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The most beautiful sneaker trends for women in spring 2022

Not in the mood for boots anymore? Don’t worry, with the right sneakers we can get in the mood for spring 2022. The street styles of the Fashion Weeks in New York, Copenhagen and Paris promise a lot. Tikbow checks out which sneakers will get us through the last gray days and how to combine them.

High-top sneakers remain trendy

High-top sneakers continue to rank high on the list of trendy sneakers. The high-top sneakers have a certain retro vibe and at first glance appear quite sporty to chunky. However, the right outfit is directly a number more stylish by the trend kicks, the magic word is: style break. The sporty sneakers look particularly good with not-so-sporty combinations, such as wide fabric trousers with a blazer or a fine slip dress.

Woman in sneakers
The motto for high-top sneakers is: it should be as colorful as possible!Photo: Getty Images

Of course, the stylish retro look with baggy jeans and cropped top also works well with the high-top sneakers. The only drawback is that the sneakers reach up to the ankles and thus visually steal a few centimeters of leg length.

Retro style: Chucks and Vans

Retro is the new cool! The best example is the current comeback of the 90s cult shoes Chucks and Vans. Admittedly, the fabric shoes were never really gone, but now both sports shoes have become real fashion must-haves. Black Converse classics are particularly popular again, but they can also be more colorful with pink, yellow or green. Vans is no different, but in addition to plain looks, the checkerboard classics are also very popular again.

Woman in Vans
The retro trend continues: in addition to Y2K styles, we’re now into ’90s sneakers from Vans and ConversePhoto: Getty Images

Chucks and Vans are not by accident so popular, after all, they are the perfect basic shoes. What’s more, once they’re broken in, they’re extremely comfortable and give any outfit a casual skater-girl look in no time at all. They complement the jeans-top-blazer look perfectly, but fashion pros also like to combine them with slit leggings or a midi dress.

Black sneakers are trendy

White sneakers are getting competition, the new trend color is black! The advantages are obvious: the dark sneakers look dirty less quickly than the white classics. And: The black color makes sneakers look less sporty, but a bit more rocking. They look especially good with leather pieces and in an all-black look.

Woman in black sneakers
Black sneakers are probably the most elegant sneaker trend in 2022Photo: Getty Images

Normcore comeback: Dad Sneaker 

We love understatement footwear in the well-known normcore style again. When it comes to sneakers: the unpretentious, unexcited dad sneaker is back. The color palette includes pretty much all muted shades from gray to beige, and there’s no platform – all in all, it’s very reminiscent of the worn-out sports shoes of yesteryear.

Woman in sneakers
The sporty New Balance sneakers look particularly good with elegant styling partnersPhoto: Getty Images

Despite the somewhat "worn" look – or maybe exactly because of it – the street style stars wear the shoes up and down and prefer to combine them in a style break with chic pieces such as a two-piece or midi dresses. 

Performance Sneaker

These models are more or less "Ugly"sneakers in the light version, and some people will probably find them just as "ugly" as their predecessors. Performance sneakers aka colorful running shoes are among the it-pieces of the season.

Woman in performance sneakers
Running shoes may now be happily misappropriated as a fashion statementPhoto: Getty Images

Since you can clearly see the shoes’ sports origins, style-break looks work all the better with this sneaker trend, too. Elegant maxi dresses or midi skirts go perfectly with the performance sneaker, but also the all-over sport style with leggings and tennis socks has become fashionable this year. Important: Please always combine elegant styling partners such as a blazer, a fine bag or statement jewelry with it, so that the look gets the necessary style factor.