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Sweatshirts and hoodies – the coolest trends for women 2022

Hoodies and sweatshirts have long been regarded as “rotten clothes” that had no place outside the four walls of one’s own home. Those days are over, at least since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, and the athflow look will stay with us in 2022. Tikbow knows which sweaters are hot this spring and how we can style them to make a fashion statement.

Short explanation: Sweatshirts are long, collarless sweaters made of particularly thick jersey. The outside of the fabric is smooth, while the inside is cozy thanks to a special lining thread. Originally, these comfortable tops were intended as sports sweaters, but now they are much more than that. The same goes for hoodies, which are basically just sweatshirts with a hood (and optional belly pocket and raglan sleeves). Meanwhile, sweatshirts and hoodies are much more than just sports sweaters. Find out which models are even real trend pieces here!

Hoodies in used look

Retro is trend! And not only in terms of sneakers, jeans and hairstyles, but also in terms of hoodies. They can now look like they’ve been around for 20 years and countless washes. In other words: the colors look washed out and faded, the patterns have seen better days, the fabric looks worn out, the fit is worn out. Sounds not so tempting at first, but looks quite nice when combined correctly:

Woman in a hoodie
Hoodies are allowed to look like they are no longer brand new in 2022. Photo: Getty Images

So that the trendy hoodie doesn’t look too much like a lotter look, neat styling partners are essential. A used look from head to toe is not a good idea! Instead, go for style breakthroughs and wear the washed-out sweater with classic pants, eye-catching pockets, lots of jewelry and/or a strict hairstyle. So it’s guaranteed to be stylish.

Lots of (retro) print

Speaking of retro: When it comes to sweatshirts, the vintage vibe is one of the biggest trends of the season, especially when it comes to print models. Particularly popular are gray XXL sweaters with retro prints on the front, which look a bit like something out of an 80s high school movie.

Woman in sweatshirt
Millane Friesen combines her sweater in vintage look in style with washed-out jeansPhoto: Getty Images

By the way, it’s also worth taking a look at the men’s department. There are plenty of print sweaters, but the cut for men is usually a size larger and more casual. What is new now: The print does not necessarily have to be printed on the front, the Rück side does’s also!

Hoodies and sweatshirts in bright colors

Sweatshirts and hoodies have officially become trendy pieces in the past two years and are therefore now allowed to become the key piece of a look. So just grab a sweater in a bright color or pastel shade, fashion pros like Mandy Bork show’s how it’s done.

Mandy Bork in a hoodie
A stylish look that has been with us since 2020: Jogging suit, coat, beanie and sneakers!Photo: Getty Images

While we have Hoodies in pre-pandemic times rather not too sporty combined, is now exactly erwünscht. Especially the monochrome jogging suit look in combination with a colorful it-bag, chunky sneakers and a long coat has become extremely stylish. It goes of course also a number more elegant. The bright color top also makes a good figure to the playful skirt and with chain layering:

Woman in sweatshirt
Even with sweatshirts, we now love plain, but brightly colored designs.Photo: Getty Images

Hoodies in all-black look

Not in the mood for bright colors? Then this hoodie trend is the right one for you. In addition to colorful retro designs, we still wear jet black basic hoodies in 2022 and prefer to style them with black pieces – such as leather pants, a dark bomber jacket and rough boots. Ready is the casual, relaxed trend look that fits perfectly with the current dystopian-core style.

Xenia Adonts in a hoodie
You can’t go wrong with a casual all-black combination in spring 2022.Photo: Getty Images

Knitted hoodies

If you like it more elegant, you can get a knitted hoodie this spring. It combines the elegant look of a fine knit sweater with the casual fit of a hoodie –together it looks a bit like wearing a balaclava with a cashmere sweater, doesn’t it?

Woman in knitted sweater
The knitted hoodie is a hoodie in probably its most elegant form!Photo: Getty Images

Knitted hoodies are mainly made of high-quality materials and muted colors like beige or cream. And when it comes to styling, we also stay true to the timeless, restrained color palette, because: The chic hoodies are best styled in monochrome style, i.e. with pieces of the same color. This gives the overall look a particularly refined look.

Cropped styles

The current Y2K trend not only influences our jeans fits – keyword: low-waist comeback – and our shoe choice in spring 2022, it also doesn’t stop at our tops. Sweatshirts and hoodies now come with pleasure also in the belly-free look. The cut is not only particularly short (the trend sweater ends somewhere between the waist and the hips), but also anything but figure-hugging, almost boxy. A bit retro, but above all one thing: quite schön sexy for a former sports sweater!

Woman in short sweatshirt
In 2022, hoodies and sweatshirts can be one size shorter.Photo: Getty Images

Tip: If you want to keep up with the cropped trend but don’t want to buy a new sweatshirt, you can simply roll up the sweater to the desired length. Looks at least as cool and looks especially nice in combination with a casual cargo or wide-leg pants.