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The coolest fashion trends for spring 2022

Sweatpants, thick winter sweaters and quilted vests may now happily disappear back into the closet. Because after comfort clothes in the home office, the time is now ripe for bright colors, sexy dresses with cut-outs, flutter fringes, retro styles and not to forget: Miniskirts.

Spring trend cut-outs

Cut-outs are certainly one of the fashion trends par excellence in spring 2022. Whether with slits at the waistband of pants, at the waist of dresses or at the neckline of tops – we show skin now! The style comes because of the eye-catching cut-outs also well without other accessories and styling partners.

If you want to style the casual look a number more suitable for everyday and büred, throw on an XXL blazer üover.


Oversize blazers can also be combined with other spring trends, such as with fringes – fashion pro Leonie Hanne provides the proof:

Den Fringe-Look tragen wir jetzt an Taschen, als Verlängerung an Kleidern und Röcken oder auch als verspieltes Detail an Oberteilen. Fringe schwingen bei jeder Bewegung mit, schmeicheln der Figur, erinnern an die Hippie-Mode der 1960er und -70er Jahre – und machen einfach gute Laune.

Street style with fringe bag
Eye-catcher: A bright fringe bag enhances every look.Photo: Getty Images

Spring trend patterns

2022 will be colorfully patterned! Expressive prints in all possible variations are the order of the day, whether animal patterns, dots, checks or stripes. The patterns work both alone or as a wild mix.

Woman in pattern mix
More pattern is actually more this season! Photo: Getty Images

Colorful statement knits are also in high demand, as worn by "Sex Education”actress Aimee Lou Wood with her eye-catching piece by Stella McCartney.

Y2K style

Dieser Retro-Trend hat das Potential, die Fashion-Meinungen zu spalten: Bereits in den Nullerjahren wurden knappe Butterfly-Tops mit Hüfthosen oder der All-Over-Denim-Look à la Britney Spears entweder geliebt oder gehasst. Das wiederholt sich nun mit dem aktuellen Y2K style, den Stars wie Dua Lipa und Bella Hadid längst lieben – ein Retro-Trend, der zurückgekommen ist, um zu bleiben.

Dua Lipa
Fur boots and skimpy plaid cost– you can hardly get more Y2K than this Dua Lipa look!Photo: Getty Images

Spring trend mini skirts

Another trend from the past is catching up with us this spring: The mini skirt is coming back! The super-short skirt is actually a fashion invention from the 1960s, but it was especially hip (and short) in the 1990s. Back then, the skimpy Röckchen symbolized girl power and self-confidence. Now the sassy skirt with sex appeal is returning to the catwalks – a retro trend we probably have Miu Miu to thank for.

Woman in mini skirt
Well, ready fürs comeback of the mini Miniröcke?Photo: Getty Images