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Combine Ugg Boots: The options are numerous & unique, now expanded with Ugg with platform

With its distinctive footwear, heavenly slippers, cozy clothing and warming accessories, Ugg has established itself as a brand that many people know, love and covet. Even celebrities like to pair Ugg boots with different outfits, making the most of the brand’s surprisingly versatile, neutral designs. Sure, many still associate the iconic brown shoes with a simple pair of jeans and an oversized sweater, but who says you can’t wear Uggs with a dress? Or with a pair of tailored pants? To give you plenty of inspiration for Ugg boot outfits, we’ve put together some examples below.

What to combine Ugg boots with – Simple tips

What to combine Ugg boots with - Simple tips

  • Accessorize: complement your outfit with an eye-catching accessory when wearing your Uggs. For example, with a dainty necklace, large earrings or a colorful bandana. These will add a playful touch to your outfit.
  • Blazer: blazers are a fantastic addition to your boots for cold days. They are also very stylish.
  • Jeans: Both skinny and cropped jeans are a great option to wear with Uggs.
  • Skirts: Who says you can’t pair skirts with Ugg boots? Choose any type of skirt, from mini to medium, that matches the color of your boots.
  • Coats: since these are mostly worn in winter, you can wear a coat over your outfit. If you wear Ugg’s with it, it will look even more professional.

Are Ugg Boots Waterproof: While Ugg boots are water resistant, they are not completely waterproof and therefore should not be worn in the rain for extended periods of time. Light rain is fine if you’re just running a quick errand, but if it’s raining hard, you should wear waterproof boots.

Ugg boots combine with jeans

Gigi Hadid in a blazer with rhinestones combined with Ugg Boots

Plain, cliché – call it what you will, but jeans and Uggs go together like oversized sweaters and knee-high boots. The look is a classic pair, but don’t limit yourself to skinny jeans tucked into the boot. Mom jeans, boyfriend jeans, bootcut jeans and even flared jeans also go well with the brand’s signature boot.

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With leggings & leather

A pair of yoga-style leggings can complement the comfortable aesthetic of Uggs

Although jeans are a (too) obvious pair for Ugg shoes, don’t rule out leggings. A pair of yoga-style leggings can complement the comfortable aesthetic of Uggs.

Leather leggings go perfectly with Ugg shoes

Leather is an important part of almost everyone’s wardrobe. By the way, this also applies to Ugg shoes. Traditionally, it was mostly leather jackets and skirts, but in recent years, leather leggings, pants and shirts have also become a must-have. So why not wear this dynamic pair to a coffee or brunch? Or combine the outfit when you’re running errands. The best part about this look is that it doesn’t require much effort.

Ugg boots combine with a skirt & dress

Who says you can't combine skirts with Ugg Boots

For those who say that formal wear should only be worn with formal footwear, we would disagree. They can look upscale and be comfortable at the same time. The key to making this unconventional pairing look complementary is in the color scheme. As long as the boots match something you’re wearing, your aesthetic is fine.

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With a jogging suit

Almost as classic as jeans, sweatpants and Uggs are a timeless pair too

Almost as classic as jeans, sweatpants and Uggs are also a timeless pair. If you have an errand or two to run, make the look a little less casual by throwing on a trench coat or open coat and dark sunglasses to set your mood.

Wear Ugg shoes as a color accent

Ugg shoes can add a pop of color in the gloomy winter months

In case you didn’t know, Ugg shoes come not only in shades of brown, but also in bright versions that provide a much-needed pop of color during the gloomy winter months. But even a maroon pair can liven up a black, monochromatic outfit and make a statement.

Ugg boots are an ideal match for thick knits

What to combine Ugg boots with - they are ideal with thick knitwear

Ultimate style meets ultimate comfort and endless possibilities. Chunky knit is a trend that will always be with us and the ideal garment to pair your Ugg Boots with. The great thing about chunky knit is that it comes in all sorts of shapes, lengths, styles and sizes, which means endless style combinations. We can style shorter knits with jeans and Uggs, while longer and oversized knits would go perfectly with leggings and Ugg boots. You might even feel like wearing a cardigan or a knit dress! See, we told you that there are countless options and all of them would surely go perfectly with your classic Uggs.

Highlight of the 2022 season – Ugg with platform (Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform).

Highlight of the 2022 season - Ugg with platform (Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform).

Every year around this time, the inevitable happens: very stylish celebrities start wearing Ugg boots in a very chic way. One of the first to do so this year is Elsa Hosk, who last week at New York Fashion Week wore a new model that follows a major shoe trend of 2022: Platforms.

If you’re a fan of Ugg boots, you’re probably familiar with the Classic Ultra Mini Boots, which launched in 2020 and are still very popular. And now, two years later, the brand has reinvented the model with the new Ugg Classic Ultra Mini Platform. Considering that platforms are all the rage right now, this gives the popular model an even fresher touch. Hosk, a styling genius as always, combined her shoes with a long cardigan and a midi skirt, as well as a pair of white socks. And it works beautifully.