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Too youthful for 63? Madonna just ages the way she wants to

Madonna and the fountain of youth – recent pictures on Instagram show the superstar as smooth, plump and youthful as she has been for years. Fans and the press are hailing criticism for the “new face”, which resembles her former self only to a limited extent. In the end, Madonna only does what she does best: Be herself.

Anyone scrolling through Madonna’s Instagram profile could easily forget that this woman has been successfully making music for over 40 years and is already 63 years old: the pop icon’s skin has the radiance of a floodlight. Not a wrinkle, not a pore is to be seen. In general, the face of the US singer not only looks as taut as that of a teenager, but her facial features have also changed significantly. The contours are rounder than before, the lips plumper, the eyes more cat-shaped.

Madonna on Instagram – her fans do not recognize her again

In the comments columns it hails for – besides üblicher fan love – much criticism: "You look no longer like you", write followers empört. They find the change frightening and irritating, some say they no longer recognize their idol.

Also the request, the Sängerin möge with the obvious beauty procedures aufhören comes up again and again under her pictures. From lip and cheek fillers über face and eye lift to the complete Gesichtsneumodellierung is there the speech. And it does not remain with speculations, the "new" face provides for each quantity Häme: Hätte it nevertheless rather times in Würde should age! Why doesn’t she stand up for herself and her age? How embarrassing that she has to pretend to be so youthful. In the meantime, her face has become an example of the so-called pillow face and has lost its natural shape and has been padded up like a pillow by too much hyaluronic acid and Botox.

Looked quite different back then: Madonna in April 2008 at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.Photo: DPA

Madonna doesn’t talk about possible interventions, and she doesn’t have to!

While Cher (75) or Jane Fonda (84) talk openly about their cosmetic surgery, Madonna has remained silent about potential procedures for years. "I am in no way against cosmetic surgery. But I am absolutely against having to discuss it,” the British Sun quoted the pop star as saying. What she likes to talk about, on the other hand, is her desire to continue delivering Bühnen shows at an age when others are retiring. Retire? Not an option for Madonna.

US singer Madonna performing at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis in 2012.Photo: DPA

"I’ll keep going until the Räder fall off", she explained in 2021 in "V Magazine". The worst thing for Madonna? When people ask her when she finally wants to rest on her fame. Whether it was not so slowly enough with the career. As if being an artist had an expiration date, Madonna gets upset about such statements, which she considers age discrimination. And thus clearly shows why she does not want to age "naturally". Because she sees her body as a tool to perform her art as long as possible. And she doesn’t have the feeling of being finished, of leaning back and relaxing. Because she is driven to constantly reinvent herself and does not want to be told by society when it is officially over, because she has reached a certain age.

"Aging with dignity" is nonsense

So anyone who thinks Madonna is weak and lächerishable because she does not stand by her true age has not understood the artist. Rather, her youthfully trimmed face can be seen as a declaration of war against ageism and misogyny. In a society in which wrinkles are still considered a blemish and dignified aging is used as an argument to deny older women beauty procedures that are now considered hip and cool for younger women, Madonna is emphatically giving all critics the middle finger with her lifted face. Until women are neither discriminated against because of their age, nor because of how they have to deal with this aging. In keeping with Madonna’s favorite motto, the sentence she often quotes from writer James Baldwin: "Artists are here to disturb the peace". Artists are here to disturb the peace.

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