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Toenail polish ideas: Great patterns and tutorials for the perfect summer pedicure!

Summer is in full swing and with it the season of pretty sandals, short shorts and airy dresses. As women, we always want to look flawless from head to toe and to achieve this, a pretty pedicure is of course a must! While there are numerous nail designs for our fingernails, our hands shouldn’t have all the fun. So, the hot season is the perfect time to spruce up our feet with all the gorgeous patterns and decorations. While it’s a great feeling to leave the nail salon with freshly painted toenails, sometimes we just don’t have time or feel like it. Wouldn’t it be more fun to experiment a little and save our wallet in the process? Would you like to paint your toenails and need some ideas? Then you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve put together a lot of great tutorials that even beginners can rock!

Paint fingernails tutorial: Color Block Nails

Fußnägel lackieren Anleitung Sommer Pediküre Muster Anfänger

Simple nail design for toenails sounds rather like an oxymoron to you? Well think again! Color block nails are all the rage right now and are as simple as it gets. It’s the ultimate look for all beginners who want to paint beautiful toenails! Here’s how to do it:

Materials needed:

  • Toe nails
  • Base and top coat
  • A green and pink nail polish or two other contrasting colors of your choice

Painting toenails for beginners:

  • First, file your toenails and prepare them for the pedicure (tips for the perfect pedicure can be found just below).
  • Optionally, use a toe separator for more comfort.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let dry completely.
  • Paint the toenails with the green nail polish and apply two coats if needed. Allow to dry.
  • Then paint half of the toenails pink and let dry completely.
  • Finally, apply a thin layer of top coat and your summer pedicure is ready!

Simple nail design for beginners: Bright swirl pattern

Fußnägel lackieren Anleitung für Anfänger Pediküre Farben Sommer 2021

You want to paint your toenails for the summer and want a simple yet cool nail design? For example, how about a fine filigree swirl design that can be done in less than 10 minutes?

Materials needed:

  • Base and top coat
  • Toe separators (optional, but recommended)
  • Dotting tool
  • Orange and yellow nail polish or other contrasting colors of your choice

Painting toenails – Instructions:

  • First apply a thin layer of base coat and let it dry.
  • Now paint the toenails with the yellow nail polish and apply two coats if needed.
  • Dip the dotting tool into the orange nail polish and decorate the toenails with any swirling pattern of dots. Allow to dry completely.
  • Seal the pedicure with a thin layer of top coat and you’re done – it’s that quick!

Painting toenails – ideas: Simple stripe pattern for summer

Streifen Nageldesign Ideen Fußnägel lackieren Muster

Bright colors, glitter and striped patterns – this nail design for toenails is simply made for summer. Using thin adhesive strips, you can divide your nails into different areas and decorate them with any abstract shapes or striped patterns. Moreover, it is super easy and fast – the strips are glued on the nail and painted over with the desired nail polish color. And here comes the tutorial on how to paint toenails for beginners.

Materials needed:

  • Base and top coat
  • Yellow, white and black nail polish
  • Glitter nail polish
  • Adhesive tape


  • Apply base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint the toenails as shown in the photo above and let dry completely.
  • Stick the glue strips on top and paint over them.
  • After the paint has dried, remove the adhesive strips and apply Top Coat.

Zebra nail design toenails make yourself

Fußnägel lackieren Ideen für Anfänger Zebra Nageldesign Anleitung

Animal print nails are one of the most popular nail trends this year and look just as phenomenal on the feet as they do on the hands. A zebra nail design looks super cute and definitely stands out. The only stipulation? To keep the pedicure from getting too kitschy, avoid going for a total look! Instead, go for an accent nail instead and paint the other toenails in a subtle pastel pink.

Materials needed:

  • Base and top coat
  • Nail polishes in white, black and pastel pink.
  • Thin brush or a French pen (felt stfit filled with nail polish).

Toenails paint instructions:

  • Apply base coat and let it dry.
  • Paint the big toe in white and the rest of the toenails in pastel pink.
  • After the white nail polish has dried, apply the zebra stripes.
  • To do this, dip the brush into the black nail polish or use the French pen to apply the stripes, starting on the side of the nail and alternating toward the center of the nail.
  • Depending on your preference, individual lines can run completely over the entire nail.
  • Allow to dry completely and apply top coat.

Delicate daisies for the perfect summer pedicure

Blumen Nageldesign selber machen Fußnägel lackieren Ideen

Filigree flower motifs are too elaborate for you? Well, the following tutorial is actually super easy, quick and best suited for all beginners! And this is how you can paint beautiful toenails:

Materials needed:

  • Base and top coat
  • Nail polishes in orange, white, black and glitter.
  • A large and a small dotting tool.


  • As always, we start with a thin layer of base coat.
  • Next, paint the toes as in the photo above.
  • And now the fun begins! Using the large dotting tool on the thumb, paint 5 large white dots, creating a flower.
  • To enlarge the dots and form the daisy, slowly move the dotting tool in a circular motion.
  • Let dry completely and make a small dot in the center of the flower with the orange nail polish.
  • Let dry again and seal the pedicure with top coat.

Polka dots in neon colors for the summer

Neon Nageldesign Ideen schöne Fußnägel lackieren Tipps

If you have two left hands and want to paint short toenails, we have the perfect solution for you! There is hardly anything easier than the good old polka dots! Bright neon colors are simply part of summer and are best suited to make your pedicure a real eye-catcher! All you need for this fun look are two bright neon nail polishes, top and base coats and a dotting tool. Just paint your toenails, apply the polka dots in any shape and order and you’re done!

Paint toenails with glitter

weiße Fußnägel lackieren Ideen Sommer Pediküre Anleitung

Want to add some bling and glamour to your pedicure? Then you should paint your toenails with glitter! Slightly shimmery nail polishes are probably the easiest way to spice up even the plainest nail design! For example, how about painting a small crescent moon on your thumb like in the picture above? Combined with a soft nude nail polish, you’ll get a super sophisticated yet very elegant look!

Chic nail design for toenails with rhinestones

Fußnägel lackieren für Anfänger Pediküre Ideen Sommer

And here’s another great idea for all the beginners who want to paint their toenails and make them shine. Rhinestones have become an indispensable part of nail art in recent years. The sparkling elements are available in numerous different colors and shapes and are ideal for creating unique works of art in no time at all. The design possibilities are unlimited and you can decorate your pedicure according to your individual wishes. To avoid any possible mishaps, we explain below how to glue rhinestones on toenails.


  • Paint your toenails in the desired color and let the nail polish dry completely.
  • Place the stones first without glue on the nail until you like the shape.
  • Now apply the rhinestone glue drop by drop to the desired area.
  • Dip a wooden stick with the tip into the glue and pick up the rhinestone with the moistened tip.
  • Then place the stone on the nail and press firmly.
  • Once the glue has dried, apply a thin layer of top coat.

Painting toenails for beginners: you can’t go wrong with stickers

kurze Fußnägel lackieren Ideen Sommer Pediküre Bilder

All those who do not want to draw elaborate patterns and decorations are welcome to use nail stickers. For example, how about the currently trendy Confetti Nails, which always provide a special eye-catcher and make your toenails glow? The process is quite simple – paint the nails in the desired color, let them dry and stick the stickers on them. Whether small flowers, stars or even animals – the selection of designs is now huge, so you are guaranteed to find something suitable!

The classic par excellence: French Nails Pedicure

French Nails Trend schöne Fußnägel lackieren Tipps

No matter whether for a pedicure or manicure – classic and elegant French nails are always a good choice. To give your toenails a modern touch, you can complement the classic with another nail design of your choice. There are no limits to your imagination, because the simple elegance of French nails can be easily combined with any pattern.

Paint toenails correctly: Tips for the perfect pedicure

Fußnägel Designs Bilder Sommer Pediküre Ideen für Anfänger

Not only a manicure should be an important part of our care routine, but also the pedicure. Well-groomed feet and painted toenails are an absolute must, especially in summer! Just painting the toenails is actually not enough for a beautiful end result – the right preparation also plays an important role. And this is how you can achieve the perfect pedicure at home!

  • To remove calluses more easily and soften the feet, first take a short foot bath of milk and olive oil.
  • Rub the feet for a few minutes with either a hard, old towel or a callus remover.
  • Then trim or shorten the nails and shape them into the desired shape. To prevent them from becoming brittle, always file in the same direction.
  • Before you paint the toenails, make sure that they are free of grease and dirt. For this, it is best to go over them with some nail polish remover and a cotton pad.
  • Finally, choose a beautiful nail design and nothing will stand in the way of your pedicure!

Toenails designs pictures to copy

Fußnägel lackieren Anleitung Nagellackfarben Trends Sommer 2021

Beach inspired nail designs are always real eye-catchers

Fußnägel lackieren für Anfänger einfache Nageldesigns Sommer

Paint toenails with glitter for a WOW effect

Fußnägel lackieren Glitzer Sommer Pediküre Ideen für Anfänger

Bright neon colors are real mood lifters and thus ideally suited for summer

Fußnägel lackieren Ideen Anfänger Sommer Pediküre Bilder

Or how about an eye-catching zebra pattern for the summer pedicure?

Fußnägel lackieren Glitzer Zebra Nageldesign Anleitung

Toenail polish in summer: With the Ombrè look you are always well advised

Fußnägel lackieren Ideen Sommer Pediküre Anleitung

Bright colors, stripes and polka dots – it doesn’t get much more summery than this.

Fußnägel lackieren Muster Sommer Nageldesigns Pediküre

Toenail polish in summer in black and white? We say yes!

Fußnägel lackieren Sommer einfache Nageldesigns für Anfänger

Rainbow nails will stay with us this year as well

Fußnägel lackieren Tricks Regenbogen Nägel Trend Sommer

Pastel colors exude a special elegance and lightness

Fußnägel lackieren Tipps Sommer Pediküre Ideen

Simple and quick nail design for toenails

Nagellackfarben Trends Sommer Fußnägel Designs Bilder

Toenails painted with glitter in ombré look for the ultimate summer look

Ombre Pediküre Bilder Fußnägel lackieren Ideen für den Sommer

Mint green feels super refreshing in summer

Sommer Pediküre Muster Fußnägel lackieren Glitzer

Adhesive strips are best for a quick and effective pedicure

Tipps Fußnägel lackieren Sommer Nagellackfarben Trends