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The 7 best hair oils completely without silicones

The secret trick for beautifully smooth hair? Hair oil! It refines our mane with a soft shine and makes brittle tips supple again. Why is it worthwhile to use a natural hair oil without silicones? Tikbow reveals it.

Silicones have some advantages in hair care products, but especially with fine hair should rather do without them: Most silicones not only weigh down the hair, they can also damage it in the long run. That’s why Tikbow presents 7 hair favorites without silicones that ensure healthy, shiny hair in the long term.

What do hair oils do?

Hairöl is ideal for those who have a dry scalp and broken ends, or for all those who dream of smooth hair. For hairöl offers many benefits that other hair care products can not: It is easy to use, it intensively moisturizes dry hair – and it does so with little effort, because it can be applied as a leave-in care that does not need to be rinsed out separately. Hairöl effectively helps against split ends, has an anti-frizz effect that particularly benefits unruly and curly hair, and conjures up a beautiful mane with just a few drops.

Einfache Anwendung, große Effect

There are 3 different ways to use hairöl:

  • Used as an intensive treatment, hairöl can be left to work in the lengths for half an hour or üovernight and then rinsed with shampoo and warm water.
  • As a practical leave-in treatment, you can add a few drops of hair&oum;l directly into damp, freshly washed hair – and then style as usual. Good to know: It is essential to leave out the roots!
  • Hairöl is also suitable for in-between care: simply distribute a few drops in the palms of your hands and apply to the lengths of your hair. Done!

One Öl for all cases

The beauty of natural hairöls? Each of them has a different superpower: Argan oil is a secret weapon for healthy hair, as it is particularly moisturizing, while castor oil has a growth-promoting property thanks to its many unsaturated fatty acids. Almond oil nourishes all the way to the tips, while jojoba oil scores points for its particularly effective protection against dry air and UV radiation.

Hairöl with silicones – must it be?

The reputation of silicones has suffered. Not for nothing! Sure, silicones make attacked hair supple, soft and kämmbar within a few applications. They make it heat resistant and effectively smooth the hair surface. At the same time, however, they are not a permanently working solution: The plastics derived from earth seal the hair and thus provide a smooth and silky instant effect. Unfortunately, they gum up the hair in the long run and leave our manes looking dull and weak in the long term – especially if they are water-insensitive silicones that are difficult to wash out of the hair. Silicones are also not a sustainable solution for the scalp and the environment.

The 7 best hair products without silicones

Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil hairöl" by Aveda

Moisturizes dry, brittle hair to the tips. The active secret of the "Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing hair"ls" by Aveda is controlled organic Buritiöl, harvested from the "Tree of Life" in Brazil, which nourishes the hair supple, soft and shiny. Also it ensuresfür to retain the moisture gained in the long term.

Besonderheiten des Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil hairöl" by Aveda

Product type Hair oil
Product features Animal-free, vegan, without silicones
Quantity 30 ml
Type of packaging Pipette bottle
Texture Oil
Effect Care, cleansing, moisture
Main ingredient Organic buriti oil
Fragrance Floral
Sustainability Produced with 100% wind and solar energy

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil hairöl" by Aveda
Rating on Amazon: 4.1 out of 5 stars
+ particularly productive
+ absorbs quickly
+ cares without being greasy
+ does not weigh down fine hair
+ Öle from controlled organic cultivation.
– intense fragrance that does not please everyone.
– could be less expensive

Huile Prodigieuse Multifunction Dryöl" by Nuxe

The cult classic among hair products without silicones: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multifunctional Dry Oil is versatile and suitable for face, body and hair. It consists of 7 high-quality 100% vegetable Ölen: moisturizing Tsubaki oil, regenerating Argan oil, nourishing Macadamia oil, moisturizing Camellia oil, skin softening Borage oil, protective Hazelnut oil and softening Almond oil.

Features of the "Huile Prodigieuse Multifunction Dryöls" by Nuxe.

Product type Multifunction dry oil
Product features Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, without silicones
Quantity 100 ml
Type of packaging Spray bottle
Texture Oil, Fluid
Application areas Face, Body, Hair
Effect Care, moisture
Main ingredients Tsubaki, argan, macadamia, borage, camellia, hazelnut and sweet almond oil
Fragrancen orange blossom, magnolia, vanilla

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Huile Prodigieuse Multifunction Dryöls" by Nuxe.
Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5 stars
+ great smell
+ very rich
+ versatile
+ absorbs quickly
+ more shine in the hair
+ very productive
– not very cheap

"Intensive nourishing hairöl with rosemary" by Weleda

Pflegt sprödes und brüchiges Haar weich und geschmeidig: Das Haaröl ohne Silikone ist eine Komposition aus Rosemaryöl mit Auszügen aus Kleeblüten und Klettenwurzel. Dieses Wirkstoff-Trio lässt trockenes Haar weich und geschmeidig werden und schützt es vor schädigenden Umwelteinflüssen. Zudem beruhigt und entspannt ätherisches Lavendelöl die Kopfhaut.

Besonderheiten des "Intensiv pflegenden Haaröls mit Rosemary" von Weleda

Product type Hair oil
Product features Natural cosmetics, without microplastics, vegan, free of animal testing
Quantity 50 ml
Type of packaging Glass bottle
Texture Oil
Effect Care, moisture
Main ingredients rosemary and lavender oil, clover blossoms, burdock root
Sustainability Conserving resources
Fragrance Rosemary

Vorteile und Nachteile des "Intensiv pflegenden Haaröls mit Rosemary" von Weleda
Rating by Öko-Test (09/2014): 1,0 | Very good
+ inexpensive
+ exclusively vegetable Öle
+ fresh fragrance
+ no questionable ingredients
– could be absorbed better
– difficult to dose

"Repair & Anti-frizz hairöl" by Jean&Len.

Jean&Len Repair & Anti-Frizz Hairöl tames dry and unruly hair with its light conditioning formula of precious soy, coconut and oatöoil. It intensively nourishes the hair, while the anti-frizz effect fights flyaway hair. With a light and fruity fragrance.

Features of the "Repair & anti-frizz hairöls" by Jean&Len.

Product type Hair oil
Product features Vegan, without silicones, without parabens.
Quantity 100 ml
Type of packaging Spray bottle
Texture Oil
Effect Care, moisture
Main ingredients Soy, coconut and oat oil
Fragrance Fruity fragrance

Advantages and disadvantages of "Repair & Anti-Frizz Hairöls" by Jean&Len
Rating on Amazon: 3.4 out of 5 stars
+ more effective hairbinder
+ fruity, subtle scent
+ vegan
+ provides extra shine
+ strengthens the hair
– makes fine hair easily strähnig

Hairöl from Neobio

Neobio Hair Oil intensively cares for dry and brittle hair. It relies primarily on the effective power of organic argan oil and organic olive oil. The balanced formulation verwöhnt the hair, provides it with moisture and conjures up suppleness and silky shine.

Special features of the hairöls from Neobio

Product type Hair oil
Product features Vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, silicone-free
Quantity 75 ml
Type of packaging Plastic bottle
Texture Oil
Effect Care, moisture
Main ingredients Bio-Argan oil, Bio-Olivenöl

Advantages and disadvantages of the hairöl from Neobio.
Rating by Ökotest (09/2014): 1.0 | Very good
+ very rich
+ no questionable ingredients
+ inexpensive
+ very productive
+ is quickly absorbed by the hair
– umweltunfreundliche Plastic bottle
– smell is gewöhnungsbedürftig

Vitality Grow hairöl" by khadi

The "Vitality Grow hairöl" was specially developed for fine hair: It contains omega-rich Öls such as sesame and coconut Öl, which build up the hair structure and counteract split ends and hair loss. The plant Öle also intensively nourish broken hair, vitalize the scalp as well as the hair roots and thus give the hair new volume, silky smoothness and a healthy shine.

Special features of the "Vitality Grow Hairöls" by khadi

Product type Hair oil
Product features Paraffin-free, vegan, preservative-free, dye-free, natural cosmetics, animal-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, PEG-free, non-GMO
Quantity 50 ml
Type of packaging Pump dispenser
Texture Oil
Effect Hair growth, care, strengthening, elasticity, regeneration
Main ingredients Rosemary oil, sesame oil

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Vitality Grow hairöls" from khadi
Rating on Amazon: 4.4 out of 5 stars
+ helps against hair loss
+ 100 % natural and vegan
+ very productive
+ intensively cares for the scalp
+ brings more shine and body to the hair
– intense scent

Primavera "Arganöl bio" by Primavera

The Primavera Arganöl bio is naturally rich in regenerating vitamin E. Thus, it protects skin and hair from moisture loss and free radicals. It is also ideal for dry and sensitive scalps, as it contains only 100% pure argan oil and no fragrances. It can be used either pure or as a base to mix with ätheric Öoils.

Special features of the "Arganöls bio" by Primavera

Product type Multifunction dry oil
Product features PEG-free, animal-free, without silicones, natural cosmetics, paraffin-free, dye-free, vegan, without genetic engineering
Quantity 30 ml
Type of packaging Glass bottle
Texture Oil
Application areas Face, skin, hair
Effect Regenerating
Main ingredient Argan oil
Fragrance No fragrances
Seal NATRUE, Leaping Bunny (HCS).
Sustainability Conserving resources

Advantages and disadvantages of "Arganöls bio" by Primavera
Rating at Amazon: 4,7 of 5 stars
+ certified natural cosmetics
+ from the Allgäu
+ ideal for sensitive scalps
+ without fragrances
+ makes dry hair supple
+ 100% natural
+ versatile
– smell is somewhat gewöhnungsbedürftig

Can just a few drops make a difference? They can. Hairöl without SIlicones proves that you can achieve a lot with little. So our 7 hairöl favorites ensure a beautiful, glossy mane that gets exactly what it needs: care, moisture and vitamins. The natural oils also protect us from UV rays in summer and from flying hair in winter. In short, they are not only gold, but also: worth gold.