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Combining loafers: The fall 2022 shoe trend calls for the following looks

Every fashionista knows that a look is perfect only when it is complemented by the right pair of shoes. At the same time, it is the shoes that can give a completely different direction and feeling to one and the same outfit. For example, an autumn dress will look completely different if you combine it with elegant heels or a boot. In this article we will focus on one particular type of shoes – loafers. We have also selected a few looks for you to show what you can combine loafers with in autumn.

What are loafers and what models are available

What are loafers and what models are available

Loafers are shoes that are not laced or fastened, but simply slipped over the foot. That’s why they are sometimes called loafers. Usually they have a low heel or no heel at all. They are a style for men, women and children and can be casual or dress shoes.

What styles are available:

  • Penny Loafer: This style has a leather strap across the forefoot with a diamond-shaped slit large enough to hold a penny. They have been a popular shoe since the 1950s.
  • Tassel or Kiltie Loafers: this loafer has a decorative lace with tassels on the top.
  • Gucci loafer: Gucci introduced a loafer with a brass strap and produced it in black, which made it suitable for business attire.
  • Moc Loafers: they have covered stitching, reminiscent of traditional moccasins.
  • Apron Loafers: a piece of leather and lacing can be seen over the forefoot.
  • High-heeled Loafers: Loafers usually have flat or low heels, but women’s pumps with an upper that resemble traditional styles are sometimes called high-heeled loafers.

More elegant loafers with little or no detailing are also sometimes referred to as loafers.

Things to Know – The Difference Between Loafers and Moccasins: Loafers and moccasins are slip-on shoes that are very popular today. The main difference between loafers and moccasins are the heels. Loafers have a low heel or no heel at all, while moccasins have no heels. Also, loafers usually don’t have embellishments like lace or tassels, while some moccasins have decorative laces, tassels, and bold stitching lines. (Note: We have used the terms interchangeably in the appropriate places in the text).

Combining Loafers – Fall 2022 shoe trend calls for the following looks.

Classic loafers go perfectly with a trench coat

Combining loafers in fall with a trench coat: classic loafers go perfectly with a trench coat. When it comes to style combinations, this is simply a classic. Loafers are ideal for the autumn weather and a trench coat is the perfect coat to wear with it. It’s a smart casual combination that you can wear both to the office and on the weekend.

Pair loafers with a cropped pant: Whether it’s a cropped pant or a pair of jeans, you can perfectly showcase your loafers with a shorter hem. You can also pair them with skinny jeans or a skirt. You should show off your loafers as often as possible.

Combining loafers - The fall 2022 shoe trend calls for the following looks.

Combine loafers ladies – Style loafers with socks & tights: if you wear moccasins with shorts or skirts in fall, you can complement them with socks to look really chic. A pair of tights or a 90s style sock can be a fun way to make your loafers look more fashionable and not so much like office shoes.

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More fall outfit ideas with loafers

Loafers combine with a suit in the fall - This 9-5 look is everything!

Pair loafers with a suit in fall: this 9-5 look of a perfectly fitted suit with a straight cigarette leg is everything. It’s so flattering and pretty. Instead of pairing your suit with another high heel, add a pair of loafers. Such a professional combination that also looks stylish and edgy.

Combine black loafers - jeans and a blazer in camel hair color are the best fall look

Combine black loafers: Straight leg jeans and a blazer coat are the ultimate look for fall. The color camel is classic paired with black loafers, but you can also play around with prints and colors.

More fall outfit ideas with loafers - combine pumps loafers with a sweater dress

Wear loafer pumps with a sweater dress: for transitional fall, a sweater dress is perfect. And if the weather is a bit too chilly, just wear a pair of structured tights with it to complete the look.

These suede moccasins are insanely comfortable and chic

Suede loafers combine with a warm coat and scarf in fall: when it gets very cold, stock up on a long wool coat and a cozy scarf. This combination is perfect for the cool fall days. These suede loafers are insanely comfortable and chic.

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Loafers combine with baggy jeans? Yes, that’s possible too!

Hailey Bieber looks great in this combination of baggy jeans with black moccasins

How to wear loafers with baggy jeans? This is a question that has long plagued fashionistas. On the one hand, you have the loose-fitting silhouette of baggy jeans. On the other hand, you have the elegant line of a loafer. Which should you choose? As it turns out, the answer is both.

When you wear loafers with baggy jeans, you can create a look that is both stylish and comfortable. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when pairing these two pieces:

  • Choose a darker color for your jeans. This will create a more slimming look.
  • Opt for cropped or ankle length pants. Loafers can look clunky if you pair them with floor-length jeans.
  • Make your jeans slightly shorter to show off the shoes better. A little skin is always a good thing.
  • Keep the rest of your outfit simple. Let the shoes and jeans be the star of the show. If you take these guidelines to heart, you’ll be able to rock the look of loafers and baggy jeans in no time!

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