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The jewelry trends for spring 2022

This season, when it comes to jewelry, it’s allowed to be a little more! Chunky rings, wildly combined necklaces, extremely playful designs – we present the 5 biggest jewelry trends for spring 2022.

Maximalism as a jewelry trend

The first jewelry trend for spring 2022 is maximalism – and with a lot of bling-bling. What does that mean? We now wear real statement pieces, from extra-long and massive earrings to XXL rhinestone chokers, everything is included. Too much is almost impossible. With the eye-catching pieces it is also very easy to upgrade simple looks. Dua Lipa’s rhinestone earrings, for example, are the perfect companion for the home office, because they easily add the necessary style factor to even a simple turtleneck and chignon combination.

Dopamine Dressing

This jewelry trend is a harsh contrast to the gray weather: almost childish-looking, brightly colored jewelry with lots of plastic beads, smileys and as many different colors as possible. Jewelry that seems ironic at first glance and simply puts you in a good mood.

The whole thing comes in the form of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces in spring 2022 and can easily be combined with classic gold or silver jewelry. Dopamine dressing jewelry looks particularly cool when worn in a style break with strict pieces such as trouser suits, blouses or pleated pants, but also cuts a good figure with fine evening wear.

Chunky link chains

The chunky link necklace has been trending for so long now that it could be considered the basic jewelry piece every fashionista should have in their jewelry box. The chains are quite massive, but apart from that the design is quite reduced. Therefore, they also fit really every look!

Leonie Hanne
Leonie Hanne combines link necklace with link earringsPhoto by Getty Images

Jewelry trend Layering

Only one ring, one necklace, only one earring on each ear? Way too boring! This year the motto is: more is more. Different pieces of jewelry are wildly combined with each other. When it comes to necklaces, for example, long models complement shorter, solid necklaces, creating a casual, stylish look.

Woman with jewelry
Florence Pugh wears lots of different necklaces – a pretty casual look!Photo by Getty Images

And when it comes to finger jewelry, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one ring on your finger either. So how about two to three different models on one ring finger? In addition, there may be other jewelry pieces in different designs. Whether you choose a solid ring, or several intertwined models mixed with several narrow rings – no matter.

Woman with rings
The layering trend doesn’t stop at rings either!Photo by Getty Images


Während sich der ein oder andere Schmuck-Trend von Saison zu Saison überholt, bleiben Pearls konstant angesagt. Wem die klassischen, perfekten Pearlsstränge zu langweilig sind, der kann auch auf Pearls in abstrakteren Formen zurückgreifen – oder den Pearlsschmuck zu weiteren Trend-Schmuckstücken kombinieren. "Gossip Girl"-Star Evan Mock macht’s vor:

Evan Mock
"Gossip Girl"-star Evan Mock combines several jewelry trends in one lookPhoto by Getty Images

Eine Sache gibt es bei diesem Trend aber zu beachten: Ein Pearls-Schmuckstück pro Look reicht vollkommen aus! Wer Ohrringe, Kette und Armband in dem klassischen Look wählt, riskiert einen Pearls-Overload.