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Problem zone chin! What can help with a “strawberry chin

If the skin on the chin already shows indentations and wrinkles from the age of 40, it could be a so-called “strawberry chin”. But what exactly is behind this term? Tikbow clarifies.

Although many women over 40 are affected, the term “strawberry chin” or “cobblestone chin” is largely unknown. This is a certain type of wrinkling in the mouth and chin area, which is known from children who press their lips tightly together when crying or as a defiant reaction. This strain on the chin muscle causes the characteristic reliefs to appear on the chin. Strawberry chin is therefore an optical skin change in the lower facial area, which can become visible at a certain age even when the facial muscles are relaxed.

Causes of a strawberry chin

Laughing, speaking, crying – the facial musculature is heavily stressed throughout our lives, and the mouth and chin area is particularly affected. While the strawberry chin is usually only visible for a short time in young people, decreasing fat deposits and dwindling elasticity with increasing age ensure that the uneven skin structure becomes visible even at rest. The reason: In older people, the skin becomes thinner, and fat deposits, collagen and moisture disappear, especially in the face. Due to the deviation from the formerly round chin shape, the skin then lies unusually close to the muscles, resulting in an uneven skin surface. In some cases, this problem can be further aggravated by inflammatory skin conditions.

Treatment methods that help with strawberry chin

Various forms of treatment are available to visually smooth out chin wrinkles. However, since this is an intervention that is not necessary from a medical point of view, but is purely cosmetic, the costs incurred are not covered by health insurance.

1. microneedling

This cosmetic treatment method is often used to make an uneven skin surface smooth and supple again. Microneedling is suitable as a treatment against acne as well as against wrinkles and unevenness. The beauty treatment with ultra-fine needles stimulates the skin to form new cells and produce collagen. With regular use, this stimulation ensures a long-term improvement in the skin’s appearance and a fine-pored, fresh-looking complexion, even in the chin area.

2. hyaluronic filler

In the case of a strawberry chin, fillers made of hyaluronic acid and collagen can provide softening and visually plump up the skin. In strawberry chin treatment, fillers are injected into the affected areas with filigree syringes so that the indentations are plumped up and the facial skin is smoothed. If the entire chin has lost volume, it can also be sculpted as a whole with hyaluronic acid and thus regain its original shape.

3. botox

Those who suffer from deep indentations in the chin area can also consider treatment with Botox. If such a cosmetic procedure is considered, a detailed consultation with a plastic surgeon is highly recommended. A cosmetic treatment with the nerve toxin Botox will paralyze the muscles in the treated area for several months. This visibly smoothes existing lines and wrinkles, while preventing the formation of new indentations. This effectively counteracts the typical irregular appearance of the strawberry chin.

Prevent and treat strawberry chin naturally

Generally speaking, as is often the case, a healthy lifestyle helps to counteract sagging skin in a natural way. In addition, consistent protection against UV radiation helps even at a young age. A healthy, plant-based diet with lots of vitamins and fiber is also important for a beautiful complexion, as is abstaining from alcohol and cigarettes.

Even after a cosmetic treatment, it is advisable to ask an expert for tips on further skin care. A moisturizing cream with a retinol content is often recommended in connection with a strawberry chin.