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Spring 2022 shoe trends: these stylish shoes you should definitely have in your shoe closet

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With the arrival of spring, it’s time to prepare your wardrobe for the hottest shoe trends of the year. Invest now to start the new season in style. Practical heel widths, sensible heel heights and classics like colorful sneakers are what we’re most looking forward to this season. Start shopping for the spring 2022 shoe trends that will get the most playtime in your closet. Shoe shopping is a great way to update your wardrobe without having to wrap yourself in a brand new look from head to toe.

The shoes of the new season

Buy trendy shoes in the new season

Spring is just around the corner, and if you have already thought about how to integrate the most important fashion trends of 2022 into your closet, it’s high time to think about the footwear of the new season as well. The popular spring runways were full of new and refreshing ideas – something that is especially welcome after spending way too much time in our best slippers lately. This year’s shoe trends will spice up any look and give new life to your favorite pieces. They’ll upgrade your outfit with a stylish punch.

Spring shoe trends: chunky loafers.

Chunky loafers - modern in spring 2022

A flat shoe that our feet are very thankful for is the polished loafer. These shoes are classic and timeless and add an androgynous twist to any outfit. They will get you some cool points. If you’re looking for an update for spring 2022, go for chunky loafers with a square toe, like these that have been seen on the runways. The chunky sole gives the shoe a ’90s touch that goes well with a cute plaid mini skirt, for example.

Gladiator sandals – a must-have for all ladies

Gladiator sandals - a must-have for the warm season

Gladiator sandals are making a comeback because they are actually one of the recurring trends worth investing in. This allows you to wear them again every time they come into fashion. For spring, many designers have revamped these sandals in every possible way.

Gladiator sandals make a comeback in 2022

In the spring and summer of 2022, we’re seeing all kinds of variations that feature lots of straps. From flashy knee-high versions to simpler designs with ankle straps.

Cool slingback shoes

Cool slingback shoes - shoe trends for spring.

If you are looking for a different shoe option and don’t want to wear ballerinas anymore, we recommend slingback shoes because they are timeless and elegant. Besides, these perfect shoes suit the changeable weather and are super versatile because you can wear them with jeans, midi skirts or dresses. Slingback shoes are also the perfect choice if you are looking for comfortable footwear but still want to wear heels.

Chunky sneakers as one of the footwear trends for spring

Chunky sneakers as a fashion trend in spring

Chunky sneakers are also known by other names like “Dad Shoes” and “Ugly Sneakers”. They have big soles and can be white or with colorful patchwork patterns that are reminiscent of the 90s in a way. Some people think that there are more stylish sneakers. However, to be fair, the questionable style that has been trending since 2018 is very popular and comfortable. The global market for chunky sneakers will only continue to grow because they have an eclectic charm and offer comfort.

Lace-up platform sandals

Stoke platform sandals go well with many clothing items

If you’ve been following the trends of the last fashion week, you know that insanely high platform heels were everywhere on the runway and in street style pictures. The sky-high style was popularized by Versace and now it seems like everyone wants to stand a few inches taller. These heels will make your legs look miles long, but might be a little too high for going to the office. Although you might imagine wearing these sandals with dresses, the shortened jeans are a very good option. The design feels sexy and can elevate any outfit.

Shoe trends for spring 2022 - ideas

Perfect metallic shoes

Metallic shoes as one of the shoe trends for spring 2022

With the onset of warmer months, we are happy to see that metallic shoes are back on the agenda. Many world-renowned brands have chosen them for their Spring/Summer 2022 fashion shows because they are a timeless choice and perfect for the bright, balmy days of spring and summer. In winter, you can repurpose them as a beautiful part of your party wardrobe around the holidays.

Beautiful metallic shoes - perfect for the warm days

From shimmery sandals to pretty embellished pumps, treat your feet to a touch of sparkle in the new season.

Spring shoe trends: white boots

White boots - modern option for spring

The trend of white boots suits every season and is unbroken. A pair of white boots are a versatile addition to your shoe collection and will go with almost any dress, no matter the weather. Thanks to the neutral color palette, you can combine your white boots with all colors and prints: For example, you can wear them with a patterned dress. If you are a fan of the tonal look, combine them with white, cream and ecru dresses. From high-heeled boots to flat boots, from military boots to knee-high boots – you have quite a few options to be modern in spring and refresh your spring wardrobe.

Combine white boots with dresses - shoe trends for spring