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The best short hairstyles for curly hair

That a full, voluminous, curly mane looks great, let’s forget it. The only problem is: curls are hard to tame, especially with short hair. We show the best short hairstyles for curly hair.

Worn open, the waves flatter the face, the hair never lacks volume and in braided or updos they hold particularly well. Curly hair immediately attracts all eyes. However, it is wishful thinking that natural curls are always silky and shiny. Anyone who has curls knows how unruly and sensitive they can be. For curly hair, cut, care and styling must fit together.

What counts as curls?

From afro curls to natural waves, curly hair appears in a wide variety of forms. But when do we actually überhaupt speak of curls? "When you let your hair air-dry and then it bounces itself curly, you are talking about natural curls", explains Giulia Hiller, a master hairdresser in Ulm.

How to take care of curly hair?

In order for curls not to look frizzy or dry, it depends on suitable products and a good care routine. The expert explains: "Curly hair needs a lot of moisture, as it tends to dryness quickly." At least once a week, the curls should get a high-quality repair treatment, which is allowed to act for a long time. Special curl shampoos and conditioners are designed for the sensitive hair structure. You should generally avoid using a lot of heat, and if you do use a hairdryer or straightening iron, remember to use heat protection!

The best short hairstyles for curly hair

Many women are under the misconception that short hair is impossible with curls. But there are some looks that are just right for a more dynamic hair structure. These are the best short hairstyles for curly hair:

Curly lob

The term comes from curly, which means curly, and long bob. In the longer version of the bob, the hair remains long enough to still be able to tie a ponytail. Despite little effort and quick styling, the hairstyle always looks trendy. The hair can simply be air-dried and with a little mousse or curling cream it still lies well and bounces beautifully,” says the hairdresser. Supermodel Tyra Banks shows how voluminous a side-worn curly lob can look.

Graduated Bob

A little longer in the front, short in the back – this way, a graduated bob shows off the curls to their best advantage without requiring a lot of styling. A side parting adds even more movement and volume to this short hairstyle for curly hair. Actress Ashley Benson knows exactly why she has been getting a layered bob cut for many years.


For the brave, a cool undercut is suitable. The sides and nape of the neck are shaved short and the top hair remains longer. A styling tip from the expert: "Use mousse and let a few strands fall loosely into the forehead." Hardly any lady wore the undercut with curls as cool as megastar Rihanna, back in the early 2000s.

Rihanna 2010 with curly undercut
Rihanna knew it already 2010: Undercut with curly hair goes wonderfullyPhoto: dpa picture alliance

Shag cut with bangs

With this about shoulder-length hairstyle is worked a lot with steps. This creates a wild and voluminous look. The bangs playfully frame the face. If you want the curls to look a little more defined, you can use hair cream for styling. Miley Cyrus currently shows off the shag cut with bangs like no other.


– with expert advice from Giulia Hiller, master hairdresser in Ulm (Instagram: @hairbygiuli).