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The mini is back! The 5 coolest skirt trends for spring 2022

Goodbye satin, pleating and ruffles, hello chunky materials, retro styles and mini fits! This spring season, we’re saying goodbye to romantic, playful skirts and going for an extra dose of cool. What’s coming back now and what’s new on the list of skirt trends – Tikbow does the check!

Low-waist miniskirts

Mini skirts are really mini in spring 2022. The trend skirts can be so short that even the lining of the pockets peeks out at the hem. Responsible for this trend was luxury label Miu Miu, which put low-waist minis back on the fashion radar in fall 2021. Here, ’00s mini fit meets a certain utility look. Alongside denim styles, colors like khaki, beige or blue are high on the agenda and meet solid cotton fabrics.

Utility minis are a style break in themselves: rugged workwear meets the feminine miniskirt cut. Therefore, all doors are open when it comes to styling: The skirt can be combined with a blouse as well as with a band shirt – there is really no no-go here! Fashion professionals currently like to wear the all-over Miu-Miu look with a matching mini cropped top:

Model Cindy Bruna at Miu Miu
Model Cindy Bruna in an airy Miu Miu two-piece suitPhoto: Getty Images

Skirt trend tennis style

In spring 2022 we love the tennis look! Besides polo shirts and white sneakers, pleated skirts are a must. They come in tennis-typical bright colors, mini lengths and with neatly integrated pleats. Also on the list of skirt trends are short plate skirts – which score with ähnlichen optics as the sports skirts, but are usually made of jersey, have thanks to their round cut soft folds and also like to wear some pattern.

Emili Sindlev
Emili Sindlev showed up at Fashion Week in Paris in a stylish tennis miniPhoto: Getty Images

The Röckees are short, relatively wide and made of lightweight materials – so they can quickly blow up. If you want to avoid unwanted glimpses, it’s best to wear shorts underneath. Otherwise, the Röcke are uncomplicated in styling: They fit the tennis polo just as well as the XXL sweatshirt, but also make a sporty style break to the elegant blazer a good figure.

90s maxi jeans skirts

A classic on our list of skirt trends: the denim skirt. But now the typical denim mini is getting competition from a retro model whose revival we would never have believed in: the denim skirt in maxi length! Luxury labels like Céline and Louis Vuitton brought the calf-length skirt in A-line cut back from fashion obscurity. A skirt trend that will catch on? That remains to be seen.

Woman in denim skirt
Not only the 90s denim skirt is back, but also the double denim combination that was so popular back then.Photo: Getty Images

Because denim is so versatile, there’s usually almost nothing that can’t be done when it comes to styling. With the mini really everything is possible, with the maxi skirt, however, fingertip feeling is required so that the retro look is really stylish and not just reminiscent of days gone by. If you want to play it safe, combine elegant pieces with the sporty skirt: tweed jacket or blazer, pumps and a small, bright clutch go well with the trendy piece. For a more everyday style, go for boots, a turtleneck shirt and a long coat. In addition, it is best to combine statement accessories, so that the outfit is not boring.

Slit Skirts

While Röcke previously only wore slits on the sides, now sometimes (XXL) slits in the front provide more legroom. The trendy pieces are appropriately called slit skirts and are characterized by the open cut in the fabric. So that such a long slit is possible without showing too much when worn, the trend skirts usually come in midi lengths. Mini versions have two short slits in the front. As far as the choice of materials is concerned, everything is possible from leather to cotton, only the cut is always the same: straight and without much chi-chi, except for the slit.

Woman in skirt
In spring 2022, we’ll be wearing very discreet leg slits at the hem of the skirt.Photo: Getty Images

With their classic, straight fit, the trend skirts go with everything, but never look boring, thanks to the slit. However, this is exactly the point that harbors styling pitfalls. You should make sure that it does not reach much higher than the middle of the thighs, otherwise you can see too deep, especially when sitting. And: the slit gives the skirt a certain sexiness. The rest of the outfit should therefore be a little easier on the statement piece in everyday life, so that it doesn’t look too much. Loose-fitting shirts with a round neckline, cool hoodies or blouses are perfect – the main thing is that the top looks a little more high-necked than the skirt.

Leather skirt trend

Will leather skirts ever be out? Probably not. In this
Frühling we remain at least true to the Röcken from the fake animal skin and set
thereby not prefer classic colors like black or bottle greens. Especially cool looks in the slightly flared mini version with zipper in the middle, but leather midiröckees remain trendy – especially when they follow the slit trend.

Woman in leather skirt
The midi leather skirt accompanies us even into the warm seasonPhoto: Getty Images

Leather pieces alone are usually statement enough. The Röcke therefore do not need much additional ballyhoo. As a styling partner, a simple knitted sweater makes a good figure, with combat boots it’s rocky. With a blazer and loafers, the whole thing becomes business-suitable.