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Street Style 2022 – Discover common colors and looks that define the trend in the current season.

If Street Style 2022 is just your thing, you can try it with some casual outfits according to the latest trends. In this style, current interesting colors can be combined with sporty elegant dresses to be able to express your personal taste. Get inspired by the following examples and fashion tips to discover the perfect outfit for you.

Current trends in street style 2022

combine wide summer pants with white top and sunglasses in street style 2022

The temperatures are slowly rising, although there are still cool days, but summer 2022 is already here. Thereby, preparing your closet according to the most popular styles you can try is a great way to get ready for the upcoming warmer days.

paris fashion week shapes street style 2022 trends for women

Moreover, an overview on Street Style 2022 can predict what will be hot in the coming months. Trends to look out for include bold neon colors, lots of greenery, and oversized pantsuits. Here are some suggestions to have on hand for the changing seasons.

Make a fashion statement with green shoes and accessories

add colorful accents with green shoes as part of a fashionable summer outfit

From Paris to Milan to Copenhagen, green shoes popped up at every Spring/Summer 2022 fashion week. This is especially true for those with high heels in the corresponding hue. However, while high heels seem to be the most popular, flats in green as well as green tennis shoes are also very much in vogue. It doesn’t matter if the rest of the look is green at all, as shoes in this color are worn with almost everything.

combine green scarves and accessories in spring or autumn with clothes in street style 2022

Green accessories and knitwear are also everywhere at Street Style 2022. While some guests at the Spring/Summer 2022 fashion week in Copenhagen wore green shoes alone, many also incorporated green into other areas of their outfits. These were specifically accessories like scarves and handbags. In addition, knitwear such as scarves, hats and sweaters can complete many looks of this style and are also quite popular. These are perfect for transitioning from winter to spring or summer to fall.

Colorful and oversized tops in street style 2022.

fashion trend with oversized and oversized coats and jackets in striking yellow color wear
Just like it was in the last years, jackets in bright colors and oversized cuts are very much in style for the current season. So, the upcoming fall might be the perfect time to break out the jackets that are otherwise too colorful for the colder seasons. As for oversized garments, such looks continue to dominate the trend, especially if you can wear them over figure-hugging tops.

The return of the Y2K look

y2k dress style with plaid outfit for summer in street style 2022

Like it or not, Y2K style outfits are quite popular again, especially preppy skirt suits paired with tummy-baring tops. Plaid is also in style and can be worn with several plaid pieces or a statement piece of clothing. This look translates well into spring or at the end of the summer season in bright colors like the light green plaid suit pictured above.

Wear a blazer or cardigan over an undergarment

combine eye-catching colors for undergarments with blazers and saddle bags or close-fitting necklaces

You can add a personal touch to Street Style 2022 by trying it with a top over your dress. The so-called slip dress will also characterize the casual style this year and can be combined especially well with a knitted sweater or an oversized jacket. It is best to opt for bright and eye-catching colors, such as orange. Combine them with close-fitting necklaces or chains. A saddle bag or clutch would go equally well with it and round off your outfit.

Street style 2022 with neon colors and gender neutral designs.

neon t shirts and oversize shirts as part of the trends in casual style and casual wear

Before and during this summer, neon colored clothes are an essential part of the trend. Oversized shirts and t-shirts are also part of it and make the introduction of gender neutral lines in the current season. Moreover, gender fluidity is observed in styles for both men and women.

Prefer pantsuits in bright colors

current street style 2022 trends with pantsuits in bright colors

Part of the introduction of gender-neutral cuts has been a trend toward oversized pants and blazers for women. Transform this look in late summer with lighter hues and an eye-catching blouse. For an even bolder look, you can also wear a boxy blazer over a tummy-baring top or bra to mimic the popular 2022 street style.