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The 5 best products for perfectly shaped gel nails

Beautiful and well-groomed hands thanks to professionally manicured gel nails? Can also be done at home! How you can easily achieve the desired shape and thus the perfect nail yourself – Tikbow knows how to do it.

Make-up can be as perfect as it is – if the nails are chapped and the nail polish chipped, all grace is quickly gone. The remedy is gels that last up to three weeks. Tikbow explains which products are indispensable for perfectly shaped gels.

What is special about gels?

Who is looking for the Quick-Fix-Lösung in terms of well-groomed Hände, comes to Gelnägels not past – whether in the nail salon or at home with a home gel nail set created. Gelnägel promise brilliant colors completely without scratching or chipping and for almost a whole month. But there is one basic requirement for the manicured nails to look really good: the accurate nail shape, which should be uniform and match the type. For this to succeed, there are a few things to keep in mind. With the ultimate gel nail shape guide, this becomes an easy one.

What (gel) nail shapes are there?

If you want to get your nails in shape, you can choose among different nail shapes, all of which have very different effects. The most popular and most chosen are:

  1. Round: As the name suggests, round nails are rounded at the nail end and usually filed rather short.
  2. Angular: Next to the round nail shape, the angular nail is probably the second most popular manicüreform. Instead of filing the nail into a half-moon shape, the end remains straight here, resulting in the characteristic angular shape. The nail is usually slightly longer than with the round filed nail.
  3. Oval: The oval or almond shape, which is slightly more pointed at the end of the nail, provides a timeless, elegant look due to the lengthening nail oval. The nail is rather longer here.
  4. Stiletto/Pointed: The pointed and long stiletto nail is by far the most striking and therefore probably the least suitable nail design for everyday use. The shape is reminiscent of cat claws.
  5. Ballerina: Ballerina nails are the new trend nail shape. The shape results from long stiletto nails, which are not filed to a point at the end of the nail, but flattened like the angular shape. The name of this look is derived from the ballerina lace shoe, of which the ballerina nail is supposed to remind.

Which (gel) nail shape suits whom?

  1. Round: Round filed nails actually suit everyone and are the all-rounder in terms of manicure, as this look is also suitable for shorter nails and therefore also for all those who have to wear shorter nails for professional reasons.
  2. Angular: The angular nail shape is particularly suitable for all those who find round nails too boring, but who do not want to or cannot wear super-long nails.
  3. Oval: Who has a wider nail bed, conjures the fingers with the länglich tapered oval shape visually longer. So the look is particularly elegant and feminine.
  4. Stiletto: Because the long and tapered nail shape of the nail and the fingers are visually drawn into the length, this form of nail design as well as the oval nail are made for wider hands. Due to the eye-catching look and the length, however, this nail shape is less suitable for everyday use and more for a special appearance.
  5. Ballerina: The trend look in terms of manicure suits all those who like to wear a more elaborate nail look and long fingers. The length of the nail also visually lengthens the hand. Due to the flattened filed nail tip, the look still looks sophisticated.

How are gels shaped correctly?

  1. Round: File the nail from the lateral nail bed evenly round and from both sides to the center so that no edges are visible. Finally, flatten the tip of the nail.
  2. Angular: For an angular look, style the sides of the nail running straight forward. File the nail end horizontally at the end and flatten the edges so that the end runs wide.
  3. Oval: To gain length, first file the nails straight forward and then from the tip of the nail file them downwards in a half-moon shape in both directions, creating an oval shape.
  4. Stiletto: For the claw look, file the long nails from the center of the nail end on both sides downward to the lateral nail bed, so that a point is created in the center of the nail. Caution: Make sure that the nail does not become crooked!
  5. Ballerina: For the ballerina look, first file the nails forward in a similar way to the stiletto nail, but finally file the end of the nail straight as for the square nail.

The best products for perfectly shaped gels

Crystal nail file medium from KOH

Die Crystal nail file medium from KOH rangiert ebenfalls unter den besten Produkten für schöne Gelnägel. Glass feilt die Nägel sanft in Form. Dank der extrafeinen Struktur des Glasses wird die Hornschicht der Nägel beim Feilen nicht beschädigt. Die verschleißfreie Glassfeile ist zudem für jeden Nageltyp und somit auch für Gelnägel geeignet und darf laut aktuellen Zollbestimmungen auch im Flugzeug mitgeführt werden.

Type Crystal nail file
Number of pieces 1 piece
Dimension 20 × 40 × 145 cm
Special feature With case

Advantages and disadvantages of the "Crystal Nail File Medium" from KOH
Rating on Amazon: 4.8 out of 5 stars
+ easy to use
+ Hygienic, as the file can be cleaned under running water or even in a dishwasher.
+ suitable for all nail types
– rather expensive in comparison

"BIO-H-TIN® Glass Nagelfeile" von Dr. Pfleger

Die mikrofeine Schleiffläche der "BIO-H-TIN® Glass Nagelfeile" von Dr. Pfleger formt die Nägel besonders schonend und überzeugt durch ihre feine Wirkung vor allem auch beim Formen von lackierten sowie von Kunstnägeln. Das Ergebnis sind glatte Nagelränder nach dem Feilen. Für eine lange Haltbarkeit lässt sich die Feile einfach reinigen und sogar sterilisieren.

Type Glasss nail file
Number of pieces 1 piece
Thick 3 mm thick glasss
Special feature Without allergy potential

Advantages and disadvantages of the "BIO-H-TIN® glass nail file" by Dr. Pfleger
Rating on Amazon: 4.6 out of 5 stars
+ durable and gentle glass grinding surfaces
+ easy cleaning
+ with shatterproof case
– fragile material

Professional files (2 pcs.) from Type deco

The "Professional Files" of Type deco come in two strengths and Körnungen therefore. The coarse black file brings the nails in shape, while the finer file ensures that the nail tips are smoothed and rounded. This greatly reduces the risk of the nails tearing or breaking off. Due to the flexible material, the professional files are suitable for both natural and artificial nails.

Type Sand nail file
Number of pieces 2 pieces
Delicacy Grain black file: 180/180 (coarse), grain blue file: 320/600 (fine)
Special feature Suitable for natural and artificial nails

Vorteile und Nachteile der Professional files (2 pcs.) from Type deco
Rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5 stars
+ perfect filing result without damaging the nail structure.
+ flexible files
+ different cuts promise optimal filing result
– hygienische Reinigung im Vergleich zu Glassfeilen schwieriger

"Glasss nail file" from Zwilling.

Die "Glass Nagelfeile" aus dem Hause Zwilling verspricht aufgrund ihrer feinen Körnung ein besonders schonendes und gleichmäßiges Formen von Nägeln. Die grobkörnigere Seite ist ideal, um die Nägel zu kürzen und zu formen. Mit der feineren Seite lassen sich im Anschluss Ecken und Kanten glätten. Dies beugt dem Splittern oder Einreißen der Nagelkante vor.

Type Glasss nail file
Number of pieces 1 piece
Material Glass
Special feature Extremely fine grain

Vorteile und Nachteile der "Glasss nail file" from Zwilling.
Rating on Amazon: 4.7 out of 5 stars
+ tempered glass prevents mechanical wear
+ easy and hygienic cleaning
+ ergonomic shape
– All-rounder, but not especially for filing gels excellent

"Glasss file Soft Touch 14 cm" by Erbe Solingen

Unter den 5 besten Produkten für perfekt geformte Gelnägel ist auch eie "Glasss file Soft Touch 14 cm" by Erbe Solingen, die besonders zum Formen und Glätten von empfindlichen, brüchigen, aber auch von künstlichen Nägeln geeignet ist. Die Glassfeile zeichnet sich durch ihre sanfte Feileigenschaft und ihre langlebige Qualität aus. Zur Reinigung sollte die Feile einfach mit Wasser abspült werden. Da die Feile auch desinfiziert werden kann, ist sie zudem für den professionellen Gebrauch geeignet.

Type Glasss nail file
Number of pieces 1 piece
Dimension 14 cm
Special features Available in different colors

Vorteile und Nachteile der "Glasss file Soft Touch 14 cm" by Erbe Solingen
Rating on Amazon: 5.0 of 5 stars
+ gentle filing property
+ long-lasting quality
+ easy cleaning
– fragile: when damaged no longer usable

Dos and don’ts when shaping gels

Um Gelnägel in die gewünschte Form zu bringen, sollte niemals zu einer Nagelschere oder einem Nagelknipser gegriffen werden, da diese bei Nutzung die Farbe der Gelnägel absplittern lassen können. Besser eignen sich spezielle Feilen. Ob eine Feile auch für Gelnägel geeignet ist, ist meist auf der Verpackung deklariert. Prinzipiell gilt: Glassfeilen bringen (Gel-)Nägel sanft in Form, während Nagelfeilen aus Metall aufgrund der meist groberen Körnung weniger geeignet sind.

In addition, filing should always be done in one direction only, towards or away from the center of the nail, and not in a back-and-forth motion, as moving the file back and forth can roughen the ends of the nail unnecessarily and cause the polish and gel layer to fray and split.