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Style a layered cut: we give you tips on how to properly spruce up the chic and casual choppy cut

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Pretty, neat hairstyles have reigned supreme since time immemorial. A decade ago, a single strand out of place was enough to make you have a bad hair day. These days, however, some of the most popular hair trends are all about vibrant looks with lots of movement and texture – and nothing represents these trends more than tiered hairstyles. Whether you have lots of curls or straight hair, the layered cut lends itself to an effortless, breezy style that exudes confidence, edginess, and insouciance. We’ll show you how to style your layered cut to make it look chic and casual.

Stepped hairstyle – a trend for spring 2022

Tiered hairstyle - a trend for spring 2022

Tiered trend hairstyles have enough votes in the beauty world to be considered an absolute favorite. They suit your hair type and give it a beautiful texture, whether your hair is thick or thin, curly, wavy or straight, short, shoulder-length or long. These hairstyles relieve the ladies who have thicker, medium and long hair and give fullness and volume to fine hair of any length. For this reason, step cuts are probably one of the most frequent requests in hair salons in spring 2022. Among these popular haircuts is the fashionable choppy cut, which has also become a trend this season.

Stepped haircuts can be very versatile

These beautiful tiered haircuts are very versatile, that’s why you can style yours quite easily. You can wear medium length and long hair loose with strands or have it styled into an elegant updo, a casual ponytail, a braid, or a twist. Just play with your hair to your heart’s content.

Styling a layered cut at home

Styling layered hair - modern hairstyles 2022

Regardless of your hair texture, whether you have a curly hairstyle or fine, straight hair, you can learn how to style layered hair with a few tools and products. A very good hair dryer for your hair type is essential, and you may also want to invest in the best straightener or curling iron for layered hair if they will help you achieve your desired style.

Work with your natural texture. Blow dry the hair first and then use the straightener to create a bend in the hair or a soft wave.

Tiered haircut - a must in spring 2022

You can use a volume booster for more texture, because it gives the hair natural volume and does not make it too heavy. An alternative to this is styling cream, which you put in wet hair and then let it dry naturally. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can use these two products together – for example, after washing your hair, take volumizing spray for wet hair and then styling cream for the ends to give them texture. You can also buy a dry shampoo to achieve a choppy look. If you prefer a smooth finish, serums and oils will help you get shiny hair.

Choppy bob is a looker

Styling step cut properly - Choppy Bob

Not all layers have to appear in choppy, choppy form. The length of a bob can be graduated from back to front to create a super flattering style. If you wear this hairstyle super straight, the edgy length comes out especially well – of course, a good straightening iron is a must to keep this look sleek and bouncy.

Making your hair strands look like feathers is simply gorgeous. Strands are cut so that they look like feathers. These layers are especially suitable for long bobs, also called lobs. This gives them both texture and volume.

Styling a layered cut: tip for balayage lob

Choppy balayage lob cut is an absolute head turner

Balayage is one of the techniques in hair styling that enhances your layers. You can make your trendy hairstyle look even better with these delicate waves. By making your step lob asymmetrical, you will add texture and volume to this haircut.

Stepped and tousled shag cut

Styling a tiered and tousled shag cut

Disheveled waves are a perfect tool when it comes to styling tiered hair, especially when combined with this 70s shag . Use a medium sized curling iron and wrap the hair loosely around the top hat so that it points away from the eyes to “open up” the face. Keep the look relaxed and modern by leaving the roots and tips out of the curls.

Style a layered cut if you have straight hair

Style Choppy Cut at Home

Long, layered hair will definitely be your new signature look. You can wear these layers straight or curl them to get fantastic beach waves. Combing through your hair and brushing it with a blow dryer will give you a lot more volume.

Styled layered shag cut if you have straight hair - beach waves

If you have a longer hairstyle, the chignon is an easy way to style layered hair for a party. First, spray your hair with texture spray and gather all the hair with your fingers until just below the crown. Then, tie a ponytail and form a chignon out of the remaining hair with a few tugs, pinning the hair tightly or loosely, depending on your preference. After fixing, pull out small strands in the front and finally spray the hairstyle with hairspray.

The chignon - tip for longer layered hair

Tiered, soft Pixie Cut

Stepped soft pixie cut styled with wax

The Pixie Cut has become a big trend that is growing and has several variations – Nixie Cut , Bixie Cut, etc. The trick to styling a Choppy Pixie is to use relatively solid products, like wax or pomade. Warm a tiny amount in your fingers and gently stroke through the layers to achieve the desired hairstyle.