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This is why Selena Gomez appeared barefoot at the SAG Awards

Superlative star turnout in Santa Monica: On February 27, the SAG Awards were presented for the 28th time – awards that honor film and television professionals both nationally and internationally. Selena Gomez provided a real eye-catcher moment, although the reason was not her Bulgari diamond necklace worth a million dollars.

Rather, it caused a stir what Selena Gomez (29) did NOT wear at her Bühnen appearance at the SAG Awards: When she alongside Hollywood star Martin Short (71) announced the award for best female supporting actress, she wore no shoes. Her black Christian Louboutin high heels – just gone! So what had happened?

Selena Gomez barefoot;
High heels are overrated after all! Selena Gomez barefoot during her speech with colleague Martin Short Photo by Nina Westervelt/Shutterstock for SAG Awards

Selena Gomez‘ red carpet mishap at the SAG Awards.

A clip quickly circulated on Twitter showing Selena Gomez’s barefü&flight appearance. Not only the US journalist Dave Quinn asked himself the question: What had happened to the shoes? The answer was provided by a mishap that had occurred shortly before on the gray carpet: a video showed how the actress had tripped and lost one of her high heels – as a consequence, Selena Gomez unceremoniously got rid of both shoes and quite obviously decided to walk through the evening completely shoeless.

But the absence of her shoes was the only detail that Selena Gomez lacked for the ultimate glamour appearance: The 29-year-old combined high-priced jewelry by Bulgari – According to media reports, the diamond-studded necklace alone had a value of one million US dollars. Hairstylist Marissa Marino had provided for the noble hairstyle with center parting and topknot:

Übrigens: Die Fans feierten die 29-Jährige für ihre spontane Fußfreiheit, "Selena Gomez barefoot; ist mein liebster Teil der SAG-Awards", so nur einer der unzähligen Kommentare in den sozialen Medien. Barfuß zur Abendrobe – wir stehen drauf!


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