watch®, this watch strap is made of links that are a mix of 18-karat rose gold and stainless steel. However, the price matches the quality and is designed for that very special type of customer.

Apple Watch Link Bracelet

silver watch band smartwatch to wear in car

That band may cost more than the watch itself, after all. According to Apple, it takes almost nine hours to separate the links for just one of them. But for the most classic look, you’ll have to opt for the link bracelet. It’s made of the same stainless steel as your watch, it’s easy to add or remove links, and it’s very comfortable. The design uses more than 100 components and uses a complex machining process to cut the links for just one strap.

stylish and masculine watch band for smartwatch made of stainless steel

This is a nice certainty when buying an expensive bracelet, and is enhanced by the neat butterfly clasp that folds neatly into the bracelet. Everything feels classy, with the option to replace the links yourself to suit personal taste.

Hekai metal bracelet made of high quality stainless steel for little money

hekai metal strap made of high quality stainless steel for little money

Weight compared to other metal straps is the main drawback of the inexpensive Hekai metal strap. Otherwise, it is pretty good for the price. It is made of high quality stainless steel and is polished and colored by vacuum coating, so it looks pretty good and elegant. A buckle can be firmly attached to your wrist, so it’s secure all day long with adjustable links so you can style things the way you want.

Kate Spade New York watch bands for Apple Watch

kate spade new york bracelets for apple watch stylish and elegant in rose gold

These stylish creations are also available as watch bands. If you want your Apple Watch to fit in with your evening wardrobe, the Kate Spade New York design is a good option. It’s made of polished stainless steel and uses distinctive spade-shaped links that you can easily adjust to get the right fit for your wrist. It’s a little heavy for workouts and other practical purposes, but it makes your smartwatch look great at night.

Gold-colored mesh bracelet by designer Rebecca Minkoff

designer rebecca minkoff gold bracelets for apple watch

Elegant, thin yet sturdy, the Rebecca Minkoff Apple Watch Gold-Tone Heart-Pressed Mesh Bracelet looks beautiful. It transforms your Apple Watch into a unique bracelet for elegant occasions. The precious piece has a sliding buckle closure for added security, but fortunately it’s pretty easy to use. With the Rebecca Minkoff name on the back, you can show off your wrist with class. However, you better not rely on it during your workout as it is an evening design.

Leather watch band ideas

leather watch band with folding clasp designed by designer brand hermes for smartwatch

The Hermes level Barmenia Single Tour with folding lock is a decadent leather watch band that is not for thrifty customers. The price is high, but the strap is quite classy. It is made of high-quality leather and features a hidden folding clasp that opens with a click on the two buttons on the side. Thus, it ensures an incredibly secure fit that still feels comfortable. The design is ideal if security is everything to you and money is no object, but for many it costs more than the watch itself.

Exotic bracelets for Apple Watch made of crocodile leather.

mintapple crocodile leather watch strap united version for apple watch.

Mintapple’s limited edition model is a truly exotic one, made of crocodile leather. If this seems like the height of luxury to you, the designer watch strap is just what you need. The so-called Mintapple Limited Edition Genuine Exotic looks distinctive in every way, as it uses the expensive form of leather alongside stainless steel, which does not rust or tarnish. It is very durable and intricately made as the watch band is made to order.

Vintage leather bracelet for Apple Watch

vintage watch bands for apple watch by bullstrap brand

If you like a more rugged, masculine finish, Bullstrap’s worn-looking bands are your choice. However, with a sturdy statement buckle, this strap also has some weight for true gentlemen.

Cool bracelets for Apple Watch made of other materials.

tory burch affordable watch band to fit apple watch

Called the Buddy Bangle Band by Tory Burch, it offers a sleek designer look at a moderate price. It was designed with older Apple Watch sizes in mind and doesn’t fit quite as flush with newer models. However, thanks to its unique and eye-catching design, it’s worth going for. The idea here is that wicker has been reinterpreted as a geometric print, which looks pretty great. A pin clasp means that this watch strap will stand securely on your joint, whatever you do during the day or night.

Watch bracelet for die-hard fans of Harry Potter

harry potter bracelets for apple watch by mobyfox

The next suggestion from MobyFox is suitable for the Harry Potter fan who loves to express his passion through accessories. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should wear the MobyFox Harry Potter watch strap to the office, but if you feel like looking a bit nerdy, this idea is certainly tempting. Officially licensed, the bracelet is qualitatively crafted with sweat and UV resistant silicone. This ensures that the watch strap is quite sturdy and durable. There are numerous different designs so you can show off your favorite character from the movie.

Textile Designer Bracelets for Apple Watch

designer watch strap for smartwatch made of textile brand hermes

Last but not least, designer brand Hermes has created an attractively designed and even swim-proof bracelet made of woven textile. Designer bracelets are often not very durable, but the Hermes Kraft/Rouge de Coeur Jumping Single Tour is swim-proof. Thanks to the use of a new textile woven with a vibrant design, it looks great. Moreover, this is an everyday watch strap that looks exciting yet subtle enough for the workplace. Sure, it’s expensive, but at least the design pretty much covers all your needs if you can go that far with the price.