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The thong flash is back! How we wear the noughties trend 2022

Y2K is the fashion commandment of the hour! Low-waist jeans are back, so are rhinestones and colorful tinted mini sunglasses – and now the next 2000s trend is making a comeback: thongs flashing out of hipsters. Tikbow explains how we’re bringing the provocative retro look into 2022.

While pants could not be cut high enough in the 2010s, now contrast rules: in 2022 we show again hüfte – and preferably in combination with two thongs flashing out at the sides. The official proof that every fashion trend that has been considered fashionable for so long will eventually come back! The thong-flash look, which fashion professionals are currently relying on again, was already in fashion a good 20 years ago, until it suddenly wasn’t anymore.

The thong flash in the noughties.

We remember: In the 1990s and the early 2000s, the thong-flash had quite an ugly image. Style icons of the time such as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton polarized with their sexy slip insights and thus ensured that it was part of the stylish tone of the younger generation when the G-string flashed here and there out of the low-waist pants. After that, the thong style disappeared from the scene for years, was considered absolutely fashionable for a long time and is now being revived 20 years later.

Collage of images from Britney Spears (left), Christina Aguilera (center) and Paris Hilton.
Britney Spears (l.), Christina Aguilera (m.) and Paris Hilton set the fashion tone in the noughties – the thong-flash style was no exception!Photo: Getty Images; Collage: Tikbow

Here’s how the thong flash goes in 2022

In the noughties, the thong was simply combined with wide-cut trousers and a cropped top – and the provocative, rebellious trend style was complete. And in fact, the whole thing doesn’t look all that different in 2022. Model Stefanie Giesinger, for example, skillfully breaks the sporty look of her cargo pants-sneaker combo with her black thong, giving her outfit a certain retro vibe at the same time. The mini shoulder bag and her belly-free top complete the Y2K style.

Alternatively, you can wear the look in 2022 in the slip variant with a little more fabric – less striking, but no less sexy. Chanel already made it before: Virginie Viard sent one of her models down the runway at the "Womenswear Spring/Summer 2022"show in Paris in low-waist cut tweed trousers with matching briefs – peeking out. The classic material and cut of the trousers further decongested the look.

Model at Chanel with panty flash
Swapping thongs for briefs – as seen here at Chanel – makes the look look much more dressed up Photo: Getty Images

A very ähnliches picture showed up also at the Fashion Week in London. At the Poster Girl show in the British capital, one of the models also showed slip – in this case, however, in combination with the low-waist mini and tummy-baring beaded top.

Model with slip flashing
There were also panty flashers on display at the Poster Girl show in LondonPhoto: Getty Images

What to look for in the thong look

No matter which variant you choose now, one thing is certain: The thong flash requires self-confidence. After all, it still polarizes and some people will probably continue to perceive it as a fashion statement. Therefore, it is all the more important that the thong detail is worn with the proper attitude. Then the whole thing looks not only sexy, but also quite stylish!