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Shoe trends for autumn 2022: white sneakers, platform shoes, boots and others wear and combine the ladies

Right now it may seem like summer will never end, but the cooler weather is coming. When the pedicure from summer vacation wears off, it’s almost time to start shopping for fall shoes. Fall 2022 is full of new shoe trends: buy retro sneakers, western boots and high platform shoes. You should invest in the footwear that will take your fall fashion to the next level. We’ve picked out the best footwear trends for fall 2022 for you. Keep scrolling and go shopping.

Fall 2022 shoe trends – get inspired

Ballerina shoes are making a comeback - combine them with jeans and a coat

Fall 2022 runways did not disappoint with fabulous footwear, as designers used accessories to enhance the looks. Shoes are the perfect way to balance soft and hard elements in the same outfit.

Shoe trends for the fall 2022 - western boots are hot

Wear your jeans and coat with ballerina shoes or pair your slip dress with rugged, worn boots to emphasize this contrast.

Every modern woman needs white sneakers: retro sneakers are best.

Fall dresses and white sneakers - good combination - shoe trends 2022

The difference between fashion sneakers and sport sneakers is almost non-existent. With fashion and sportswear manufacturers flocking together, we’re sure this season has a lot to offer sneaker fans. There are a few must-have fashion trends for fall 2022, and of course, white sneakers are one of them. They have become increasingly popular in recent years – both women and men wear them with everything they wear, because they are an incredibly versatile and comfortable footwear. Discover ideas on how to combine them.

White sneakers and suit

Shoe trends for autumn - new models

This is the ultimate expression for wearing sneakers. Those who work in the office know exactly how stylish and comfortable this combination is, that’s probably why they often reach for this type of clothing. To feel comfortable, combine your suit with white sneakers. It is also worth mentioning that it can be wise to buy white sneakers because they will add another contrast to dark suits. You don’t have to worry about looking too dapper or too bland because of this contrast: They are perfect.

White sneakers with fall dress

White retro sneakers with dress - latest fashion trends 2022

If you are an avid sneaker wearer and can’t bear to exchange them for uncomfortable shoes, you need to know how to wear sneakers with dresses. Fall dresses can already be seen in fashion stores, as they were a real hit last year and continue to be a comfortable trend for this season.

Coat and trench coats and retro sneakers.

Shoe trends for fall - white sneakers are fully in

The trend of camel, tan and khaki cardigans, coats and trench coats that are thick is still current for fall/winter 2022. If you choose a light color, you can wear this practical, comfortable garment all year round with white sneakers to contrast with your dark jeans or pants.

Western-inspired boots

Shoe trends for autumn 2022 - trendy fashion

Western boots are all the rage this fall, and they come in all sorts of colors and heel heights. Western boots can be worn with just about anything. They pair well with dresses if that suits your personal style, and of course they look great with jeans too.

Western-inspired boots and jeans with wide leg - new fashion for the season

They go especially well with flared pants, but you can also wear them with shortened or ankle-length flared pants, and also with straight-leg jeans.

Mary Jane shoes as one of the shoe trends for fall 2022.

This style of shoes is very popular by many designers - Mary Jane shoes are hot

This shoe style is very popular by many designers this season. On the runway you have seen different, jazzed up variations – Mary-Jane shoes with multiple straps, with a towering platform or a patent finish. The result is a shoe trend that honors the playful origins of the style, but is by no means playful.

Mary Jane shoes as one of the shoe trends for fall 2022

The fashion world has embraced this style, pairing it with prepared looks and quirky suits that are ideal for the transitional season. And the perfect reminder that a little playtime with a great pair of shoes is always a good move. You can finish off your fall look with chunky mary jane shoes only. You can add the perfect fall vibe to your skirts and mini dresses with girly socks or sheer tights.

Grunge fashion from the 90s

Grunge fashion from the 90s - modern shoes 2022

Spice up your fall looks with buckled boots reminiscent of 90s grunge fashion. Wear them with baggy jeans, dresses, skirts and expect more grunge trends to emerge as the weather gets colder.

Fall shoe trends – comfortable loafers or derby shoes.

Shoe trends for autumn - comfortable loafers or derby shoes

Remember that feeling you had as a kid when you went shopping for school? Even if you’ve long left that phase of your life behind, you can still indulge in nostalgia thanks to the return of school fashion. If you’re still unsure of the best way to embrace this trend, you should start by choosing your shoes. Of course, it must be said that polished shoes have been in the fashion world for some time now. Still, it’s not too late if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Just invest in a pair of loafers or derby shoes with unique details to make your style stand out from the crowd and earn some extra points.

Derby shoes - new fashion trends for women 2022