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Why carrot oil is good for skin and hair

Carrot oil is considered the go-to when it comes to beauty and care: it’s supposed to nourish hair, conjure up an even complexion and even be a foundation substitute, all for little money. What’s the beauty hype all about? Tikbow does the check.

1. carrot oil as a moisture booster

Carrot oil is made from the root of the carrot and is characterized by a particularly high content of vitamin A, which in turn plays a major role in the formation and renewal of our skin. Especially in the winter time, carrot oil moisturizes the skin and cares for dry and chapped skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it is free of side effects and well tolerated. The Öl can be perfectly applied to the skin as day and night care: After cleansing the face, simply put a few drops of the Öl in the palms of your hands and massage into damp skin.

2. foundation substitute

Carrot oil is the perfect substitute for foundation and gives an even, lightly toned complexion. Especially in winter, it is the ideal care for pale and dull-looking skin. However, care should be taken when using the Öl that it is used sparingly – otherwise unsightly stains can appear on the skin! If you want to be on the safe side, mix the carrot oil into your skin care and prevent the face from appearing too dark or even orange. Instead, the complexion looks healthy and naturally bronzed, and the summer glow is even prolonged thanks to the carrot.

3. anti-aging care with carrotsöl

Another great side effect is that carrotsöl can be used preventively against skin aging and wrinkles. The contained vitamin A, also known as retinol, has cell-protecting properties and contributes to cell renewal. In addition, carrot oil can protect against sunburn and the ingredient pro-vitamin A helps with skin impurities such as blackheads and pimples and allows them to heal naturally.

4. get rid of hair split ends

Carrot oil not only gives an even complexion, but also serves to repair and strengthen the ends of the hair. For intensive care, massage a small amount into the ends of the hair and leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing it out again. IMPORTANT: Those who have particularly dry areas should make sure that the carrotöl does not get on the scalp during application. The carotene contained in the product is more easily absorbed by dry skin and thus discolors it. The hair, however, is not affected. Be sure to cover clothes well before use, because carrotöl stains are difficult to remove.

Prepare your own carrots and oil very easily

Pure carrot oil is available in drugstores, health food stores and health food stores and costs around five euros per bottle. Even if some bottles say cold-pressed, this is not correct. Carrots do not contain any oil that could be pressed out. So the basis of carrotöl is another naturalöl, which is then enriched with carrots. With few ingredients, it is also very easy to make at home.

  • 20 ml cold pressed sesame oil, alternatively jojoba or almond oil.
  • one grated carrot
  • a large, sealable glass jar
  • a pot
  • A kitchen towel

Das Naturöl und die geriebene Karotte in ein verschließbares Glas geben, das wiederum in a pot mit kochendem Wasser gestellt wird. Das Glas so lange im heißen Wasserbad belassen, bis die Raspeln weich werden und das Öl sich orange einfärbt. Danach die Mischung durch ein sauberes Küchentuch seihen und anschließend in ein Fläschchen füllen.