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Period underwear on test – 4 briefs in comparison

No desire to constantly change tampons and extra waste during the days? Period underwear wants to be the sustainable and comfortable answer to the feminine hygiene problem. How well does the principle of absorbent panties really work? Does everything stay tight, how does it feel to wear and is it worth it financially? Our author has tested four popular models from Selenacare, Femtis, Sisters Republic and The Female Company and reports here on her experiences.

Periods are annoying enough in themselves. But then it also brings the stress of feminine hygiene products month after month: you constantly have to buy new (and quite expensive) tampons or pads, then you can’t find a disposal option for them in many a toilet, and blood keeps ending up in your panties. Not to mention the unnecessary waste and the constant fear of toxic shock syndrome (TSS). Period panties are supposed to provide a remedy.

They work somewhat like a diaper, only for period blood and ideally look like normal pants. Depending on their capacity, they can replace several tampons a day, are reusable and, if well cared for, are said to last just as long as conventional underwear – sustainable and practical. Sounds almost too good to be true. But do the pants really stay dry all day despite consistent blood supply, do they last longer than one period, and what about odor? To find out, I tested four models ranging from cheap to expensive. And this much in advance: I have sworn off tampons since my experience with period underwear!

For comparability, I have picked out the suckstärksten models of each provider and also from the look ähnliche models geshoppt. In the end, four black period panties in classic fits made it into my underwear drawer. The price range: 18 to 40 euros.

Selenacare "Period Underwear Hipster"

Capacity: 25 ml – that corresponds to about 2 tampons.

Price: about 18 euros – the cheapest model in our comparison.

Look: The höschen comes in a low-waist hipster fit – not exactly revealing. Aside from a lace trim at the waistband, it’s kept plain black. The pad is verhältnismäßig dünn and therefore not visible even when worn.

Tragegefühl: The fit is not quite my thing. The Höschen sits unflattering on Hüfthöhe and cuts at the thighs uncomfortable. But you also have the feeling that everything sits securely, nothing slips and accordingly nothing can run next to it. It feels dry the whole day über and the pad I can also not notice.

Conclusion: After a few months of experience with period underwear, I can say: For light days, the Selenacare underwear is a good choice. It fulfills its purpose reliably, it has survived the first two washes well and it really does not stand out at all when worn – thanks to the thin pad. At the same time, I can imagine that it already comes to its limits with somewhat heavier bleeding. And you also have to make concessions in terms of comfort. But it has a very decisive advantage: It is available at Rossmann, Dm and Müller also in the store, unlike the other models, which can be shopped exclusively online.

4/5 stars – one star deduction for the lack of comfort.

Femtis "Period Slip Meja"

Capacity: 2.5 tampons

Price: approx. 29 euros

Look: The Femtis underwear also comes in a hipster cut. However, unlike the Selenacare model, it is not low-waisted, the briefs end somewhere at navel height, which I like much better. A semi-transparent mesh insert gives the whole thing a stylish look. And even with this model, the pad does not seem particularly thick, although I opted for the variant for strong days. Dressed, this period underwear again looks like a normal slip.

Tragegefel;hl: Unfortunately, the Femtis period underwäsche is, in my experience, anything but comfortable and cuts in the thighs extremely – even more so than the Selenacare model. But at least: Here, too, I don’t have to worry that a mishap could happen and blood could leak out – not even on really heavy period days. Plus, everything stays dry, doesn’t smell, and makes me feel safe.

Conclusion: The Femtis period pad is a solid companion for heavy days. Even with really heavy bleeding, I didn’t have the feeling that I had to use a tampon. This is despite the fact that the pad looks really thin and is not visible from the outside. The only downer here is also the comfort – gemütlich goes quite differently.

3.5/5 stars – one star deduction for the comfort problem and half a star for the worse price-performance ratio than the Selenacare model.

Sisters Republic "Slip Colette"

Capacity: 3 tampons

Price: approx. 35 euros

Look: The Sisters Republic briefs are cut low on hüfte – a little too low for my taste. What’s immediately noticeable: The padding is extremely thick. An impression that is also confirmed when worn. The whole thing is not unobtrusive, it looks a bit like wearing a diaper. Even the low waistline can’t really distract from that. But: With the right clothes on top, this is not noticeable.

Tragegefühl: From the Tragegefühl is the Sisters-Republic-Höschen top! It is comfortable, does not cut anywhere and everything stays dry. Thanks to the XXL pad, I have no worries that anything could go wrong, no matter how heavy my period is. Definitely the most comfortable panties in my comparison!

Verdict: If you leave the look out of it, the Sisters Republic period panties are great! They are comfortable and serve their purpose reliably. Trägt one the Höschen under other clothes, the diaper look is also not noticeable. In conjunction with a tight dress or skinny jeans, however, the whole thing could be noticeable. This is not tragic in itself, but does not necessarily have to be.

5/5 stars – full score because I can easily overlook the look flaw for the sake of comfort and function.

The Female Company "Period Panty Cotton Briefs"

Capacity: up to 40 ml or 3 tampons

Price: about 40 euros – the most expensive model in our comparison.

Look: By far the nicest panties in my test! The leg cut of the The Female Company panties is much larger than the others, which, together with the white insert at the waistband, looks sporty and also quite stylish. What makes me wonder, however, is that the pad does not extend beyond the buttocks, unlike the other models. However, this also ensures that the period underwear is indistinguishable from conventional briefs.

Wearing comfort: The wearing comfort of this period panties is also great. The höschen fits well and tight enough that you don’t have to worry about anything going astray, but doesn’t cut in. Everything feels dry, comfortable and well shielded – but only up to a certain level. I also tested the panties on a very heavy period day, just like the model from Sisters Republic, which also advertises three tampon capacity. In fact, my experience was that the Female Company period pad reached its limits much faster than the competitor model. In the evening, I had to help it along with a tampon.

Conclusion: For moderately heavy days this period underwear from The Female Company is my first choice! Look and fit convince all along the line and as long as the days are not too extreme, it also serves its purpose.

4.5/5 stars – half a star deduction because it was somewhat less reliable in direct comparison with the Sisters Republic model. But that was only on very strong days.

My experience with period underwear

After my test, one thing is clear: I don’t want to do without my period underwear. It is so pleasant not to have to constantly think about when to change the tampon again. And also for my conscience (keyword: sustainability) the panties are the better choice for me. Of course, the price for the purchase hurts – After all, the panties are not cheap and it is not done with just one. But for me it was definitely an investment that pays off every month.