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Shoes from 60: These elegant and comfortable pairs of shoes should own and wear every older lady!

There is no question that high heels are a fabulous fashion choice as they make any outfit look more elegant. But they are not good for our feet, legs and back. As we age, many women give up wearing high heels because it’s just too painful. That’s why comfortable, stylish shoes are so important after 60. We should all own at least one pair of shoes for the various occasions and activities in our lives. Of course, you don’t wear your running shoes to go out or your stylish sandals to the gym. Here are the shoes that are a must-have for women over 60!

Shoes for older women – what you should pay attention to

Shoes for older women - what to look for

Comfort is the be-all and end-all! Without sacrificing style, of course. We all have different lifestyles, but one thing we all have in common is that we want to wear comfortable shoes that won’t blister or hurt our feet. Remember that your feet change in unison with the rest of your body. Many older women get wider feet as they gain weight. Look for shoes that have different sizes and widths. You may even need a different size now.

Quality construction and materials make for a better fit and a more comfortable shoe. Stiff material and inflexible soles are a recipe for blisters.

Shoes from 60 – the comfortable and elegant models for any occasion.

Shoes from 60 - the comfortable and elegant models for any occasion

You should wear what you feel like and comfortable with. That is why today we present you the models that you should definitely own and try over 60.

Try modern sneakers and sneakers

Try modern sneakers and sneakers

Get in shape and this will improve your appearance faster than any anti-aging remedy and boost your confidence. A great pair of sneakers will give you the confidence to pursue your dreams and discover your passions. Sneakers can motivate you to create an exercise plan.

You can travel to new places in style with your new, comfortable sneakers. You can also opt for sneakers with modern Velcro closures and then you’ll be ready to conquer the world!

Flat shoes are a trend this year

Flat shoes are a trend this year

The happiest, older women have all more or less committed to a minimalist lifestyle. When you focus on having less and experiencing more, it’s easier to move quickly and comfortably. This is where the new shoes come into play.

Shoes from 60 - these elegant and comfortable pairs of shoes every older lady should own and wear

Pair your stylish footwear with different pants or maxi skirts when you meet friends for coffee or when you go shopping.

Shoes from 60: chic footwear for special occasions.

Shoes from 60 - chic footwear for special occasions

You also need fancy shoes for those moments when you have something nicer in mind, such as dinner or a birthday party from a good friend. With suede, leather and fancy jeweled styles, there’s no shortage of this type of footwear. And just because the footwear is a little fancier doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive – by comparing prices online you can find the best deals.

Comfortable hiking shoes for walks in nature

Comfortable walking shoes for walks in nature

A good pair of walking shoes will remind you to get out into the world and meet new people. Keep it handy and don’t let it collect dust.

Footwear for older women: beautiful winter boots and ankle boots.

Footwear for older women - beautiful winter boots and ankle boots

The beautiful winter boots are a must for the winter months. When it’s cold outside, ankle boots or knee-high boots are perfect.

Boots for older women - footwear trends winter 2022-23

Worn with jeans and a long coat, this is the cool look for women of all ages.

Attractive high heels should not be missing in your shoe wardrobe

Attractive high heels should not be missing in your shoe closet

Stunning high heels that remind you that you are still pretty are something you should definitely own. One of the biggest myths about getting older is that you don’t care about being attractive anymore. This is nonsense! While we don’t believe in the anti-aging messages that are being hurled at us from every direction, we still want to express our style and feel beautiful.

Every woman needs a special piece of clothing in her 60s. Whether you choose a fabulous black dress or jeans and a leather jacket, your look will be complete with your high heels. Why not choose something red? Tell the world that you are not someone else’s stereotype. You are a radiant, beautiful woman who is proud to be 60.

Shoes from 60: wedge heels spice up your look.

Shoes from 60 - wedge heels spice up your look

Wedge heels are good for special occasions or events like birthdays, going out to dinner, weddings and christenings. A pair of attractive but sensible wedge heels is perfect to complement an outfit for such occasions. You are never too old for such shoes, the best height is the one you are comfortable with.

You can also opt for platform shoes. Whatever your taste, we think that at least one pair of elegant shoes should be in every woman’s shoe closet. There are quite a few stores where you can shop. For a trendy winter look, pair your wedge heels or platform shoes with skinny jeans and an oversized shirt or sweater dress, or go for glam by wearing them with a classy dress and a leather jacket.