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Our favorite eyebrow products from pencil to powder

Some want a look that is as natural as possible, others love it accurately trimmed and darkly drawn – there is hardly a beauty topic that divides minds as much as eyebrows. But no matter which style you choose, you’ll find the right product for every need in the end. Here we reveal our personal favorites.

"Eye Brow Stylist" by Catrice

Recommended by Melanie, Editor FITBOOK
I like to use the "Eye Brow Stylist" from Catrice (about 3 euros). Generally, I prefer an eyebrow pencil againstüber powder, because I find the application simply easier. As for the eyebrows, it should go quickly with me. With the pencil, small gaps can be filled in the blink of an eye, then a little bit with the brow pencil in shape bring et voilà – ready is the naturally aufgefürte brow. For me the best product for my eyebrows!

Benefit "Brow Zings"-Palette

Recommended by Lisa, Product & Business Manager TRAVELBOOK
I have been using the Benefit "Brow Zings"palette (approx. 35 euros) for years. Meanwhile, I have even purchased the Pro version as an upgrade, which comes with an even larger color palette. The whole thing is not exactly cheap, but the palette is very productive and lasts at least one, if not two years, even with daily use. Small tip: Even with very dark eyebrows I recommend the light / medium palette, because even in the light variant are very dark colors and in combination with the lighter you can für a very natural color play provide.

Define & Fill Cosy Brush Eyebrow Pen" by Rival de Loop

Recommended by Anna-Lena, Editor Tikbow
Augenbrauen nachziehen im klassischen Sinne habe ich aufgegeben. Mittlerweile gele ich mir die Härchen nur noch straight nach oben und fülle dann ganz punktuell Lücken mit dem Define & Fill Cosy Brush Eyebrow Pen" by Rival de Loop (ca. 2 Euro) auf. Das funktioniert mit dem Stift besonders gut, weil die Mine verhältnismäßig weich ist und viel Farbe abgibt. Allerdings sollte man den Pen auch wirklich nur fürs punktuelle Auffüllen verwenden, ansonsten wird der Look schnell zu krass. Für meine Zwecke eignet sich der Augenbrauenstift aber perfekt und auch die rotbraune Nuance harmoniert bestens mit meiner Augenbrauen- und Haarfarbe.

"Pro Tip Brow Liner" by Artdeco

Recommended by Daniela, Editorial Director Tikbow
I use the liquid "Pro Tip Brow Liner" from Artdeco (about 13 euros), because it has a felt tip in comb shape. Thus, not only the application succeeds quite easy, the eyebrow härchen are also gekämmt at the same time. It is also smudge-proof and waterproof.

"Goof Proof Brow Pencil" by Benefit

Recommended by Sabrina, Product & Business Manager Tikbow
Leider bin ich nicht von Natur aus mit voluminösen Augenbrauen à la Cara Delevingne gesegnet. Um ein wenig nachzuhelfen, nutze ich den "Goof Proof Brow Pencil" by Benefit (ca. 27 Euro). Die Farben wirken sehr natürlich und das Auftragen geht schnell und unkompliziert. Pluspunkt: Der Stift beinhaltet eine kleine Bürste, die die Härchen im Anschluss schön in Form bringt.

Eye Brows Styler" from Mac

Recommended by Anna, editor
For eyebrows, the rule for me is: less is more. I want a natural look, dark bars above the eyes are a horror to me. Hängen remained I with the "Eye Brows Styler" of Mac (approx. 17 euro) in the color "Brunette". He has a fine mine to turn out, which gives only very soft color. With it, small gaps in the eyebrows can be discreetly filled with small strokes. And on top of that, the whole thing is also waterproof.

Eyebrow Kit from Syoss

Recommended by Angelika, editor
Normally I have me before a vacation the eyebrows always at the hairdresser färben let. But because of Corona last year I had no desire to do so and have been looking for a product to do it yourself at home. Thus I came across the "Eyebrow Kit" from Syoss (about 7 euros). The color is applied directly in the package and applied, really super easy. The result is just as good as with the hairdresser, but costs much less, because a package hält for up to 10 applications. Since then, I only do my own eyebrows at home.