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Spring nails 2021: The most beautiful nail designs for a stylish and elegant manicure!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and we can finally stow the thick jackets deep in the closet again – spring is here! However, not only do we need to adjust our outfits, but of course our manicures as well. Beautiful and colorful nail designs are probably the best possible variant to prepare us for the new season. Moreover, our nails are a true work of art that completely rounds off our looks and expresses our style. Sure, classics like French nails will always remain in fashion, but this year it’s allowed to be a bit more colorful and eye-catching. However, with the endless choices online, it can sometimes be quite difficult to decide on a particular design. But that’s what we’re here for, and in this article we’d like to present you with the most beautiful ideas for spring nails 2021, which will adorn our fingernails in the coming months. From elegant and simple nude shades to fun and eye-catching indie nails – there’s something for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Make a quick call to the nail salon and get inspired by our picture gallery!

Nageltrends Frühling 2021 Frühlingsnägel 2021

Last year our hands kind of fell into oblivion, but now it’s finally time to change that. After a season of muted and dark tones, spring always brings an influx of colorful and fun designs that instantly brighten our mood. Whether you prefer abstract patterns or more elegant glass nails, there are so many great ways to show off our springtime cheer. Pastel colors are always welcome in spring, but why not try something new and unexpected for a change? Of course, you can definitely wear any color and design you want at any time of the year – it’s purely a matter of taste, after all, and some people aren’t that into bright hues. Still, we think it’s nice to have some ideas on hand to draw inspiration from for the upcoming season.

Spring 2021 nails are more versatile and colorful than ever before

Frühlingsnägel 2021 Trend blaue Nägel Ideen

We can’t stop thinking about all the beautiful ideas and designs for spring nails 2021 that we will try in the coming months. And we know we’re not the only ones. After all, our hands are our calling card, right? Nail trends this year are all about “the more colorful, the better!” and there are plenty of great looks that are just plain fun. Think brightly colored tie dye nails, playful florals and whimsical patterns like clouds. Are you more of a minimalist? Don’t worry – we have plenty of cool designs for you, too. French nails aren’t going anywhere and will continue to enchant us with their elegance in the coming months.

The Pantone color of the year for elegant French nails

Frühlingsnägel 2021 French Nails Nageltrends

The Pantone Color of the Year Illuminating features a beautiful, warm yellow shade that looks incredibly vibrant and cheerful with its sunny radiance. The lively shade is perfect for different nail designs and offers us countless design options. Whether dreamy and elegant in pastel yellow or rather a little bolder in neon – the color palette is huge and always ensures joyful spring nails 2021. You want a more minimalist look? Then you are in the best place with the trendy pastel French nails!

Abstract nails are real eye-catchers

Nageldesign Frühling einfach Frühlingsnägel 2021

Perfectly painted nails were yesterday – Abstract Nails are the new nail trend that is taking over social media. Unadorned shapes, asymmetrical lines and chaotic designs are what this nail art is all about and the nail designs look more like abstract paintings. Think less finesse and more fun. So unleash your inner Picasso and let your creativity run wild. Everyone, from beginners to professionals, can venture into the trend and try out new and fun looks – in fact, anything you like is allowed!

Florals are an absolute must for spring 2021 nails!

Frühlingsnägel 2021 Indie Nails Nageltrend

When we talk about spring nails 2021, of course we can’t forget about the beautiful nail designs with flowers! Yes, we know that flowers on nails are not a new phenomenon, but after the gloomy winter, floral nail art feels like the freshest thing on the planet! You are not a professional and the thought of complicated patterns and shapes makes you feel sick? Then just grab nail stickers and stickers and attach them to the freshly painted nails – the result will look just as beautiful and modern!

Beautiful and simple at the same time: rainbow nails in delicate pastel shades

Pastel colors are simply a part of spring, and spring 2021 nails allow us to show off all our favorite shades at the same time. Rainbow nails have been totally in for a year now and will decorate our hands this season as well. When combining colors, there are no specific rules and you can really let off steam. The manicure is super easy to recreate and can be spiced up as you like. Think of small dots, glitter or rhinestones – everything is allowed what one likes!

Colorful nails with fruits

Frühlingsnägel 2021 Nageldesign Ideen für kurze Nägel

Super fun and incredibly colorful – nail designs with fruits are the epitome of spring nails 2021. Nails with fruits are a real eye-catcher and especially in spring, when we enjoy the beautiful weather, the cheerful colors can spread good mood. The fruity patterns bring our manicure to a whole different level and the design possibilities are almost endless. Whether it’s strawberries, watermelon, kiwi, banana, etc., transfer your favorite fruit to your fingers for a unique look.

Spring nails 2021: The most beautiful looks to copy at a glance!

einfache Nageldesigns zum Selbermachen Frühlingsnägel 2021

The combination of dark blue and pastel pink looks very romantic and elegant

blaue Nägel Ideen Frühlingsnägel 2021

The classic French nails got a modern upgrade this year

French Nails Nageltrend einfache Frühlingsnägel 2021

Glitter nail polish gives every nail design a touch of elegance and glamour

Abstract Nails Nageltrends Frühjahr Frühlingsnägel 2021

Strawberries are not only delicious, but are perfect for colorful spring 2021 nails

Erdbeere Nageldesign Frühlingsnägel 2021

Minimalists will also get their money’s worth this year

Nägel selbt lackieren einfach Frühlingsnägel 2021

Bright purple is one of the hottest nail polish trends for spring

kurze Nägel lackieren Frühlingsnägel 2021

Turn your nail tips into the star of the show with this manicure

Indie Nails Nageltrend Frühlingsnägel 2021

Green spring nails 2021 feel super festive and refreshing

Nageldesign Grün Frühlingsnägel 2021

Perfection was yesterday – abstract nail art is all the rage

Nagellackfarben Trends Frühlingsnägel 2021

Neon French nails instantly put you in a good mood and are real eye-catchers

Neon French Nails Frühlingsnägel 2021 Trends

It’s impossible not to smile when we look at these cool spring nails with smiley faces

Nageltrends Frühjahr 2021 Nagelaufkleber Nageldesigns

Pastel pink and glitter create a beautiful and elegant nail design

Pastellrosa Nägel mit Glitzer Frühlingsnägel 2021

Pastel spring nails continue to be one of the most sought-after nail designs

Pastellrosa Nageldesign Frühling Nageltrends 2021