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Will we be wearing air mattresses instead of sweaters in 2022?

It’s fashion week season! How the designer collections look after two years of pandemic styles with sweatpants and hoodies? More extravagant than ever: from full-body airbags to shoulder pads extraordinaire, we saw just about everything on the catwalk – and filtered out some of the craziest fashion looks.

Air mattress instead of sweater? XXL wool knäuel instead of knit dress? Shoulder pads reaching to the chin instead of a turtleneck? If you take a look at the extravagant looks recently presented by fashion designers at the Fashion Weeks in Paris, Copenhagen and the like, you might think that this is exactly what the near future of fashion will look like. But what do you think, will these runway styles prevail?

Well padded at Craig Green

Model at Craig Green
Inflatable boat, air mattress or full body airbag? At Craig Green’s show, some of the models walked down the runway pretty well padded.Photo: Getty Images

British fashion designer Craig Green showed a love of experimentation at his show in London. In addition to lots of statement knits and balaclava styles, there were also buffer jackets of a slightly different kind to admire. The outfits were reminiscent of pull-on air mattresses with cutouts for the face and arms. Not necessarily the most wearable and practical style for everyday life, but at the end of the day fashion is also art – so the purpose can be secondary. Designer Green told American Vogue: "I like the idea that fashion doesn’t have to be just one thing."

Spaceman looks at Pierre Cardin

Models at Pierre Cardin
Pierre Cardin also relies on blown-up details and futuristic designs.Photo: Getty Images

Pierre Cardin is considered a pioneer of futuristic fashion – a title he once again lived up to with his latest show. Fittingly, he showed his spacey creations at the Paris Museum of Aeronautics and Astronautics, including astronaut helmets made of lace and dresses with rubber-like life rings as hemlines – a bit more wearable than the rubber fashion looks of Craig Green, but still quite unusual.

Shoulder pad overload at Viktor & Rolf

Model at Victor&Rolf
Showing your neck was yesterday – at least if Viktor & Rolf has his way…Photo: Getty Images

Head up?! Dutch design duo Viktor & Rolf played with new silhouettes in their collection. The result was a look that was both elegant and daring, with distorted shoulders that flowed seamlessly into the chin. By the way, the fashion designers were inspired by old Hollywood Dracula movies for the looks with the high collars, an unmistakable influence that was additionally underlined by XXL stiletto nails.

Wool knot look at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Model on the catwalk
At the Designers‘ Nest show, young fashion talents show off their creations, including: a pull-on wool knäuel.Photo: Getty Images

The best fashion graduates and graduates get the chance to present their creations in the Designers‘ Nest Show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. It should be clear that creative and newly conceived fashion concepts will be presented. One of the models even strutted down the runway in a giant woolen knot consisting of wildly knotted upholstery strings. To match, there’s also a knitted balaclava in a very äsimilar design on her head. Knitted art with a difference…

Well dressed with Schiaparelli

Model at Schiaparelli
This is what statement …sleeves look like in 2022…Photo: Getty Images

Maison Schiaparelli is known for offbeat, surreal couture designs with artistic and sculptural elements. To match the rüsty tops that fashion icon Chiara Ferragni, among others, has already worn, the design house now presented extra-long bling-bling gloves made of metal in Paris. A work of art, no question, but wearable? Probably not.