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What vaginal discharge does to your underpants

Many women know it: In the dark panties is suddenly a bright, faded spot to see, against which even the washing machine can do nothing. This is quite annoying, but quite natural. The culprit is vaginal discharge. What exactly it does to our underwear and how you can prevent discolored panties – Tikbow knows.

Every woman has discharge from time to time and it is not only normal, but also important. The milky-white, odorless secretion helps protect the vagina from pathogens. Depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle, more or less of it is produced, which is actually a mixture of a liquid from the cervix and skin cells from the vagina, as reported by women’s doctors on the web. The lactic bacteria contained in the discharge support the protective function of the vaginal environment, but are also responsible for our faded underpants.

The reason why discharge bleaches underwear

The reason why your favorite panties suffer from discharge is a very simple one: the secretion is acidic. Due to the lactic bacteria it contains, it has a pH of about 3.8 to 4.5 – which is actually ätzend enough to bleach fabrics. For comparison, lemon juice has a ph of 2.4 and when combined with sun is capable of permanently lightening our hair. This process is called oxidation, and it also shows in our underwear. If some of the discharge ends up in the panties and the panties then come into contact with air, light spots are pre-programmed.

How to prevent discharge from bleaching panties?

Discharge is not something a woman can simply turn off. So if you want to keep your favorite panties from fading, you should reach for panty liners, at least on days when discharge is heavier. Usually the body produces more of the secretion shortly before ovulation and just before the onset of menstrual bleeding. The thin liner creates a protective layer between the vagina and the fabric panties and can thus prevent one or two stains. Alternatively, you can switch to light-colored underwear from now on, in which faded stains will not be as visible.


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