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The bizarre beauty secret of Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker, always top styled, always radiantly beautiful. Even if things aren’t going all that well in her private life at the moment – the separation from husband Tomaso Trussardi was recently announced – the presenter never lets her good mood be spoiled. The mother of three proved that once again with an Insta-clip.

On January 24, she celebrated her 45th birthday, just one week later Michelle Hunziker revealed on Instagram her very personal beauty secret: a plastic bag with cold minestrone! The Tüte with the frozen vegetablesückchen presses the moderator on the potentially swollen face regions and zack – Secreto de la Belleza revealsüllt!

Even if Michelle Hunziker may not have meant the gemüsigen beauty tip quite seriously – once again catches the eye in the short clip her radiant complexion, and that, although the born Swiss woman wears a towel turban and is hardly made up. Private turmoil, pandemic, never-ending winter – Michelle shows how’it still works!

Thousands of likes for the beauty tip of Michelle Hunziker

More than five million fans follow Michelle Hunziker’s social media activities on Instagram alone. Family, friends, sports, daily life – the 45-year-old shares everything with her Instagram followers and also knows exactly what goes down well in terms of humor: within a very short time, her vegetable soup tip garnered tens of thousands of likes. Not taking yourself too seriously, but then being serious when it matters – an art that Hunziker has mastered to perfection.

The fact is: we pack now first of all the Gemüse in the Tiefkühler. Then the beauty will probably work out all by itself…