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Wolf Cut haircut: get inspired by our pictures with this peppy hairstyle!

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The Wolf Cut haircut, which is the most popular hairstyle according to TikTok, is a daring mix of two of this season’s most drastic trends – the shag and the mullet. A hallmark of this hair trend is still the high volume on top, which tapers down and is combined with bold bangs. The key is to look just wild enough to give the style a casual and cool girl feel.

Wolf Cut Haircut - For whom this look is perfect

As the name suggests, the wolf cut haircut is a bit stormier, thanks to the many shaggy, mullet-like wavy layers at the front that require a lot of willpower to get right.

As the name suggests, the wolf cut is a little stormier

The good news is that the wolf cut does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. You may be able to get away with using a little texturizing cream and tousling your hair with your hands. However, if your hair is naturally straight and smooth, this will not be an easy task. Everyone wants to have a wolf hairstyle until they realize that their hair will be flattened if they don’t style it.

The Wolf Cut haircut is the most popular hairstyle according to TikTok

However, don’t let that stop you from getting a wolf cut hairstyle. No matter how wild it is, there is always a way to tame it.

What are the best tips for styling the wolf hairstyle

A deep auburn wolf cut hairstyle

A deep auburn wolf cut hairstyle: bring the mullet aesthetic further back into the hairline to create a layered fringe that reaches all the way to the ear. It’s a little daring, but totally wearable.

This is the classic wolf cut - fuller on top, tapered on the bottom

A wolf cut with light layers: This is the classic wolf cut – fuller on top, tapered on the bottom. Layering with the hair lengths adds texture, but the feel is more relaxed and not as drastic as other options.

A wild way to wear the wolf trend

Wolf Power Cut: A wild way to wear the trend – choose extremely curly layers on top that taper down.

Wolf cut haircut for shoulder length hair

Wolf Cut Hairstyle for Short and Shoulder Length Hair: One of the most popular ways to wear the haircut. Keep the hairstyle cute by emphasizing the ends that stick out.

If you want to be more daring, color your wolf cut in contrasting colors

If you want to be more daring, dye your hair in contrasting colors .

Wolf Cut Hair combined with Ombre

Soft wolf cut hair combined with ombre or accent color.

Wolf cut inspiration with color accent

Don’t want to commit completely? Opt for a softer style with a few choppy layers and an accent color.

Design the long wolf cut haircut

Design the Long Wolf Cut Haircut: This is the perfect look for women who like their natural texture but don’t want to miss the wolf cut. Again, there are countless options you can experiment with.

There are countless ways to experiment with the wolf hairstyle

Whether you want to go for a stylish option or express your attitude towards life by coloring your hair in the colors of the rainbow. Have fun!

A hallmark of this hair trend is the high volume on top

It doesn’t matter if you cut your bangs or if the choppy design of the hairstyle itself is enough. Enjoy it! And if you get bored, try the shorter versions of this unique, interesting wolf hairstyle that won’t go unnoticed in any of its variants.

Wolf cut haircut – who is it perfect for?

Wolf Cut Haircut - Opt for a softer shape

  • Women with colored hair and a natural hairline (you can easily achieve a fluffy, full volume in the upper part)
  • Women who have naturally thin hair and thinning ends
  • Great for any length type
  • Ideal for girls who want to shape their face (or for women with a larger forehead)
  • For women who are trying to grow out their chestnut hair

More variations of the modern wolf hair style can be found here !