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Singer Michelle about nude photos: “At 50 I am more beautiful than ever”.

Pop star Michelle graces the cover of the current “Playboy” issue – she feels more beautiful than ever at the age of 50, says the singer. What is her secret to staying young, fit and happy?

Schlager singer Michelle ("Wer Liebe lebt") wants to encourage other women with her latest nude photos. At 50, I’m more beautiful than ever,” the singer says confidently in an interview with Playboy magazine.

Michelle was already in 2006 with nude photos in "Playboy"

I think that if you work on yourself and treat yourself well, you can still look the way I do today, even after several pregnancies and at the age of 50." However, this is not to be understood as a call for excessive sports programs, emphasizes the Black Forest native. She herself does not run to the gym every day. Sports, exercise and nutrition are very important, however, and self-love also plays a major role.

"It’s about standing by yourself and accepting things about yourself that you can’t "change", says the singer, who was already placed on the April cover of "Playboy" in 2006. Michelle, mother of three daughters, can currently be seen on the dance floor in the RTL dance show "Let’s Dance". On February 15, 2022, she had celebrated her 50th birthday, on the Bühne she stands for 30 years.

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