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The makeup trends for spring 2022

The make-up focus is still more than ever on the eye area. Accordingly, eye make-up in spring 2022 can also be striking – but we also like to apply a lot of blush now. Tikbow checks out the hottest styles, from colorful eyeliner to bright eye shadow.

Make-up trend blush

Blush is a thing in itself. Blush is actually only supposed to conjure up a bit of freshness in the face, but too much color quickly ends up on the face. In spring 2022, however, this is exactly the trend – it’s okay to see that the apple blush complexion has been helped along with powder or cream. Rouge does not necessarily have to be applied back – red or peach-colored Bäckchen as a statement look!

Woman with blush
We now apply blush not only on the cheeks, but also on the bridge of the nose.Photo: Getty Images

Make-up trend statement eyeliner

While eye make-up was relatively discreet in previous years, we can now apply it really thickly. So it’s no wonder that eyeliner is at the top of the list of makeup trends for spring 2022. But this doesn’t just mean eyeliner in its classic form – black and with a more or less pronounced wing. The new eyeliner styles are much more extravagant and colorful.

Colorful eyeliner

Leonie Hanne with colorful eyeliner
Tired of the classic eyeliner? Then switch to pops of color now – like Leonie Hanne here!Photo: Getty Images

Eyeliners in blue, red, neon yellow and orange are currently very popular. These are mainly applied in the classic way: in a thin line across the eyelid and with a small wing. In this way, colored eyeliners give everyday makeup a whole new twist. Those who like it even more eye-catching can draw an eyeliner line across the entire width of the eyelid and thus replace the eye shadow.

Graphic eyeliner

Woman with graphic eyeliner
Graphic eyeliner is definitely an eye-catcher – but anything but easy to make up.Photo: Getty Images

Many already despair when trying to draw a normal eyeliner with wing – nevertheless, now a trend comes on the scene, which even tops this: make-up professionals on Instagram paint graphic shapes on the eyelid. In most cases, the eyeliner wing is continued around the eyelid, almost creating the impression of a new eyelid crease. In principle, any abstract eyeliner shape is possible, from flame patterns to triangles. However, for it to look really good and symmetrical in the end, it needs a lot of &ndash.

Banana eyeliner

Woman with curved eyeliner
The 60s eyeliner does without a wing – instead, the shape of the eyelid crease is only imitated above it.Photo: Getty Images

Make-up-technisch sind wir wieder zurück in den 60ern! Mit dabei: Der Banana eyeliner, den Supermodel Twiggy damals bekannt machte. Der Name ist in diesem Fall auch Programm, der Lidstrich wird in einer rundlich geschwungenen Linie auf das Augenlid gezeichnet und erinnert so tatsächlich ein wenig an das gelbe Obst. Anders als ein klassischer Lidstrich wird der Retro-Banana-Liner aber nicht auf das bewegliche Augenlid geschminkt, sondern über der Lidfalte aufgetragen und lässt das Auge so einen Tick offener und runder erscheinen.

Clean Look

Eye shadow, eyeliner and co. are not your thing? Then you should take a closer look at this make-up trend, which deliberately focuses on naturalness. The clean look combines a natural-glowy complexion with shaped brows, lip gloss and naked eyes, making it probably the most minimalist make-up trend for spring 2022;

Woman with glowy make-up
Clean look: well-groomed and glowyPhoto: Getty Images

For the no-make-up look, all you need is eyebrow gel, shimmer powder and optionally some mascara and blush. The eyebrows are raised with a mascara brush and transparent gel, so they look even more voluminous. A little shimmering eye shadow in a light tone is then dabbed onto the moving eyelids and the inner corner of the eyes with a finger, and the eyelashes are carefully bent upwards with an eyelash curler. If you want, apply a little mascara to the upper lashes and apply a little blush to the cheeks, and the look is finished;

Brightly colored eye shadow

Blue eyeshadow was long considered a beauty sin – an image from which the 90s trend is now slowly recovering: On the eyelids, we now wear all colors of the rainbow, from blue über yellow to bright red, everything is allowed, which was otherwise rather considered a no-go.

Woman with eye shadow
With brightly colored eyeshadow, the eye area becomes an eye-catcherPhoto: Getty Images

The bright color trend is mainly based on light, matte powder textures, which are applied generously to the mobile eyelid with a moistened eyeshadow brush and then lightly smudged with a blender brush. But this is not a must, eyeshadow edges can also remain visible. If you opt for the shimmer variant, it is best to choose cream eye shadow and apply it thickly with your fingers. Eyeliner is usually not used for this trend look, a little mascara on the upper lashes is enough, after all, the bright color or the metallic style alone is eye-catching enough.

Make-up Trend Berry Lips

Normally, the fall/winter season is berry time in terms of lipstick – now, however, rich, slightly violet or brunette nuances also accompany us into spring.  This goes well with subtle eye makeup and a deep chignon that is strictly kept off the face – actress Chloë Grace Moretz shows’how it’s done.

Chloe Grace Moretz
Chloë Grace Moretz showed up in Paris with a berry mouth and an otherwise clean makeup lookPhoto: Getty Images