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Polygel nails: here’s everything you need to know about the latest beauty trend!

Whether it’s colorful, simple, shimmery or fun embellished, nail polish is like clothing for our fingernails and a pretty manicure is probably the easiest way to completely round out our summer outfits. When we visit the nail salon, we usually have two options to choose from – either acrylic or gel nails. However, right now a brand new beauty trend is doing the rounds and everyone seems to be obsessed with it. Polygel nails are the latest phenomenon in the fashion world and are supposed to combine all the benefits of gel and acrylic nails. Never heard of them before? Then it’s time to change that! How long does polygel last and can you do polygel nails yourself? We reveal the answers to these and many other questions below!

What exactly are polygel nails?

Nägel Rosa lackieren wie lange hält Polygel

Nail modeling has been very popular for a few years now. While we are all familiar with acrylic and gel, the methods are not suitable for every nail. Do we have to give up a pretty manicure then? Of course not! In all social media and internet forums, everything has been about polygel nails for a few weeks now. All fashion bloggers and nail designers are equally excited about the nail trend and for good reason! The new method for nail extensions promises the stability and durability that is equal to acrylic and gel nails, and thus is said to combine the best of both worlds. Polygel has a gel-like consistency and is best described as a hybrid formula. This is a mix of acrylic powder and clear gel that comes in all sorts of colors and shades.

Polygel Nägel entfernen Zuhause künstliche Nägel Vorteile

Especially when we do our fingernails ourselves, it can quickly happen that something runs when modeling with acrylic or gel. Polygel, on the other hand, is easier to apply and is distributed with an acrylic brush. The biggest advantage of the nail trend is that you can perfect your polygel nail design at your leisure before applying the artificial nail. The gel is squeezed from the tube into a nail mold, still known as a dual mold, and then placed on the fingernails. Once brushed on, it is then cured with LED or UV light just like gel polish. Okay, it all sounds pretty great, but can you do polygel on short nails? The answer is yes! The gel is super easy to sculpt into a nail extension as well with the Dual Form and is totally uncomplicated to shape thanks to the soft consistency.

Make polygel nails yourself: it’s that easy!

Polygel Nägel Anleitung wie entfernt man Polygel Zuhause

You would like to switch to polygel nails, but have not been able to get an appointment at the nail salon? Don’t panic! Fortunately, the application is pretty straightforward and as long as you have the tools you need at home, you can do your nails yourself. Whether animal print nails, in neon colors or French nails – there are absolutely no limits to your creativity when it comes to nail design with polygel! Follow our step-by-step instructions and make your hands shine!

Materials needed:

  • Polygel in the desired colors
  • Dual forms (are always included in the polygel nail set)
  • Base and top coat
  • Acrylic brush (also included in the set)
  • Slip Solution
  • UV lamp for curing

Kann man Polygel auf kurze Nägel machen Polynails Anleitung

Make polygel nails yourself:

  • First, prepare the fingernails for the manicure. For this, bring the nail into the desired shape, remove the cuticle and apply a thin layer of base coat.
  • Pick out dual shapes from the polygel set that match your fingernails. Make sure that the tip is neither too large nor too small.
  • Press the polygel from the tube onto the nail shape and adjust the amount depending on how long you want your nails to become.
  • Now spread the polygel evenly with the moistened brush and Slip Solution and model it into the desired shape. Since the gel may run out later when pressed, do not apply it all the way into the edges of the tip.

Polygel Nails Anleitung kurze Fingernägel verlängern welche Methode

  • Then lightly press the Dual Form onto the fingernails and remove the excess polygel from the sides.
  • Secure the Dual Tip with the pinch clip included in the polygel nail set.
  • Cure the polygel nails under the UV lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Carefully and slowly peel off the nail shape.
  • Shape polygel nails to desired shape using a hand file and nail clippers.
  • Apply a thin layer of top coat and let the polygel cure under the UV lamp for another 30 seconds.
  • And voilà – your polygel nails are ready!

How long does polygel last?

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As already mentioned, polygel nails are a mix of acrylic and gel nails and convince with the best features of the popular methods. Of course, the longevity of our manicure depends mainly on the length of our nails and our lifestyle. However, usually the gel lasts between 3 and 4 weeks and then needs to be replenished.

What is the difference between polygel and acrylic and gel nails?

Polygel Nägel Design Sommernägel 2021 Trends

Want to know why polygel nails are better than the old-fashioned methods with acrylic and UV gel? Polygel is a hybrid of both techniques and is actually meant to combine the best of both worlds. Since acrylic nails are not very flexible, it can quickly happen that they break off. And anyone who’s ever had that happen knows how painful that can actually be. Gel nails usually don’t last as long as, say, polygel and acrylic, and when they chip, the polish has to be removed completely. In addition, your own fingernails are put under a lot of stress when filing the acrylic. With polygel, all these problems are a thing of the past! So if you’re looking for a method of nail extension that’s stronger than gel and not as damaging as acrylic, the new beauty trend has you covered!

Polygel nails advantages: That’s why you should try the new beauty trend!

woher kommt Polygel kurze Nägel verlängern welche Methode

No wonder polygel nails are so popular right now! The method features extreme staying power and the gel stays exactly where it’s set when applied. This allows you to calmly shape the nails into the desired form. It doesn’t matter whether stiletto or almond-shaped nails – with polygel, anything is possible! In addition, it has the stability of acrylic and the flexibility of UV gel. This in turn ensures that the nails are nice and thin, but still stable and adhere perfectly to the natural nail. Since the polygel gives us enough time to sculpt the fingernails, filing is also kept to a minimum. With all these advantages of polygel nails, all you have to do now is call your nail salon or order a suitable set for home and try the beauty trend right away!

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