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What nail polish color from 60: how to choose the right one and avoid the “old hands” look?

With the best nail polish color from 60, your worries will be long gone. Yes, effective cuticle oils and luxurious hand creams can preserve the youthfulness of mature hands, but with the right nail polish colors, your task becomes easier to manage. No, you don’t have to spend your money on expensive manicures. A simple nail care at home is more than enough if you have chosen a suitable color. To make it easier for you, we have listed the best nail polishes that are essential for mature hands.

Proper nail care comes first

Regular nail care is important from 60

Before you choose the nail color, you should also take proper care of your nails. Studies have shown that biotin, also known as vitamin B, can help treat and prepare brittle nails. Good sources of biotin include foods such as brewer’s yeast, green peas, oats, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, bulgur and brown rice. Talk to your doctor before taking biotin or any other supplement.

Proper manicure is also important for healthy hands and nails. Never cut the cuticles as this can lead to infection. You can push the cuticles back with a hoof stick as long as you are careful when doing so.

If you do your nails yourself, you should get nail nippers that have rounded cutting jaws that follow the natural curvature of the nails. You can find them in drugstores and cosmetic stores.

The ingredients in some nail polishes and nail polish removers can dry out your nails. We recommend using a nail polish that is free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. We also recommend using a nail polish remover that does not contain alcohol.

To moisturize your fingernails, we recommend using a cuticle cream, petrolatum or vitamin E oil. Apply the cream to the entire nail, including the cuticle, and rub it in gently.

What nail polish color makes mature hands 60+ look younger?

What nail polish color should women over 60 choose

You probably take proper care of your hands to make them look youthful and anything but wrinkled and unsightly. While that’s great, your manicure might be ruining that for you. Shocking, isn’t it?

Just like certain lip colors can make your face look a few years younger, nail polish shades have the same effect on your hands. That’s why it’s important to ditch the no-go nail colors and stock up on shades that will actually make your hands look stunning. Below, we present you some nail polish colors that have a youthful appeal and make your hands look beautiful and absolutely stunning.

Nude nail color: Reliable neutrals.

The nude colors are delicate and great for mature hands

A nude polish has an anti-aging effect, and every woman should have such a color that suits her. Nude, baby pink and white make short fingers look longer.

If you have fair skin, choose shades of white, champagne, nude or sand. If you have darker skin tone, choose cocoa, cappuccino, taupe or coffee shades. Chocolate and taupe shades are youthful and trendy, but be careful with dark browns as they can be very harsh and inappropriate.

The youthful shades of pink

The pink shades refresh the look and are great for mature hands

There is a pink for every outfit and occasion. If your hands are not your favorite feature, choose bright pink shades. They draw attention to the nails rather than the fingers. For longer or slimmer fingers, we recommend light and delicate shades of pink.

Bright pink is great for mature hands, because as soon as you wear it, you will immediately notice that your hands are striking, fun and sophisticated. This color is also wonderful as a nail polish for short nails.

What nail polish color from 60? Shimmering shades

Shimmering nail polish shades make women's hands look younger

Rose gold is timeless and ideal for mature hands because it is glamorous and looks beautiful with any jewelry. It glows on the skin and makes the hands look regal and classy.

A classic and elegant shade of red

What nail polish color from 60 - the classic red is a must

If you think that red is taboo as soon as you get wrinkles on your hands, you are wrong. Red is the most youthful color to add to your arsenal. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Reach for orange reds and true tomato reds to make your hands look vibrant and young.
  • Opt for shades that are orange-based rather than blue-based. To see this, put the bottles together – you will see it immediately.

Orange nail polish color for women 60+.

What nail polish color from 60 - warm orange for younger and more beautiful hands

Painting your nails with warm and bright shades is a sure way to make your hands look younger and more beautiful. Deep orange with a hint of brown is one such shade that looks cool and hip.

Of course, it adds vibrancy and a sense of glamour to your look. Keep your nails short and paint them with this chic color.

Be careful with blue

The blue nail polish color emphasizes the veins on mature hands

The older you get, the more likely it is that your skin will show your bluish veins. It’s best to avoid pale or cool tones like blues and greens or blue-green reds and plums. These will accentuate the visible veins.

French nails are always the right choice

Which nail polish color from 60 - French nails are always in trend

If you have always loved the look of a French manicure, you can continue to enjoy this look. It is suitable for everyone. You can experiment with all sorts of colors for a French manicure.