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Queen Elizabeth II launches dog perfume

Queen Elizabeth II is now into perfume – dog perfume, to be precise. Sounds a bit gaga, but seems completely serious. Where to buy the luxury fragrance for four-legged friends and what the royal spray actually smells like – Tikbow with all the info.

Have you ever thought about spraying your dog with perfume? Queen Elizabeth, who owns several corgis herself, obviously has. So the 95-year-old has now come up with a bizarre business idea: as The Sun reports1 According to reports, she has developed a fragrance for dogs with the fancy name Happy Hounds Dog Cologne together with the perfume manufacturer Norfolk Natural Living.

This is how the Queen’s dog perfume smells.

The luxury spray for the four-legged friends is supposed to smell like a fresh walk along the coast. What exactly does that mean? According to the British newspaper, the transparent spray bottle with the crown symbol printed on it contains a rich, musky fragrance with citrus notes of bergamot, which is also unisex and particularly long-lasting.

Queen Elizabeth on the beach
A walk with a corgi – this is exactly the feeling the Queen wants to have packaged in a fragrance bottle.Photo: Getty Images

Anyone who now wants to give their dog that certain royal touch must make a trip to the gift store of Sandringham Royal Estate. For 9.99 pounds – that’s the equivalent of around 12 euros – you can buy the noble drop there. In the Onlineshop the luxuriöse dog perfume of the Queen is not to be found so far.


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