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Striplac Nail Polish: Here’s everything you need to know about the latest nail trend!

Our hands are our business card and well-groomed fingernails are an absolute must for every woman. Whether colorful and colorful or rather simple and elegant – we all love a pretty manicure that rounds off our look and emphasizes our style. However, at the moment all nail salons are closed until further notice and we have to take care of our hands ourselves. The problem – until we can admire the perfect nail design, it often takes some effort, patience and of course time. The nail polish is applied flawlessly and just 2 days later it starts to flake off again – does this scenario sound familiar to you? You’ve probably heard of Shellac – the darling that was supposed to provide a long-lasting manicure, but unfortunately can’t be removed so easily. A nail polish that dries in seconds, lasts for circa 3 weeks and then can be easily removed – Striplac nail polish is the latest phenomenon in the beauty world and is not considered the polish revolution of the year for nothing. What it is about the nail trend and how you can apply Striplac, we explain in our article!

Striplac Nagellack Set für Zuhause Nagellackfarben Trends 2021

Striplac is also known as peel-off nail polish and was developed by the nail artist Alessandro. The nail trend promises us a manicure that not only dries in record time, but also looks as flawless as if we had treated ourselves to a visit to the nail salon. Striplac is an excellent alternative to traditional nail polish and is now one of the absolute favorites of all fashionistas and trend-setters.

What exactly is Striplac nail polish?

Striplac Nagellack Anleitung kurze Nägel lackieren

Perfectly painted nails that last up to 3 weeks and even without chipping – sounds just too good to be true, right? But that’s exactly what Striplac nail polish promises us. It is the perfect choice for all those who have no desire and time to repaint your fingernails every 3-4 days. That Striplac enjoys such great popularity, we are not surprised at all. It covers with only one layer and dries in less than 60 seconds under the LED lamp. But that’s by no means all! Removal is also a real breeze – no solvents are needed, because Striplac nail polish is simply peeled off the nail. It is made of a flexible and elastic plastic, which is very easy to remove without damaging the nails.

Can you apply Striplac yourself at home?

Striplac Nagellack Anleitung für Zuhause Nagellack Trends 2021

To get a pretty manicure, we must necessarily go to the nail salon? Far from it! Striplac nail polish is ideal for those who want to do their nails themselves, but still do not want to give up a well-groomed and beautiful appearance. Striplac is super easy to apply and is therefore ideal for all beginners. About 15 minutes of time, a nail polish in the color of your choice and a UV lamp – that’s all you need for the perfect fingernails at home! The starter kit from Allesandro can now be found both online and in all well-stocked drugstores and contains everything you need for Striplac nail polish. Only the nail polish colors you need to order additionally, but don’t worry – they don’t cost much more than a good nail polish.

Nagellackfarben Trends 2021 Striplac Nagellack

From deep reds to soft pastel shades – the color palette is incredibly diverse, so there’s something for everyone. However, we must mention that Striplac must not be applied to gel nails! And here’s how easy it is to do:

  • First remove any nail polish residue and degrease the nails with a cleaning pad.
  • Then file the fingernails into the desired shape and cut off the cuticles if necessary.
  • Apply a thin layer of base coat and let the nails dry completely for 60 seconds under the UV lamp.
  • Now paint the fingernails in the selected color and let it cure for another 60 seconds under the UV lamp. If necessary, you can repeat this step and apply another layer of nail polish.
  • Finally, apply the top coat as a finish and let it dry for another 60 seconds. And voilà – you can already enjoy your perfect manicure!

How easy it is to remove Striplac nail polish

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As a rule, Striplac nail polish is supposed to last up to 3 weeks. However, if you want to get rid of it before that or it starts to come off at the edges, it can be easily removed within a few minutes. To do this, you have two options to choose from. You can remove Striplac with the Peel Off Activator included in the starter kit by applying the product to the sides of your fingernails, letting it work for about 20-30 seconds and slowly peeling off the color layer piece by piece. If necessary, you can apply some more Peel Off Activator and continue to peel off until you have removed the entire nail polish. However, it is faster with the Soak Off Liquid, whereby the method is very similar to the classic nail polish remover. Simply apply the solvent to a cotton pad, hold it down on your nails and you can peel off the Striplac nail polish.

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