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White Sneaker Trends 2022 – Add a modern touch to your summer outfit with the most popular shoes!

Nowadays, styles change quite quickly, with white sneaker trends 2022 always being a popular part of any outfit. In this regard, if you are not sure where to start, you can simply go for the classics. Moreover, the classic white sneaker may never go out of style. However, this does not mean that you cannot add a little color. In fact, adding a paneled accent color to a white shoe is the best way to make a subtle statement according to the latest trends. Here are some hot shoe trends that you can take inspiration from when choosing your summer wardrobe.

Current styles and white sneaker trends 2022

popular white sneaker trends 2022 for fashion conscious women and men

While the sneaker a few years ago only served as a means to an end, it now has a high value in almost every well-stocked closet . That sneakers can be not only sporty, but also elegant, fashion-conscious people have known for a long time. In addition, such comfortable shoes can also become serious competition for lace-up boots and co. in bad weather.

modern shoe models in white color with noble details for all summer outfits

There are a few 2022 shoe trends on the radar, though keeping up with this year’s styles can actually be quite easy. For example, if subtle whites aren’t enough for you, you can also opt for creative shapes in your footwear choices to add that special something to your look.

combination of colored skirt and white sneakers for the spring season or summer

From Velcro closures, to oldschool models, to tread platforms, there are plenty of options available to you. So, if you feel ready for a refresh, you can consider the following examples.

Knitted sneakers with a summer look

knitted sneakers in white with laces light and comfortable for summer or spring

Knitted sneakers provide the classic comfort you need throughout the year. Now in 2022, you can truly wear this style from head to toe. Knitted sneakers are the ultimate sporty and stylish choice for on the go. Such models are quite trendy as white sneaker trends 2022 and super easy to wear. Mostly equipped with extra padding to keep you comfortable all day, it will surely not be a difficult task to look cool at the same time.

Platform sneakers in white

trendy plateau sneakers as shoe trend 2022 for summer or autumn

Such white sneaker trends 2022 also make fashion fans revel in nostalgia by reminding them of past times with their wide soles. The fact that sneakers are so popular in spring and summer is mainly due to their practicality. Puddles and wild parties are known to be no problem for the platform sole. Thus, wet feet in the rain or during an adventurous summer outing are no obstacle. In addition, such shoes with platforms can emphasize the figure, because their design visually stretches the silhouette.

Oldschool white sneaker trends 2022 in retro style.

high cut white sneaker trends 2022 by nike in retro style as popular model for summer season

Shoe trends are cyclical, so it should come as no surprise that the old is new again. Retro-inspired styles that once felt kitschy are now chic again. No brand has benefited more from this comeback than Nike. Classics like the Nike Blazer Mid ’77 Vintage are back in both traditional and more fashionable colorways, making it easy to make your choice with them. Accordingly, the white shoes with their uncomplicated, simple design could not be more timeless and go with any outfit.

light athletic shoes with creative shapes suitable for young people

So this is a shoe trend that will definitely last. Once you invest in a good pair, you can certainly stick with it for years to come. Especially in the spring and summer season, the nostalgic sports shoes with skirts or jeans are a real eye-catcher.

Creamy white sneakers with color accents

hot white sneaker trends 2022 with gold color accents and cream white sole

Bright and white colors are really cool, but everyone knows that creamy white sneakers go with almost any look and are often in the first place. Nevertheless, such beloved and plain white sneakers get a little update with just a touch of color accent. Fashion experts advise choosing a minimalist look by focusing on one color instead of several. This way, the look feels stylish and fresh. Moreover, you can match the accent color to your style every time you buy it and combine it with signature clothing items.

White sneakers trends 2022 with velcro and laces.

hip combination of velcro and laces for white sneaker trends 2022

Who would have thought that sneakers with Velcro will be back in trend in 2022? So say goodbye to too long laces once and for all! However, these don’t exactly look like the bright neon colors you might have worn in elementary school. The new versions are just as cool and functional as any other sneaker. A favorite this season might be the Adidas Forum Low sneaker. This model features a combination of a large Velcro closure and a classic lacing. Thus, you get the best of both worlds.

Eco-friendly sneakers in trendy white and Pantone color of the year.

pantone color of the year veri peri or green on white sneaker trends 2022 as popular combination

Nowadays, everything is about green energy and eco-friendly solutions. It’s not just about colors, but also about the eco-conscious manufacturing of shoes that will prevail over trendy pieces in 2022. This is mainly because most fashion choices continue to reflect a more sustainable mindset. In addition, many shoe manufacturers are making some styles that range from high-cut sneakers to loafers. Speaking of color combinations, shoes with the Pantone color of the year Very Peri and gray white are a popular choice, making this popular shade totally hip.