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These 3 GNTM contestants are the most popular

Without a representative Instagram appearance, nothing works in the model world anymore. Especially in “Germany’s next Topmodel” the accounts of the candidates are a good indicator of who will get far in the show and who will not. That’s why we’ve already taken a look at the profiles of Heidi’s top 28 and filtered out the Insta-favorites based on the number of followers. According to social media, these 3 models have the best chances of winning the title!

These GNTM models have the most followers

The Instagram accounts of the GNTM 2022 candidates were only activated a few days ago and it is already clear who the absolute favorites of the viewers are: Paulina, Juliana and Barbara have directly beaten their competitors in the social networks. Paulina’s account already has 30.9 thousand followers, Juliana is right behind with 28.7 thousand, and in third place is the oldest contestant of the season, 68-year-old Barbara, with 21 thousand followers (as of 8.2.22, 1 p.m.) – and the trend is rising rapidly.

Only three of the other GNTM contestants are hot on the heels of the current Insta favorites: Kashmira (18.8 k), Lieselotte (17.3k) and Laura Isabell (13.8 k). The other 22 model applicants are far behind on Instagram. Their accounts count "only" between 3,000 and 11,000 fans.

The 3 GNTM favorites in the check.

Paulina (32) from Berlin

At 32, Paulina is not at the typical age to start modeling, but still has good cards in Heidi’s casting show. She already gained modeling experience before GNTM and also knows her way around Instagram. Her private account counts more than 18 thousand followers – including Alisar Ailabouni, GNTM winner of 2010! By the way: Paulina is not only the current favorite among Instagram users, Heidi’s daughter Leni also thinks the 32-year-old has the best chances, as the jury boss revealed directly in episode 1.

Juliana (24) from Berlin

Actually Juliana works as a medical assistant, now she wants to realize her model dreams at GNTM – and if it goes according to the Instagram fans good chances to do so. In episode one, she was able to convince designer Jasmin Erbas of her skills and was allowed to open her fashion show at the Zappeion. And model mom Heidi and guest judge Kylie Minogue were also thrilled with the model debut of the lively Berliner – the GNTM start for the 24-year-old probably couldn’t have gone any better.

Barbara (68) from Flensburg

Barbara is 68 years old, mother of four, grandmother of five, hairdresser, cosmetician – and Heidi’s älteste GNTM candidate ever! As she revealed to ProSieben, she always wanted to become a model and therefore dared to take the step into the casting show. I heard that older people were finally allowed to apply. And then I thought to myself: Well, that might be something", says the Flensburg native, who does yoga every morning.  And further: "I absolutely want to be the first woman at 68 years ‚Germany’s Next Topmodel‘ to encourage all äolder women and to show that age is just a number."

This is why Instagram is so important for the GNTM models

In fact, the number of Instagram followers is not an insignificant factor in GNTM. Last year, two of the Instagram favorites, Romina and Alex, were in the final. And even apart from winning the title, the GNTM account is of great importance to the contestants. After all, countless model contestants started an influencer career after they left the show – based on the Insta-fans they collected during GNTM.

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