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Overcolor gray hair – tips to follow

When the hair loses color with age, many women wish to cover the gray. However, those who want to overcolor gray hair should keep a few things in mind. We have asked the best tips from a hairdresser.

Strähnchen, approach or completely – what is the best way to überfben gray hair?

While some women have their hair dyed gray or silver by professionals in order to wear the trendy granny look, others prefer to conceal their naturally graying hair. But do you need a complete dye job or are a few strands at the roots enough? If you are completely gray and don’t want any more gray hair, you should have it completely colored once and then touch up the roots at regular intervals. Strands can also cover the gray. They look more natural and grow out softer, but there are still a few gray hairs visible", explains Giulia Hiller, master hairdresser in Ulm. Especially if it is still isolated gray hairs, Strähnen are a good middle ground. The best example is Gwyneth Paltrow. The Oscar winner wears her hair blonde. Thus, a few gray hairs remain visible, but hardly noticeable.

Gray hair überfärben with Tönung or Färbung?

If you want to change the color of your hair, the question often arises: Is it enough to use a dye that will slowly fade instead of a permanent color? For gray hair, the expert knows the answer: "A normal tönung covers gray hair poorly. There are so-called intensive tints that are better in this case. But if you want to be sure, you should have your hair dyed;

What color can be used to conceal gray hair?

The lighter the color, the less noticeable it is when the roots turn gray, says hairdresser Hiller. The ultimate color for covering gray hair, however, does not exist. The best thing to do is to go to a trusted hair salon, where you can see the color catalog and get advice. There the colors have a good quality and are freshly touched up. Some salons work with vegetable and biological colors, which are particularly gentle.

Even stars like Eva Longoria überfärben their gray hair – and sometimes even the base peeks out

How do I care for the hair properly after coloring?

The chemicals in colorants irritate the scalp and stress the hair. Blondings are particularly aggressive. All the more important is appropriate care. For colored hair, there are special shampoos that contain color protection. The master hairdresser also advises: "Apply conditioner after every hair wash. This not only moisturizes, but also protects the color from external influences, so that it fades less frequently. Every four to five shampoos I recommend an intensive treatment that strengthens the hair from the inside;

Gray hair überfärben: Caution is advised here!

Gray hair takes color quickly. "If you have a dark natural hair color with a few gray strands and want to become lighter, it can happen, for example, that the graying hair becomes lighter than the rest", explains Giulia Hiller. For the most uniform result possible, it’s better not to do the coloring yourself, but to entrust your hair to a professional.


– with expert advice from Giulia Hiller, master hairdresser in Ulm (Instagram: @hairbygiuli).