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Super stylish and comfortable – which women’s sneakers are on trend this season?

Stylish, super comfortable and very versatile to style – the times when sneakers were only suitable for the gym and jogging are fortunately long gone. Sneakers in all imaginable designs are no longer imaginable from the fashion world and have become our most faithful companions in everyday life. Whether with jeans, sweatpants or in a style break with dresses and skirts – in terms of styling, they are a real all-rounder and always provide a casual touch. And with spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update our shoe wardrobes. Get ready for a little shopping spree and find out here which women’s sneakers are very high on trend this season.

Women’s sneakers trends: high-top sneakers are back

High top ladies sneakers trends sneakers combine

For this season, the high-top sneaker is making a big comeback, making it one of the coolest women’s sneakers that no shoe closet should be without. As the name suggests, these are sneakers with a high shaft. High-top sneakers were inspired by basketball and were already considered THE shoe in the 80s, but are now seen on the feet of more and more fashionistas. No wonder – the higher-cut shoes can be found in every conceivable variation and there is guaranteed to be the right model for every taste. And the best part? You can easily wear the high sneakers in everyday life, as well as for the office or for going out. For a cool outfit, you should only make sure when styling that the pants end a few centimeters above the shaft of the shoes. But this spring, we prefer to style high-top sneakers in a style break with dresses. The sportier the sneakers, the more girly and playful the dress can be.

Performance sneakers for a comfortable look

Shoe trends spring 2022 ladies sneakers trends

You prefer it sporty and comfortable? Then you will love this shoe trend! Functionality combined with modern designs – the women’s sneakers in spring 2022 are guaranteed to be characterized by this maxim. Running and performance sneakers are hottest than ever for the upcoming season and are among the absolute must-haves for all fashion girls. The sports shoes have been given a modern upgrade and are also incredibly comfortable to wear.

Women's sneakers trends 2022 which shoes are hot in the spring

Performance sneakers are therefore not only suitable for jogging, but can be wonderfully integrated into everyday life. The women’s sneakers look especially beautiful and casual in combination with jeans and hoodies. But also in duet with a flowing pleated skirt and blazer, the running shoes make a great figure and are a real eye-catcher.

Women’s sneakers: sustainable sneakers as a fashion trend 2022

Trend colors spring 2022 which ladies sneakers are on trend

Actually, sustainability is not a trend, but rather a way of life. However, in recent years our values have changed significantly and the awareness of eco-friendly fashion will also influence our outfits this spring. Numerous designers have also recognized this and have expanded their collections with great and sustainable women’s sneakers. Whether chunky, high top, retro sneakers or running shoes does not matter – the main thing is sustainable! The focus is primarily on advanced materials, such as organic cotton and natural rubber, as well as novel and innovative dyeing techniques.

Chunky sneakers continue to stay with us

Combine sneakers in everyday life ladies sneakers trends 2022

Dad sneakers, ugly sneakers or chunky sneakers – the chunky shoes are known by many names. But no matter what you call them, one thing is certain – they have dominated the fashion scene for years already and that will not change this season. Numerous fashion houses and designers have included the sneakers firmly in their assortment and made them absolutely presentable. Whether with jeans, sweatpants or dresses – chunky sneakers can be wonderfully styled for any occasion and have become the absolute favorite shoe of all fashionistas. One of the biggest advantages of the shoe trend is that the thick sole makes us appear a few centimeters taller and conjures up slim legs in an instant. The rule of thumb is – the higher the platform, the better. As for colors, women’s sneakers are mainly dominated by soft and romantic pastel colors. Shades like light blue and lilac feel wonderfully refreshing in spring and add a feminine touch to otherwise chunky chunky sneakers.

Combine sneakers ladies sneakers trends spring 2022