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White sandals are the fashion must-have for summer 2022: read here how to combine them best

Summer 2022 is just around the corner and it’s probably a good idea to start it with a new pair of sandals, but not just any sandals, white ones. With these shoes it’s not a problem to find something cool and stylish in the morning, because they go with everything. This article will give you an overview of the different ways to wear white sandals with different clothing styles, because choosing sandals is one thing, but accentuating them is something else entirely.

Why white sandals

Comfortable summer shoes are an essential part of every woman's wardrobe

With the official start of summer, some shoe styles are ready to go out in the sun. Comfortable summer shoes are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe, predominantly in the warmer months. One of the most popular summer trends is the fresh, casual white sandal.

How else to combine white sandals

White sandals are the fashion must-have that every lady should have in her summer wardrobe. They are convenient, versatile and comfortable summer shoes that can be combined with any occasion – a casual day at the beach or an elegant dinner party. They go with everything, but they can’t be compared to sneakers because they are much more elegant and don’t make you sweat. If you want to start the season with the perfect pair, here are 4 reasons to wear white sandals!

Plain strappy sandal in white is a good choice for everyday wear

  • They are the quintessence of summer.
  • A nice change from the traditionally dark shoes.
  • They can add expression to an outfit.
  • They can be easily styled.

Types of summer sandals

White platform sandals go with almost everything

When choosing the perfect pair for this summer, you have several options. Espadrilles are the perfect sandals in white. The base of these shoes consists of a rope sewn into the sole of the sandal, and then fabric is attached to it, usually on medium-thick straps.

Another option for summer shoes is the gladiator model

Another option is the gladiator model. This type of sandal consists of thin straps that run across the leg. The white version of this sandal is perfect for a day or evening look. The plain strappy sandal in white is also a great choice for everyday wear.

Trendy looks with white summer shoes

These shoes can be worn with almost anything you wear

White sandals are a good base for your summer wardrobe, so you should have a few models – high heeled for nightlife, flat, strappy – for a lazy day in the city or a cocktail at the beach. So do not hesitate, if you are wondering which model to buy – buy several.

White sandals are a good base for your summer wardrobe

As we said, white summer shoes can go with everything. Consider wearing an all-white outfit with white sandals this summer. The look will keep you cool in the summer heat and make you stand out in a crowd. Black and white fashion is another trend that goes well with white sandals. Try combining solid black and white elements in your outfit for a dinner or a night out on the dance floor.

White heeled sandals go well with mid-length denim pants

These shoes can be worn with almost anything, with jeans of any color, with a dress with a print, with a suit, with white pants, with a long skirt, with pastel colors or, on the contrary, with bright and flashy shades that highlight the white. They allow you to put together many looks. They also go perfectly with an outfit with colorful prints or a maxi dress for a decidedly retro-chic outfit.

How else to combine white sandals?

Shorts are the easiest and coolest option for platform sandals in white

With shorts: it turns out that shorts are the easiest and coolest option to wear platform sandals in white. This combination is perfect for those who want to wear casual summer clothes and stay elegant.

You have several options when choosing the perfect pair for this summer

With dark jeans: considering the fact that women’s fashion tends to minimalism, white sandals are certainly a good choice for fans of monochrome. They will free you from the dark look that makes you a little “sad” in broad daylight. You can choose between low and high for this look; however, as the minimalist style dictates, you should avoid unnecessary elements and keep your shirts and jackets as symmetrical as possible. The pants must be cut in such a way that the ankles remain visible.

White summer shoes look great with jeans

With skinny jeans: another important aspect this season is high-quality denim, driven by women’s demand for skinny-cut jeans. White sandals look great with jeans. If your jeans are not short, you can always do a pin roll to make your ankles visible. For a sleeker and more modern look with your jeans, forgo the denim jacket and throw on a coat and a white shirt or t-shirt over it.

White shoes are the quintessential summer look

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When paired with a blazer, white sandals give a casual look to formal wear

With a suit: combined with a blazer or a suit, white sandals give a casual look to formal wear, mainly when going out.

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