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Combining Birkenstocks: Here’s how to style your sandals to achieve a modern 2022 summer look!

Originally, Birkenstocks became popular in the late 1960s and 1970s. Although they gradually became less in demand in the 80s and early 90s, these sandals became a must-have trend towards the end of the twentieth century. Nowadays, Birkenstocks are back at the height of contemporary fashion. The classic sandals are comfortable, supportive, versatile and uniquely pretty. Some women go for the hippie look, while others wear Birkenstocks as part of a modern, casual look. You can create a wide range of cute and modern summer looks with these sandals: We’ll show you how to combine Birkenstocks!

Ladies Birkenstocks with shorts

Silver leather Birkenstocks are a must-have for all fashionistas in summer 2022

Style your outfit modern by following the Birkenstock trend. Try loose clothing like denim shorts or an oversized kimono with a colorful and vibrant pattern. Match it perfectly with leather Birkenstocks that will complete your 2022 summer look.

Combining Birkenstocks with shorts and kimono - new fashion trends 2022

It’s a good idea to pair these sandals with just one or two other pieces that give off a strong hippie vibe. Keep the rest of your outfit modern with used-look shorts or a fitted crop top to ensure a carefree and stylish finish and avoid your look from going overboard.

Birkenstocks with leather shorts and shirt - modern outfit for summer

You can pair your favorite summer shoes with elegant leather shorts for a complete weekend outfit. A collared shirt will complete the look.

Creating the perfect summer look - sandal trends 2022

Combine trendy Birkenstocks with sporty outfit

Combine Birkenstocks with leggings or sporty pants - fashion trends summer 2022

Pair a pair of sporty pants or leggings with a cool t-shirt and a classic pair of Birkenstocks. Keep the color palette black and white for a minimalist look that will make this outfit a winner.

Birkenstocks fashion trends 2022 - beautiful ideas

These looks are ideal for women who want to wear something sporty. People love the way track pants are paired with chunky sandals.

Birkenstocks at the office: why not?

Birkenstocks with pantsuit - trends and ideas for summer

Give a new twist to a pantsuit or a casual jacket and jeans combination and complete the look with a pair of Birkenstocks. The look is perfect for casual Fridays at the office.

Birkenstocks combine with pantsuit - the right outfit for the office

Ladies who like to look elegant and fashionable can wear loose pants with a contrasting blazer and your favorite shoes for work.

Modern Birkenstocks combine with beautiful dress

Accessories to Birkenstocks - current trends - tips

Show off the attractive character of a dress with a pair of Birkenstock sandals. This is a great outfit for a casual meeting with friends or a summer walk. Comfortable and modern, these sandals are easy to style on warm days.

Birkenstocks with dress - fashion trends summer 2022

Birkenstocks are very casual by nature. However, the character of sandals does not mean that you can only combine them with outfits that are already casual. You can also use them to spice up your attire. These classic summer shoes can turn an outfit that looks too formal or professional for a particular occasion into a more casual, but equally pretty, dress version in no time.

Styling women’s Birkenstock sandals – latest fashions

Birkenstock sandals style - combination with a casual jumpsuit for summer

Pair your Birkenstocks with a loose, summer jumpsuit to give your look a cute and carefree finish.

Combine Birkenstocks with skirt – trends and ideas.

Combining Birkenstock sandals with mini skirt - current summer trends

Have an attractive mini skirt that you want to spice up a bit? Birkenstocks are a great way to do just that.

Beautiful Birkenstocks with a maxi dress - perfect for the summer

You can also wear a flowing maxi skirt, under which Birkenstocks look, if you want to dress trendy and stylish.

Birkenstock fashion for the ladies – jeans as a must-have.

Style black leather Birkenstock sandals with jeans - beautiful summer outfits

Denim and Birkenstocks are two comfortable, timeless closet must-haves that go hand in hand. Choose classic jeans in a light wash with a used look.

Combine Birkenstocks with jeans - create summer look

Be careful when pairing your Birkenstocks with skinny jeans. Skinny jeans fit tight around the ankles and can make your feet look bigger and your ankles look thinner than they actually are when you pair them with wide, chunky sandals. If you want to pair your Birkenstock sandals with skinny jeans, make sure the jeans near the ankles have some texture or interesting pattern, such as a worn hem or a different wash.

Fashion trends summer 2022: the right accessories.

Sandals trends in summer - ideas

With the right accessories, you can better integrate Birkenstocks into your look so they don’t look tacky. Try structured accessories like embroidered bracelets, long beaded necklaces or a cool summer handbag. These boho accessories will give your look a subtle hippie finish that matches the design of the Birkenstocks without being too over the top.

For a stylish, trendy outfit, wear a tan hat with a large leather tote bag that matches your outfit.

For the bold women: Socks with Birkenstocks

For the brave ladies - combine Birkenstocks with socks

Socks and Birkenstocks are a classic combination that many women are afraid to try on their own. Wearing socks with sandals definitely gives your look a hippie look, but you can still look cute and modern. Pair your sandals with socks and a bright, loose-fitting summer dress for a feminine look. Give your outfit a flirty finish by choosing colorful socks.

Sandals and socks - fashion trends summer 2022