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Winter Nails 2022/23: The top nail trends that will rule this season

Winter Nails 2022/23! A new set of nail ideas for winter is here to help you stay on trend. The best winter nail designs this year include more than just dark colors and festive designs. Instead, you can look forward to unconventional shapes, atypical polish colors, and lots of glitter in your Instagram feed and on your fingertips in the coming months.

Trendy ideas for winter nails 2022/23

Trendy nail design for winter 2022-23

This year, nails are more fun than ever. And everything is about maximum fun with minimum effort. Of course, there are the gorgeous deep green and dark red nail polishes that are always considered the best winter nail colors. But there are also many unexpected winter manicures.

Chrome nails are also in vogue this season

Chrome nails are very trendy this season

If there is one nail trend that all experts love, it is chrome nails. Chrome nails are going to be everywhere this season, even in different, much more radiant shades than monochromatic nails. Be it a frosty silver shade or using a chrome nail pencil to add a reflective shine to any shade.

Winter Nails 2022/23: Organic Shapes.

Blue and glitter bring a good mood in the winter months

The seventies have struck again. The trick is to keep the color palette in neutral tones to create a pattern that works all season long. Rich coffee and creamy caramel are two warm tones that have become must-haves for winter. These colors are great for a winter manicure, as they can be worn alone or with ornate patterns. But if that’s not frosty enough for you, you can just stick to typical winter colors.

Winter Nails 2022-23 - smooth shapes in nude colors

The pop art nail trend

Look modern with this trendy pop art design

Taking inspiration from comic book art, the pop art nail trend is a unique approach to 3D nails and has already started to catch on this year, and according to nail artists, there’s no sign of it stopping. This nail design is versatile, not only in nail polish colors, but also in nail shapes.

Heavy texture is a trendy nail design for this winter

Nail design with heavy textures will be in demand in winter

Manicure styles are becoming more and more complex and the trend of textured nails proves that. Nail art lovers are expected to have a lot of fun playing with textures this season. Go all out with micro glitter or other embellishments, but a simple matte polish is one way to change the look and feel of your everyday manicure. A matte base with either sparkly or subtle 3D accents makes for a double eye-catcher.

Winter Nails 2022/23: Velvet Nails.

The delicate velvet nails are very fashionable lately

They’ve been booming lately, but sugar-like, ultra-reflective glitter-sometimes called velvet nails-will take over Winter 2022/23. The icy, futuristic vibes are in.

Minimalist applications on the nails

Minimalist nail design for winter wear

Subtle stones, studs and other applied details are ubiquitous this winter. Think dainty and minimalist applications – sometimes less is more.

Classic nail design in black and white

Winter Nails 2022-23 - Classic combination in black and white

Few contrasts are as effortlessly chic as black and white. This fashionable color combination, whether in the form of whimsical swirls or a streamlined design, will dominate nail art this winter.

3D nail art for the winter season

3D nail art is a modern option for winter 2022-23

Stars like Dua Lipa and Megan Thee Stallion have adorned themselves with 3D nail art manicures this year and this trend will continue to spread outside of celebrities. The nail design brings nail art to life as it adds dimension and texture, and the Christmas red and gold colors are always the right choice for the winter season. To recreate the look at home, you’ll need a buildable gel that must be cured with an LED or UV nail lamp.

Winter Nails 2022/23: Airbrush Nail Design

Winter Nails 2022-23 - Airbrush Nail Design

Airbrush art used to be very popular and now it’s on the rise again. The style that was popular in the early 2000s is now reviving and consequently people are flocking to salons asking for this style.

Leopard nails are in for this season

The leopard nails are trendy for this season

If you want to show your wild side, what better way than a leopard print manicure? This animal print has been a staple in the fashion world for decades because it makes a statement, but at the same time is very easy to wear and combine with other colors. For a more subdued and complementary option, you can pair the print with brown nail polish. The warm tones make for a wonderful winter manicure that is also fun and unique. Experiment with the placement of the leopard pattern. For example, decide to apply it only on the tips, play with negative spacing or choose only one printed nail and paint the rest in one color.

Nail design for the cold months with black lines

Classic and elegant manicure with black lines for winter months

Black is a bold color that attracts attention. It is also associated with strength and sophistication and is the perfect choice for those who want edgy and cool nail art. There are many different ways to try this color, from choosing a solid color polish on each nail to a gothic chic approach. If you like it more subtle, you can also apply black lines. Instead of opting for the classic French manicure, you can get creative by swapping out the white polish for black. This design is best for longer nails, as you have more space. Combine the black tips with a clear or nude shade to avoid distracting from the tips – they should be the focal point of your manicure.