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Velvet nails are the fall 2022 nail trend that we will see everywhere! Here are the most beautiful nail designs!

We as women love a pretty and chic manicure. After all, our hands are our business card and an elegant nail design perfectly completes our outfits. Deconstructed French nails, rich shades, minimalist nail art for short nails, etc. – this fall there is definitely no shortage of nail trends that we would love to try right away. However, the fashion world never ceases to surprise us and in the last few days a brand new look has caught our attention. Velvet is a must-have for all fashionistas in the cooler season and the classy fabric is now serving as an inspiration for nail designs as well. Velvet nails are THE nail trend for fall 2022 and to say we’re a bit obsessed would be a gross understatement. Ready to take your standard mani to the next level? Then get inspired by these gorgeous nail designs and call the nail salon today!

What are Velvet Nails as a nail trend 2022?

short nails nail design pictures Velvet Nails do it yourself

When it gets colder and darker outside, we immediately want to wrap ourselves in cozy fabrics and clothes. From dresses, sweaters, pants to sofas, velvet is currently taking over the fashion world and can be seen everywhere. And now, the soft and luxurious fabric is making its way into the beauty scene in the form of Velvet Nails. Velvet nails are the latest nail trend to land on our radar and we can’t get enough of them.

Nail polish colors fall 2022 Velvet Nails nail trend

What makes Velvet Nails stand out is the shimmery, slightly metallic look that looks like velvet in direct sunlight. The mix of metallic and glitter effects creates the illusion of texture and transforms our fingernails into real eye-catchers. Whether in soft nude colors, pastel shades, dark red, for long nails or as a nail design for angular nails – Velvet Nails simply always go and even looking at them we can already feel the fluffy texture.

Make Velvet Nails yourself: It’s so easy!

Velvet nails nail trend fall 2022 purple nail design for short nails

Some nail trends actually look much more complicated than they actually are and that’s exactly the case with Velvet Nails. Unlike other nail designs, you don’t need an appointment at the nail salon to get the silky, velvety look. To make the nail design really pop, it’s best to use shellac or gel polish and work with a UV lamp. But enough talking – make your fingernails shine and learn how to make Velvet Nails yourself here.

Materials needed:

  • Base and top coat
  • Matte nail polish in a color of your pale
  • Glitter polish in the same shade or alternatively effect powder with glitter
  • UV lamp

Blue Nails Nail Design Pictures Velvet Nails Trend Fall 2022

Make Velvet Nails yourself:

  • First file the nails into the desired shape and remove the cuticles.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry under the UV lamp.
  • Next, paint the fingernails with the nail polish and let it dry. It is best to apply 2 layers.
  • And now you have two options to choose from – you can either use a glitter polish or an effect powder with glitter. Before applying the powder, you should remove the sweating layer. With nail polish, on the other hand, first let the color layer underneath cure completely under the UV lamp.
  • Finally, seal with a thin layer of top coat and you’re done – it’s so easy to make Velvet Nails yourself.

Velvet French nails for an elegant look

French nails trends fall 2022 nail design for short nails

Whether classic in white, colored, matte or as Deconstructed French Nails – the French manicure is a timeless classic that will probably never go out of fashion. In keeping with the new season, there is a new variant that is in the spotlight. Super simple, elegant and really classy – Velvet French Nails are on trend and make for a stylish and welcome change. The shimmering velvet look is a real eye-catcher and with the reflective nuances you can quietly do without jewelry! The nail design looks most beautiful in lighter colors, such as pink, light green or champagne.

The nail design for short nails

Velvet Nails nail trend autumn nails ideas for short nails

Why do we love velvet nails so much? The nail trend looks irresistibly chic on both long and short nails! The velvety finish is particularly beautiful in combination with romantic pink tones and puts you in a good mood during the gloomy autumn weather.

Velvet nails in dark green for autumn

Velvet Nails nail trend autumn 2022 nail polish colors winter

Would you like a little more drama? Then opt for Velvet Nails in rich dark green. Or why not combine several shades at once? Due to the color play, the velvety effect in the sunlight changes in an indescribable, almost magical way. As you have already seen, no additional adornments or decorations are necessary – velvet nails are already a real eye-catcher in themselves and therefore it is recommended to keep the nail design simple.

Velvet Nails: This is how beautiful the nail trend looks!

Velvet nails do it yourself nail design for short nails fall nail trends

Velvet French nails radiate a unique elegance

French Nails Trends 2022 Velvet Nails Nail Trend Autumn

The velvety finish also looks great with darker nail polish colors

gray nails pictures Velvet Nails nail trend 2022

Or why not use Velvet Nails as inspiration for Halloween nails?

Halloween nail design long nails Velvet Nails nail trend German

Velvet nails in pastel colors are perfect for fall

Nail design short nails pictures Velvet Nails nail trend autumn 2022

The nail trend also works as a nail design for short nails

Nail design for square nails short Velvet French Nails trend 2022

The shimmering effect literally makes your fingernails glow

Velvet Nails Nail Trend 2022 French Nails Trends Fall Winter