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What is behind antroposophical skin care?

Most of us probably associate the term anthroposophy with Waldorf schools and the educational concept associated with them. But have you ever heard of anthroposophic dermatology? Tikbow asked an expert on the subject.

At the beginning of the 20th century, Rudolf Steiner founded anthroposophy (meaning “wisdom of man”) as a science for a holistic view of nature, spirit and human development. It stands for your worldview, which integrates both spiritual and scientific knowledge and is applied in many areas of life. What antroposophical skin care is all about.

What is anthroposophic skin care all about?

Anthroposophic skin care stands for natural cosmetics according to the principles of Rudolf Steiner. Anthroposophic dermatology views skin diseases from the perspective of natural science and anthroposophy,” says Dr. Derendorf, a specialist in dermatology and venereology in Munich. Our skin, the largest human organ with an area of more than two square meters, is the focus of attention. It is a matter of understanding it as a protective shell between inside and outside and as a large sensory organ in its entirety;

What is special about anthroposophic skin care?

Already during the anamnesis, i.e. the skin analysis by the specialist, not only external factors are considered, but also internal, organic causes are investigated. This is where the holistic approach begins, taking into account that everything is connected and influences each other,” explains Dr. Derendorf.

The aim of anthroposophic dermatology is to use natural active ingredients in such a way that they support the skin’s own powers. It stands for gentleness, purity and naturalness and a lasting effect that does not harm the skin. For these reasons, it is suitable for all skin types, and all those who would like to live more in harmony with nature.

What is the difference to conventional cosmetics?

Anthroposophical cosmetics should be as natural as possible and sustainable. No artificial colorants, fragrances or preservatives are added to the natural active ingredients.

The antroposophical approach begins with the manufacturing process of the products. Attention is paid to responsible, sustainable production, cultivation and management, fair working conditions and the renunciation of animal testing. Only natural, biodynamic ingredients of the highest pure quality are used, some of which are produced in the company’s own medicinal plant gardens or from certified organic farms.

Antroposophic skin care – Disadvantages

The more complex production, the high quality of the raw materials and the adherence to high ethical principles are sometimes reflected in the price of anthroposophic skin care. Moreover, it is not so easy to recognize anthroposophic cosmetics, because there is no special certificate that distinguishes them,” Dr. Derendorf points out. "It falls under natural cosmetics and thus carries the labels that are valid for it, which one should look out for when buying. The term natural cosmetics itself is not protected and therefore quite misleading;

In almost every type of natural cosmetics ätheric Öle are used, which can cause allergies and skin irritations just like synthetic fragrances. For this reason, they should not be applied to irritated skin.

With expert advice from Dr. Derendorf, specialist in dermatology and venereology. Dermatology practice at St. Anna Platz in Munich