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The natural anti-aging treatment Microneedling in check

Microneedling as a natural anti-aging treatment is very popular, and stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Kim Kardashian and Bar Rafaeli have long since discovered the treatment for themselves. Microfine needles stimulate the skin and are said to boost the body’s own production of collagen and elastin. How useful is the treatment really?

How does Microneedling work exactly? And does the beauty treatment really help against wrinkles, acne scars and even UV-conditioned skin? Tikbow asked the experts.

What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment with microscopically fine and electrically driven needles that penetrate only the uppermost layer of the skin. The perforation of the epidermis creates uniformly fine prick channels, "so-called open channels”, explains dermatologist Susanne Steinkraus, MD. "The invisible micro injuries stimulate the natural wound healing as well as the collagen and Elastin-producing Fibroblasten cells of the skin", she further explains. Microneedling is therefore a natural beauty treatment that uses the body’s own repair mechanisms to achieve firmer skin.

How does microneedling work?

After the first treatment, the skin looks plumped up, fresh and rosy. Due to the collagen formation, fine lines and wrinkles are deeply treated. The complexion looks firmer and more youthful. But the treatment has other advantages, because the open stitch channels allow active ingredients to be absorbed much better by the skin. Steinkraus therefore recommends "a cosmetic follow-up treatment with anti-aging products, such as hyaluronsäure präparates, vitalizing creams, antioxidants or PRGF." The abbreviation PRGF stands for Plasma Rich in Growth Factors and describes a skin rejuvenation treatment with the patient’s own blood, a popular treatment also known as "Vampire Lifting".

Für whom is the minimally invasive treatment suitable?

Treatment with micro-needles is particularly suitable for people who want to improve the quality of their skin and treat small wrinkles, (acne) scars, pigmentation disorders, large pores, sun-related skin conditions and even hair loss. However, caution is advised if the skin is acutely inflamed or has open wounds, acne, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, sunburn or herpes. Humans, who suffer from Blutgerinnungsstürungen, a durable Kortison therapy durchführen or pregnant are, should likewise not use Microneedling, explains Jasmin Meyer, Beauty Expertin with "Adam & Eve" in Hamburg. Therefore, a skin analysis in the family doctor’s office or in the beauty studio is highly recommended in advance of the treatment. "If the needle cure is co-ordinated with the skin type and professionally accomplished, there are no risks", stresses also Dr. med. Steinkraus.

How long does the treatment last?

Depending on the skin condition, between three and six treatments are recommended, and results are already visible after the first treatment: the pore structure becomes finer and the face fuller and rosier. Long-term effects can also be seen after about three treatments. Then the epidermis is compacted and supported, the skin tissue stores more water, structural damage is repaired and the skin elasticity benefits from the sustainable remodeling of collagen fibers,” says dermatologist Steinkraus. Depending on the skin type and the intensity of the treatment, irritation can last up to three days after the microneedling session, as well as bleeding and swelling around the eyes. Within a week it can come in Einzelfällen to a hardly visible scab formation, also that is "an absolutely wanted and calculated skin reaction”, stresses Anika Poltoraczyk, Expertin in the Hamburg Kosmetikstudio BABOR.

What must be observed after the Microneedling treatment?

In addition to a skin anamnesis before the microneedling application, post-treatment of the skin is also important. The skin usually needs two to three days of rest and moisturizing care to fully regenerate from microneedling. Especially during this time, heavy sweating should be avoided, sauna, solarium, swimming pool visits or long sunbathing should definitely not be on the program shortly after the treatment. Also strong Peelings, Selbstbräuner or a treatment for hair distance should be avoided, there are itself the skin experts united. Instead, sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50 should be worn for up to "two to three weeks after the end of the microneedling treatment", stresses beauty expert Poltoraczyk.

What is the cost of microneedling?

The cost of skin tightening by microneedling varies depending on the skin type. In a cosmetic studio, a treatment for the face costs around 160 euros. A complete treatment of face, neck and décolleté is offered for about 190 euros. On average, three to six treatments are recommended.

With expert advice from dermatologist Dr. med. Susanne Steinkraus, Jasmin Meyer, beauty expert at Adam & Eve and Anika Poltoraczyk, expert at the cosmetics studio BABOR.