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Spring nails 2022: These are the most beautiful nail designs for your manicure in spring!

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising – there’s something magical about spring and it’s undoubtedly the most beautiful season for us. As we head into the warmer months, our manicures, much like our outfits, are ready for a little change. While winter and fall are all about darker and richer hues, spring 2022 nails will be the pick-me-up we all desperately need. Bright colors, playful patterns and elegant designs literally make our hands shine in spring and always put us in a good mood. So what are you waiting for? Read on and get inspired by the coolest nail designs for spring 2022!

Floral patterns dominate spring nails 2022

French nails variations summer nail design 2022 spring

After the long and dreary winter, spring 2022 nail designs bring an influx of playful and colorful designs that we would love to try right away. Floral patterns in all imaginable varieties are back in trend and a great way to express our springtime joy through a pretty manicure. Yes, we know – flowers on nails are nothing groundbreaking, but the little blooms just feel wonderfully refreshing! Delicate daisies, tulips, peonies, etc. always add a springtime touch and are real mood lifters.

Flowers nail design ideas for short nails spring nails 2022 images

Even the classic French nails get a seasonal update in spring and come extremely colorful and lively. Floral French tips are undoubtedly one of the biggest nail trends in spring 2022 and make the classic look much more modern. And the best part? To get the cool look, you don’t have to be a professional or call the nail salon right away. Floral nail stickers in all imaginable sizes and designs can now be found in all drugstores and can be applied in no time.

Green nail polish as a nail trend 2022

Spring Nails 2022 Images Green Nail Polish Trend Spring

Spring nails 2022 are simply fun. Delightfully vibrant, refreshing and a real eye-catcher – green nail polish is THE nail trend this spring. Green is considered the color of hope and change, and considering that spring is the season for new beginnings of all kinds, this fits perfectly. If you’re looking for more of a subtle manicure, then olive green would be your best bet. The shade doesn’t look as extreme, but still feels super classy and chic. To give the look a spring touch, we prefer to complement the nail design with delicate floral patterns.

green nail polish trend spring nails 2022

Do you love to experiment with your manicure and attract all eyes? Then you’re right on target with neon green as one of the biggest nail trends in spring 2022. The gaudy hue is THE statement par excellence and literally makes our hands shine this season.

Spring nails 2022: mix-and-match nails are on trend

Mix and match nail design spring nails 2022 images

Can’t decide on a particular design? Don’t worry, you don’t have to! The nail designs in spring 2022 should be fun in the first place and provide a good mood. And the next nail trend is made for that. Super fun, playful and a great eye-catcher – we love mix-and-match nails. The look is a great way to unleash our creativity and combine multiple colors and patterns. Whether it’s flowers, swirls, smiling smiley emojis or zebra patterns – anything you like is allowed. The result is a real cool and unexpected manicure that immediately catches the eye.

Spring nails in soft pastel colors

Pastel colors nail trends 2022 spring nail polish colors trends spring

What would spring nails 2022 be without pastel colors? Whether it’s pinks, yellows, purples or blues, pastels are a seasonal staple and will likely never go out of style. Whether you opt for a subtle look or want to flaunt all your favorite shades right away is purely a matter of taste. When it comes to nail designs in spring 2022, there are no specific rules and we can finally go wild.

Spring nails 2022 ideas ombre nail design trend

Or how about a lively ombrè nail design in pastel colors? A romantic pink, in particular, feels especially light and modern in spring and creates a subtle yet elegant look.

Polka dots for a subtle spring nail design

Polka dots nail design do it yourself nail trends 2022 spring

Looking for a simple yet elegant nail design for spring 2022? Then you would be in the best place with polka dots in pastel colors. The little dots look incredibly stylish and can also be wonderfully combined with other patterns. Whether with stripes, flowers or abstract lines – polka dots simply always work. And the best part? You can easily achieve the cheerful look yourself at home without much effort. The small dots can be applied with a dotting pen, as well as with a normal toothpick.

Easter nails for a good mood

Easter nail design simple nail trends 2022 spring

Easter is just around the corner and besides all the goodies and colorful decorations, spring 2022 nail designs are another great way to get us in the festive mood. Thereby, the choice of motifs and designs is huge and there are absolutely no limits to your imagination. How about adding little bunnies to your French manicure? The result is a super cute and at the same time chic look that will immediately create a lot of good mood.

Restrained neutrals for your spring nails 2022

Nail polish colors trends spring nails 2022 images

And here comes the most natural and elegant nail trend of the season: semi-transparent nude shades. Neutral shades feel effortlessly chic and are a timeless classic, perfect for any season. The subtle nail trend is perfect for those who like it rather inconspicuous and is also very low-maintenance and long-lasting.

3D nails are THE nail trend par excellence

Nail trends 2022 spring what are 3D nails trend

Spring 2022 nail designs are more versatile and exciting than ever before. But one very special look has caught our attention, and that is 3D nails. Crystals, pearls and glitter stones in all possible variations and sizes are extremely trendy this season and turn our hands into great eye-catchers.

Nail design spring 2022 short nails paint pictures