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Nixie Cut: a great trend hairstyle for spring 2022 that will make you look simply amazing

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Spring heralds a new beginning and brings with it a slew of brand new hairstyle trends to look forward to. This time around, it’s all about ’90s-inspired strands, air-dried textures and fringe – and lots of it. The nixie is the hottest hairstyle trend for short hair in spring 2022 – taking over from the pixie. Stay up to date with the new trend hairstyles for spring by learning more about what exactly the nixie cut is and how you should wear it here. We’ll tell you the most important things.

Nixie Cut – the “Nearly Pixie” Cut

Nixie Cut fits perfectly with different hair textures

The Pixie haircut was reinvented in 2022. While the super-short Pixie hairstyle is still very popular, there are already rumors about the Bixie and the Nixie Cut as well. To put it simply, we are talking about a short layered hairstyle that is slightly longer than the traditional short haircut – somewhere between a Pixie and a short bob . That’s where the word Nixie comes from, which means “Almost a Pixie” (“Nearly Pixie”). The haircut looks like a Pixie, but it is only a similar cut, not the same.

Cool short haircut with soft steps

The gentle stages of the romantic Nixie Cut.

Bangs are a must with this hairstyle trend

The Nixie cut is the cool short haircut for spring 2022, transforming a great classic like the Pixie hairstyle. This is a reinterpretation that transforms short hair and the main feature of the cut is namely its softness: the steps round out the haircut. The androgynous Pixie looks cool with its typical step contrasts, in contrast, the Nixie is more feminine because of its steps. Also the fringe , which should be fringed, makes this trend so popular. It is an essential element for the nixie haircut, which is worn long to frame and emphasize the face. The nixie is a perfect idea, especially for those who are not ready for the bold hairstyles of spring 2022.

Perfect alternative to the bob - the nixie cut

However, the nixie cut is, above all, a perfect alternative to the bob. It’s a short cut that looks harmonious thanks to the mini lengths on the sides and the nape of the neck. In fact, most of the volume is concentrated on the top of the head. The nape of the neck and the sides should not be shaved completely short, but allowed to grow a little longer.

Spring short haircut - 90s hairstyles

The hairstyle is a beautiful revival of the older trends. The perfect proportions of this spring short haircut revive the 90s hairstyles of Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Meg Ryan and Cameron Diaz. And there’s no need to shave. After all, it is an “almost-pixie” or rather a nixie.

How do you wear the Nixie Cut?

Nixie cut you can wear naturally or elegantly

On the surface, the Nixie Haircut looks like a short haircut with full regrowth. An unusual length that makes the cut naturally wild and a bit disheveled, mainly thanks to its gentle steps. Although the Nixie Haircut is an “almost-pixie”, it doesn’t give up the main features of the cut from which it was inspired.

Nixie Cut - hairstyle trends spring 2022

The short haircut, enriched with different layers, is ideal for both straight and curly hair. The difference here, of course, lies in the styling. The Nixie Haircut knows no half measures when it comes to styling. Short hairstyles are elaborate when you have to style them. However, the Nixie is rather easy to maintain and is suitable for different hair textures, whether straight or wavy – this trendy hairstyle can make all women happy.

How to

For example, if you have wavy hair, it is enough to use a texturizing spray or hairspray to create a wild, tousled effect. However, if you have straight hair, you don’t need to worry about your hairstyle at all. For example, you can create a shiny, wet effect with just a bit of hairspray to easily enhance your haircut. Fine hair will look fuller this way. So that you can add more texture to your straight hair, simply work a texturizing spray into the damp strands. Still two means can provide more grip: the dry shampoo and the volume powder.

Style Nixie Cut correctly

Of course, if you want, you can also use a curling iron to style your nixie haircut. But the best thing about this hairstyle is that you almost don’t have to do anything to get a beautiful styling. You don’t even have to blow dry your hair after washing it. You can go to sleep with wet hair, this will make the cut look wild and disheveled the next day. This beauty trend can be worn naturally, but also elegantly: you can simply comb your hair back, giving your hairstyle a stylish look. An alternative is to style your nixie cut so that it lies against your head.

Will a nixie hairstyle suit you?

Nixie haircut is the

As mentioned earlier, wavy textures suit this wild haircut. However, they are not the only ones suitable for it – so is the straight hair. More volume and fullness are the special things that many women want to conjure up in their hair, especially the ladies with straight hair. That is why the nixie hairstyle is suitable mainly for all women who have thinner hair. With the help of the cut, you can get a lot of fullness because the top hair is long and the sides, on the contrary, are short. Nixie haircut is a cool hairstyle trend because it can beautifully emphasize any face shape and look great on many different ladies.