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Footwear trends 2022: flip-flops you can wear in the city or at the seaside with any outfit!

Еs time for a recurring pedicure, because the new fashionable sandal trends for summer 2022 have finally been identified. Sandals come in so many varieties that it’s hard to believe that every pair still fits into the “summer shoes” category. Today in this article, we’re looking at the popular flip-flops and showing you why they are namely one of the coolest shoe trends in 2022. This summer, there are flip-flops inspired by Y2K, those with sporty shapes among others. Among the Y2K-inspired sandals, there are a few standouts – the high platforms, straps and even wedges have made a comeback. While you don’t have to reinterpret all three styles, you will fall in love with at least one of them.

Shoe trends 2022: elevated flip-flops

Platform flip-flops are a must for the summer

As shoe guru Carrie Bradshaw once said, “When a door closes, a shoe box opens”. Еs time is now! Compared to other platform flip flops, platform flip flops are minimalist and have already made a name for themselves. Think about the past years when you wore platform sandals with low-slung jeans and low-cut tanks. You should recreate that again.

Fashion trends always make a comeback – platform sandals are another Y2K trend. The elevated style adds a fashionable touch to your summer outfit, so all you have to worry about is not twisting your ankle.

Neon colors are a must in summer

Flip flops in neon colors are trendy in summer 2022

Neon will take over your entire wardrobe this summer, including your shoes. Whether it’s sneakers, stilettos, thongs, or anything in between, an electric hue will spice up your look.

Shoe trends 2022: Square, fashionable toe separators.

Square fashionable toe separators

The classic, casual strappy sandals just got a much-needed redesign, as modern, square-toed versions are now hitting the market. They’re understated, but will enhance any look – from casual jeans to cocktail dresses .

Popular classic flip-flops for summer 2022.

Colorful flip-flops for your vacation by the sea

In recent years, flip-flops have been considered a beach-only shoe, but this season they have slipped into the mainstream. Flip-flops are now the low-key, cool summer shoe choice. You can pair them with wide-leg pants – cargo pants, linen pants or baggy jeans work well – or use a pair to contrast with a dressier dress.

As with most trends, there’s a minimalist and a maximalist version. A simple pair of black leather flip-flops will suit the minimalist, but if you’re looking for something fun, opt for a thicker pair of straps with a bright color or pattern.

Colorful, fashionable flip flops.

The colorful flip-flops are fully in - shoe trends 2022

Colorful toe separators are perfect for the maximalist type. You can find different color combinations. This is a design that exudes joy and optimism – with such cheerful flip-flops, it will be hard to be in a bad mood. Pair them with bright nail polish to complete the look.

Minimalist flip-flops: a must-have.

The classic Havaianas are casual and comfortable - fashion trends 2022

When talking about flip-flop trends, you can’t help but mention the classic Havaianas. These classic and comfortable toe separators come in a variety of colors.

Chic flip-flops as one of the shoe trends 2022

Platform sandals are a must-have in summer 2022

The model wins the first place when it comes to unique sandals that are also super comfortable. These flip-flops are very high, but the shape makes it almost feel like you’re wearing flats.

Comfortable and modern flip flops for summer 2022

Comfortable, cozy model

The cozy flip-flops are in trend

The padded flip-flops are more and more popular in the summer of 2022. The new modern models include the beautiful sandals from the early eighties, which are comfortable and casual. You will feel very comfortable at home and outside when you put on these toe separators.

Vinyl sandals are more than trendy

Shoe trends 2022 - the vinyl flip-flops

Vinyl shoes are the biggest trend in 2022, you should definitely buy see-through sandals!

The wedge heel is waiting for you

Elevated flip-flops as one of the latest shuh trends in 2022

If there’s one controversy surrounding a sandal trend, it’s the wedge heel. Slowly but surely, wedges are coming back into fashion. The wedge heel looks beautiful with a summer dress, great jeans or a breezy linen suit. For events where you have to stand and dance a lot, this style is another great alternative to classic heels.

Gladiator flip flops – what is it?

Gladiator flip flops are fashionable and go well with shorts or dresses

You’ve sorted the summer necklace and bought the rings, but what about your ankles? This season your lower legs will be flattered by sandals with pretty chains and trendy straps. You can follow the trend and quickly find gladiator flip flops on the internet because they are perfect with shorts, dresses and skirts.

Flip flops for special events

Shoe trends 2022 - the new flip flops with heels are very elegant

The combination of mini dress and heeled flip-flop shoes reminds every lady of the 90s. For example, with these flip-flops you can show up to a wedding because they look very classy and would match your elegant dress.

Gold it must be

Golden sandals go perfectly with your jeans

Golden sandals will reign supreme in 2022. The majestic metallic color is a versatile neutral shade that is anything but boring. It’s a perfect substitute for the predictable black or brown and pairs beautifully with many clothing styles: In truth, gold never gets old.